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DbVisualizer 11.0.4 Mac

DbVisualizer for Mac 是最終的解決方案,因為可以在訪問各種數據庫的所有主要操作系統上使用相同的工具。

Amazon Redshift,DB2 LUW,Derby,Exasol,H2,Informix,Microsoft SQL Server,Mimer SQL,MySQL,Netezza,NuoDB,Oracle,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Sybase ASE 和 Vertica.

Db Visualizer 平台,Windows,macOS 和 Linux.

SQL 工具
SQL 編輯器,支持自動完成,參數化 SQL,SQL 格式化程序,可視查詢生成器,解釋計劃以及基於命令行的界面.



類似電子表格的表數據編輯器,包括二進制 / BLOB 和 CLOB 數據類型,可從 CSV 和 Excel 文件導入

將數據庫對象和表數據導出為 CREATE / INSERT 語句,CSV,XML 等。使用主要數據庫和 JDBC 驅動程序測試了支持導出非常大的結果的

DbVisualizer for macOS。對於行業中更常用的數據庫它增加了對數據庫特定功能的支持。按鍵綁定是可配置的,應用程序的外觀是高度可定制的。其中一些功能包括:
數據庫特定對象的管理用於 CREATE,ALTER,DROP,RENAME 等的可視操作,包括創建,編輯和編譯過程,功能和触發器解釋計劃支持模式導出編輯器和結果集的比較... 以及更多信息:21 天試用版。

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 DbVisualizer88988923

檔案版本 DbVisualizer 11.0.4
檔案名稱 dbvis_macos_11_0_4_jre.dmg
檔案大小 110 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 DbVis Software
更新日期 https://www.dbvis.com/
軟體類型 2020-07-09

What's new in this version:

- @import Trim text field on import for all import types
- DB Support: Exasol Updates for Exasol 7
- DB Support: Redshift Upgrade the Redshift driver to support IAM authentication
- DB Support: Snowflake Show server parameters under DBA->Server Info

Bugs Fixed:
- @import Strange results during @import
- @import shows failure at end of data
- Connection Setup The 'Global Properties' link in connection properties doesn't work
- Create/Alter Table
- DB Support: PostgreSQL
- DB Support: Snowflake When setting Nullable or Default in Alter Table the column name is not delimited potentially leading to "column not found"
- Create/Alter Table
- DB Support: SQL Server SQL Server DATETIME2 type precision lost when doing Alter Table
- DB Support: Informix
- DDL Generator Showing DDL for functional index doesn't work
- DB Support: MySQL Export of embedded special characters in data should be escaped
- DB Support: PostgreSQL Wrong DDL generated for Index if index column contains expression
- DB Support: PostgreSQL
- Export Bug while exporting schema in SQL file (PostgreSQL)
- DB Support: SQL Server
- Import Importing CSV automatically maps Strings to SSN type
- Export Can not open exported excel file
- Open in Spreadsheet with a 1M rows result set, shows the in progress dialog and when stopped, DbVisualizer works as normal but CPU runs high
- File Chooser Regression in 'Clear All Recent Paths' action in File Chooser->Recent Paths drop-down
- Grid Component Making a column visible in the column chooser doesn't work
- Import Cannot clean old imports if one or more files or directories in the import directory lack read access
- Mail Support Clicking Apply in the Tool Properties window, the currently selected Mail Server account resets to the first in list
- SQL Commander Any exception during script pre processing is not reported
- A quoted string containing an escaped quote and single line comment identifiers may result in errors
- When merging small but wide result sets the horizontal scrollbar is invisible
- SQL Editor Regular-Expression-Replacement does not work as expected with $
- SQL Formatter The SQL formatter converts TABLESPACE to TABLE
- Formatting splits schema

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