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CudaText Mac

Dash for Mac 是一個 API 文檔瀏覽器和代碼片段管理器。 Dash 存儲代碼片段,並立即搜索超過 150 個 API 的脫機文檔集(完整列表,請參閱下文)。您甚至可以生成自己的文檔集或請求包含的文檔集。

Dash 帶有 150 多個脫機文檔集。您可以選擇要下載的文檔集,Dash 將負責其餘的部分,確保它們保持最新狀態。您也可以自行生成自己的 docset,請求 docset 或從第三方來源下載 docset。下面列出了所有 Dash 自帶的各種文檔集。最流行的是突出顯示。所有的文檔集都已經生成,並且要謹慎維護.

Dash for Mac 與軟件包管理器集成在一起,為您可能需要的任何內容生成文檔集,並提供自己的自定義文檔資源.

注意事項:需要 64 位處理器。共享軟件版本顯示註冊消息.

檔案版本 CudaText
檔案名稱 cudatext-macos-
檔案大小 22 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 共享軟體
作者 Kapeli
軟體類型 2020-09-08

What's new in this version:

- option "ui_reopen_session_cmdline"
- before: editor doesn't load last session when command-line file is opened; now: it also doesn't save current session in this case, so old session is not lost
- lexer C++: keywords of C++20

- issue with "Add next occurrence of selected word"
- engine of lite lexers: broken highlighting after horizontal scrolling
- lexer Python: code-tree for func "def name(param: type)"
- lexer Python: code-tree for "class name("
- regression in Markdown tree-helper

Improved TRegExpr engine:
- supported recursion: (?R) with alias (?0)
- supported subroutine calls: (?1) ... (?89)
- supported possessive quantifier: a++ a*+ a?+ a{n,m}+
- supported atomic groups: (?>foo|bar|ok)
- supported negative lookahead: foo(?!bar)
- supported Perl syntax for named groups: (?'name'expr) and subroutine calls: (?&name)
- supported Unicode characters after U+FFFF (ie surrogate pairs) for '.', 'W', 'S', 'D' etc.
- added z; changed behavior of Z (match also before final line-break)
- added error message for unknown metachars (like X E)

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