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DivX 10.8.7 Mac

DivX Software for Mac 是同類產品中第一個屢獲殊榮的視頻軟件,它使任何人都可以播放,創建和流式傳輸自己喜歡的視頻,包括 DivX,MKV 和 HEVC 直至 4K。免費下載 DivX 軟件可提供軟件媒體播放器,視頻轉換器,DLNA 媒體服務器和 Web 播放器擴展,以及可免費試用的插件,從而使您的視頻和音頻體驗更上一層樓。

DivX Player 是一種軟件媒體播放器,可提供流行格式的高質量視頻播放,包括高達 4K 的 HEVC。使用 DivX To Go 將視頻傳輸到光盤或 USB 上,或使用“ Stream To”和“ Cast To”功能輕鬆地將視頻流傳輸到附近的設備。

DivX Converter
DivX Converter for macOS 是一款簡單的視頻轉換器,可創建網絡上最受歡迎的視頻格式 DivX ,MKV,MP4 和 HEVC 至 4K。將視頻轉換為 DivX 可以確保您的文件在超過 10 億個 DivX 設備上播放。

DivXWeb Player
DivX Mac 版 Web Player 是一個簡單的跨瀏覽器 Web 擴展程序,可流式傳輸所有流行的視頻格式,包括 4K 的 HEVC 視頻,並可以逐行播放,自適應比特率和實驗性實時流技術。

DivX 媒體服務器
借助適用於 Mac 的 DivX 媒體服務器,您可以將視頻,音樂和照片流式傳輸到任何 DLNA 兼容設備或家中的 Chromecast。可通過 DivX Player 訪問,為 DLNA 設備選擇“流至”,或選擇“流至”以流式傳輸到 Chromecast。

視頻包增加了對 DivX Converter 對 MPEG- 2 和 VC- 1 視頻格式的支持。 MPEG- 2 格式(MPG,TS,VOB 和 SVCD)可為您節省大量文件,尤其是對於那些佔用貨架空間的 DVD 而言。 VC- 1 格式(M2TS 和 TS)可為 DivX Converter 中的高清藍光視頻節省文件。

DivX 播放器和具有 Dolby Audio for Mac 的 DivX Web Player 為您的計算機提供了對 AC3 音頻格式和環繞聲模擬的支持。揚聲器,帶來強大而迷人的音頻體驗。通過將 Dolby®技術集成到 DivX 播放器的特殊版本中,您可以從用於廣播,DVD,藍光光盤等的數字聲音中聽到家庭影院品質的音頻。

DFX 音頻增強器
Mac 版的 DFX 音頻增強器是一個音頻插件,可通過啟用或調整不同的音頻效果來改善視頻的音軌質量。

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 DivX 軟件

檔案版本 DivX 10.8.7
檔案名稱 DivXInstaller.dmg
檔案大小 921.6 KB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 DivX, LLC
更新日期 http://www-divx-com
軟體類型 2019-03-12

What's new in this version:

DivX 10.8.7
- Improved MKV support for HEVC
- New playback resume functionality and UI
- Updated transcode engine for conversion

- Set of minor bugfixes and improvements

DivX 10.8.6
- Converter 10.8.6
- Player 10.8.6
- Web Player 3.8.6
- DivX To Go 3.8.6
- Media Server 10.8.6
- DivX Installer System 3.8.6
- DivX Control Panel 3.8.6
- Following version 10.8.6 we will stop active development for Windows Vista and Mac OSX 10.8. These will be considered 'legacy', along with Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.6, and Mac OSX 10.7. No new functionality will be available for legacy versions, but you can use purchased products as long as you want. Also you can migrate to a newer version using DivX 10 license keys after upgrading your Operating System. To enjoy all the new DivX Software features, please upgrade your Operating System to a supported version.

What's New:
- DivX Player supports HDR playback. Currently this feature is being beta tested
- DivX Player delivers updated HEVC codec (faster and smoother playback)
- DivX Player is capable of displaying subtitles with right-to-left scripting as well as double-byte, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and others
- DivX Converter supplies tailored profiles for your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro, including 4K AVC playback
- DivX Converter provides brand new HEVC full 4K (4096x2160) 120fps encoding profile
- DivX Converter now allows you to share files through DivX Media Server with one click
- DivX Converter provides better control over framerate normalization. If you experience non-synchronous clips, check application settings
- DivX Media Server supports streaming in native resolution for Chromecast without content transcoding
- DivX Media Server provides streaming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in original formats
- DivX Media Server support casting in HDR format

- Set of minor bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues:
- DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal
- For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX 10.8.5
- Converter 10.8.5
- Player 10.8.5
- Web Player 3.8.5
- DivX To Go 3.8.5
- Media Server 10.8.5
- DivX Installer System 3.8.5 R2
- DivX Control Panel 3.8.5 R2

What's New:
- DivX Software now fully supports HiDPI displays and resolution up to 5K
- DivX Player provides better handling for h.264 format (codecconfig inside STRF tag is now supported)
- DivX Converter Pro supplies new UHD DCI 4096×2160px 120fps profile for encoding
- DivX Converter improves handling of third-party libraries and fixes number of crashes related to them (fixed loading of nhAsusStrixOSD.dll)
- DivX Converter now asks for confirmation when User tries to cancel transcoding
- DivX Media Server provides control over caching functionality. Users are able to speed-up casting on Chromecast and Roku devices
- DivX Media Server provides Telemetry dashboard for overlook and troubleshooting purposes
- There are also a number of localization fixes and improvements in all DivX applications

- DivX Converter contains a fix for audio-video mistiming after trimming
- DivX Converter fixes checkboxes behavior for audio and subtitles menus
- DivX Player was fixed to playback mp3 audio correctly after seeking
- Set of minor bugfixes and improvements

Known Issues:
- Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP
- DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal
- For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX 10.8.4
- Converter 10.8.4
- Player 10.8.4
- Web Player 3.8.4
- DivX To Go 3.8.4
- Media Server 10.8.4
- DivX Installer System 3.8.4
- DivX Control Panel 3.8.4

- DivX Converter now provides new option to trim a file which comes from combine mode
- User Interface of the DivX To Go module was refined for better support of the High Density displays
- Support of the Dolby Digital format was improved in DivX Player
- DivX Player now supports High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) format playback in media streaming in DASH protocol
- DivX Media Server is able to cast video accompanied with FLAC audio tracks
- DivX Media Server provides more robust and feature rich casting which is based on HLS protocol
- VTT subtitles support has been added to DivX Media Server
- DivX Media Server supports casting to Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Express hardware

- DivX Media Server now properly displays image titles when casting multimedia from DivX Mobile
- Overall support of the audio playback in DASH protocol was enhanced
- DivX Player delivers a fix for proper item selection from DivX Library in Cast mode
- DivX Converter contains a workaround for failed/incomplete installation of the Windows Visual Studio 2015 redistributable component
- DivX Converter has updated Portuguese translation
- Set of minor bugfixes and improvements

Known Issues:
- Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP
- DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal
- For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX 10.8.2

- DivX Media Server provides improved video streaming to number of Smart TVs' models
- Media Server logs gathering and handling was updated
- Converter application provides a fix for transcoding DVD with subtitles
- Converter's Advanced Window functionality has been updated
- Trimming functionality in DivX Converter works correctly when editing files with audio tracks
- Converter provides number of fixes to avoid non-synchronized resulted audio and video
- Converter's default bitrate values have been revised and updated
- DivX Player now supports fragmented mp4 playback in HLS protocol
- Video playback with scrubbing actions was improved
- ​DivX Update behavior on macOS was refined

- Set of bug fixes and improvements

DivX 10.8.1
- Change log not available for this version

DivX 10.7.3
What's New:
- Option to set a default device for one-click Casting in DivX Media Server
- New graphical interface for DivX Converter's advanced settings
- Design of the DivX Converter's transcoding queue items was refined
- Smi subtitles transcoding improved
- Better support of a content with non-standard PAR ratios in the DivX Converter
- DivX Player provides a fix for Open Recent menu functionality
- DivX Player load has been optimized
- DivX Update localization capability was restored

- Fix for DivX Media Server startup when installed in a folder with non-latin symbols in name

DivX 10.7.2
What's New:
- HEVC encoding improvements in DivX Converter
- Improved playback of the .mkv files on Chromecast
- Responsiveness of the DivX Media Server service was improved on Mac OSX
- Enhanced thumbnails handling in Media Server
- DivX Converter now provides more robust network files handling
- DivX Cloud Connect features were refined
- Usability improved for DivX Player snapshot feature
- Installation module provides better support for Unicode environments

- Playback on ROKU has been fixed
- Other bug fixes

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