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DiskWave 0.4 Mac

DiskWave 是一個免費的 Mac OS X 的磁盤使用實用程序。它可以幫助您確定哪些文件和文件夾佔用大部分磁盤空間.

程序會掃描您的硬盤以計算所有文件夾和子文件夾的大小。結果存儲在內存中,比內置的“計算所有大小”允許更快的導航。在 Finder 中的選項。您可以輕鬆識別無用的目錄並將其刪除.

DiskWave for Mac 目前正在開發中。一些功能仍然缺失,但該程序已經可用.89974743

檔案版本 DiskWave 0.4
檔案名稱 DiskWave_0.4.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Aymeric Barthe
更新日期 http://diskwave.barthe.ph/
軟體類型 2012-08-10

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Added support for scan complete Notifications on Mac OS X 10.8.
- Removed some legacy code to support 10.5 and PowerPC and migrated to 10.6 SDK.
- Removed support for WhichSize updates (DiskWave was previously named WhichSize and upgrades up to DiskWave 0.3.2). Bug fixes:
- Fixed AddressBook console warnings when opening the "Add Location" file panel. This is caused by a class name collision.
- Fixed crash that occurs when connecting/disconnecting external disks (HF-20120729).
- Fixed crash on startup when the capacity of volume cannot be read (HF-20120720).

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