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EagleFiler 1.8.10 Mac

EagleFiler for Mac 是一個數字檔案櫃,研究助理,和一個片段收藏家。您可以使用它來撰寫日記,跟踪項目或工作的所有文件,保存您喜歡的 Web 文章,存儲財務報表和收據,運行無紙辦公室,計劃旅行,收集課程筆記,存檔您的電子郵件通信,搜索郵件列表檔案,研究購買,記住食譜烹飪或書籍閱讀,存儲科學論文,組織照片,收集法律案例說明,或組裝剪貼簿。它是您的 Mac 上最靈活的工具。Dropbox,Finder 標籤,Fujitsu ScanSnap,咆哮,Instapaper,iPhone / iPad,LaunchBar,MailTags,OpenMeta,PDFpen OCR,脫脂等。

EagleFiler for Mac 特點:
易於安裝:只需拖放一個應用程序文件。沒有必要安裝數據庫引擎,插件或腳本文件來與其他應用程序集成。易於使用,有一個熟悉的三窗格界面 - 很大的權力,沒有很多混亂的選項。有效使用 RAM 和磁盤空間。 AppleScript 支持,用於自動化和與其他應用程序的集成。注:30 天試用版.

檔案版本 EagleFiler 1.8.10
檔案名稱 EagleFiler-1.8.10.dmg
檔案大小 25.78 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 C-Command Software
更新日期 http://c-command.com/eaglefiler/
軟體類型 2019-09-28

What's new in this version:

- When converting from Evernote to rich text (RTFD), EagleFiler makes images display at their intended sizes. (Previously, EagleFiler used the actual sizes of the image files it was given.) Very large images are scaled down to fit a reasonable page width. No image data is lost, as EagleFiler changes the logical image resolution rather than resampling the image
- Searching using Match Partial Words now works better with queries containing the / character
- When multiple records are selected in the viewer, EagleFiler now shows the overall count in addition to the breakdown by file type
- Temporary files are now excluded from iCloud Drive syncing
- Worked around a Spotlight bug in macOS 10.14 that could prevent indexing from making progress
- Fixed various bugs in the Evernote-to-RTF converter: lines that would run together into one, extra line breaks and spaces, and text content that was missing or incorrectly formatted due to a macOS bug
- Fixed a bug where EagleFiler would let you import a new file using the same name as an existing record whose file was missing. This could lead to the old record becoming linked to the new file
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when a Software Update error occurred
- Fixed a bug with the crash reporter window and Dark Mode
- Fixed a bug where importing a Web page whose title was “.” could cause an error
- Updated to Xcode 11

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