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JProfiler 13.0 Mac

Deeper 是一款適用於 Mac OS X 的個性化工具,它允許您啟用和禁用 Finder,Dock,QuickTime,Safari,iTunes,登錄窗口,Spotlight 以及許多蘋果應用程序的隱藏功能。通過在 Mac 市場上多年的使用,這個小型應用程序設法大大擴展了它的功能,使所有知識級別的用戶能夠輕鬆地控制他們的計算機功能,包括不僅對最流行的 OS 服務和應用程序的視覺變化,而且在你控制日常活動的方式上也發生了深刻的變化。這個應用程序非常適合希望在 Mac 前面優化日常時間的人,提高他們的工作效率,展示一些隱藏的選項,並刪除困擾你的服務.

Deeper for Mac 的主界麵包含一個儀表板,可以保存大量的調整它們分為 10 大類:General,Finder,Dock,QuickTime,Safari,郵件,iTunes,Login,Spotlight 和 Miscellaneous。為了讓所有的用戶安心,這款應用程序的開發者還大力推廣“恢復默認值”按鈕,使任何人都可以輕鬆地返回到他們的 Mac 的原始配置,並從一開始就開始他們的定製過程,這一次更好地知道要觸摸什麼和離開什麼.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 JProfiler 13.0
檔案名稱 jprofiler_macos_13_0.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Titanium Software
軟體類型 2022-01-31

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Support for attaching to JVMs running in a Kubernetes cluster
- Support for attaching to JVMs running in Docker Desktop on Windows and macOS
- Support for attaching to OpenJ9 JVMs
- Local attach: Added a user switcher to profile JVMs started by different users on Linux
- Local attach: On Windows it is now possible to attach to a JVM started by the same user that runs in a different session
- Local attach: Differing settings for the temporary directory no longer prevent jpenable on Windows to attach to a JVM when the PID is provided
- Local attach: Elevated users can now attach to JVMs started by any user with jpenable on Windows when the PID is provided as long as the JProfiler installation is readable for that user
- Remote attach: Support attaching to JVMs running in Redhat UBI-minimal images
- Remote attach: FreeBSD and AIX are now supported
- Support for profiling OpenWebStart
- Sunburst diagram for the biggest objects view of the heap walker
- Support for the Reactor Netty web client
- Support for the Spring Webflux HTTP client
- The "Java EE components" aggregation level is now called "JEE/Spring" and includes Spring classes that are annotated with @Component or derived annotations
- Calls into proxy classes for profiled interfaces are now shown in the call tree. This adds support for a wide range of frameworks based on code generation.
- Dark mode for documentation
- Pressing the Delete key in view filter popups now deletes the selected entry
- Streamlined integration wizards
- Support for switching between light and dark mode on the fly
- Adding the option ",loopback" to the -agentpath VM parameter for profiling will restrict connecting JProfiler clients to the current machine. This is added by default for sessions launched by JProfiler and by IDE integrations.
- Reorganized general settings dialog
- Async sampling mode is now supported on macOS ARM with Java 17
- PHD dumps can now be taken without the presence of the module on newer IBM VMs
- CPU telemetry on Windows is now recorded without the presence of the module
- Added support for Hibernate 6
- Added support for MariaDB connector 3
- Added support for ktor 2
- Added support for RestEasy 6
- Added support for server side events in RestEasy, Jersey and CXF

- The controller MBean was not always added to an existing MBean server
- Heap walker: In the incoming references view, node selections from the path to GC root search were not memorized when moving back and forth in the heap walker history
- Call tree: Jumping to execution sites and to the probe call tree was not reliable
- CPU threshold triggers were broken on non-Windows platforms
- SSH password authentication did not work when connecting to FreeBSD 13
- NetBeans plugin: Profiling Maven projects did not work for NetBeans 12.6
- IDE integrations: When multiple JProfiler windows were opened from an IDE integration, some windows could not be used for standalone sessions anymore

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