Element 1.11.29 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.11.29 Mac

DbVisualizer for Mac 是最終的解決方案,因為可以在訪問各種數據庫的所有主要操作系統上使用相同的工具。

Amazon Redshift,DB2 LUW,Derby,Exasol,H2,Informix,Microsoft SQL Server,Mimer SQL,MySQL,Netezza,NuoDB,Oracle,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Sybase ASE 和 Vertica.

Db Visualizer 平台,Windows,macOS 和 Linux.

SQL 工具
SQL 編輯器,支持自動完成,參數化 SQL,SQL 格式化程序,可視查詢生成器,解釋計劃以及基於命令行的界面.



類似電子表格的表數據編輯器,包括二進制 / BLOB 和 CLOB 數據類型,可從 CSV 和 Excel 文件導入

將數據庫對象和表數據導出為 CREATE / INSERT 語句,CSV,XML 等。使用主要數據庫和 JDBC 驅動程序測試了支持導出非常大的結果的

DbVisualizer for macOS。對於行業中更常用的數據庫它增加了對數據庫特定功能的支持。按鍵綁定是可配置的,應用程序的外觀是高度可定制的。其中一些功能包括:
數據庫特定對象的管理用於 CREATE,ALTER,DROP,RENAME 等的可視操作,包括創建,編輯和編譯過程,功能和触發器解釋計劃支持模式導出編輯器和結果集的比較... 以及更多信息:21 天試用版。

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 DbVisualizer88988923

檔案版本 Element 1.11.29
檔案名稱 Element-1.11.29-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 DbVis Software
更新日期 https://www.dbvis.com/
軟體類型 2023-04-12

What's new in this version:

- Allow desktop app to expose recent rooms in UI integrations
- Add API params to mute audio and/or video in Jitsi calls by default
- Style mentions as pills in rich text editor
- Show room create icon if "UIComponent.roomCreation" is enabled
- Mentions as links rte
- Better error handling in jump to date
- Show "Invite" menu option if "UIComponent.sendInvites" is enabled
- Added UserProfilesStore, LruCache and user permalink profile caching
- Mentions as links rte
- Implement MSC3952: intentional mentions
- Implement MSC3973: Search users in the user directory with the Widget API
- Permalinks to message are now displayed as pills
- Show search,dial,explore in filterContainer if "UIComponent.filterContainer" is enabled
- Increase space panel collapse clickable area
- Add fallback for replies to Polls
- Permalinks to rooms and users are now pillified
- Poll history - access poll history from room settings
- Add API params to mute audio and/or video in Jitsi calls by default
- Notifications: inline error message on notifications saving error
- Support dynamic room predecessor in SpaceProvider
- Support dynamic room predecessors for RoomProvider
- Support dynamic room predecessors in OwnBeaconStore
- Support dynamic room predecessors in ForwardDialog
- Support dynamic room predecessors in SpaceHierarchy
- Support dynamic room predecessors in AddExistingToSpaceDialog
- Support dynamic room predecessors in leave-behaviour
- Support dynamic room predecessors in StopGapWidgetDriver
- Support dynamic room predecessors in WidgetLayoutStore
- Support dynamic room predecessors in SpaceStore
- Sync polls push rules on changes to account_data
- Support dynamic room predecessors in BreadcrumbsStore
- Improved a11y for Field feedback and Secure Phrase input
- Support dynamic room predecessors in RoomNotificationStateStore

- Use a newly generated access_token while joining Jitsi
- Fix cloudflare action pointing at commit hash instead of tag
- Allow editing with RTE to overflow for autocomplete visibility
- Added auto focus to Github URL on opening of debug logs modal
- Fix detection of encryption for all users in a room
- Properly generate mentions when editing a reply with MSC3952
- Improve performance of rendering a room with many hidden events
- Prevent future date selection in jump to date
- Add aria labels to message search bar to improve accessibility
- Fix decryption failure bar covering the timeline
- Improve profile picture settings accessibility
- Handle group call redaction
- Display relative timestamp for threads on the same calendar day
- Fix timeline list and paragraph display issues
- Use unique keys for voice broadcast pips
- Fix "show read receipts sent by other users" not applying to threads
- Fix joining public rooms without aliases in search dialog
- Add input validation for m.direct in DMRoomMap
- Reduce height reserved for "collapse" button's line on IRC layout
- Fix creatorUserId is required error when opening sticker picker
- Fix block/inline Element descendants error noise in NewRoomIntro.tsx
- Fix profile resizer to make first character of a line selectable in IRC layout
- Ensure space between wrapped lines of room name on IRC layout
- Remove unreadable alt attribute from the room status bar warning icon (nonsense to screenreaders)
- Fix big date separators when jump to date is enabled
- Fixes user authentication when registering via the module API
- Handle more edge cases in Space Hierarchy
- Further improve performance with lots of hidden events
- Respect user cancelling upload flow by dismissing spinner
- When starting a DM, the end-to-end encryption status icon does now only appear if the DM can be encrypted
- Fix [object Object] in feedback metadata ([...

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