Element 1.9.9 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Element 1.9.9 Mac

Epubor Ultimate eBook Converter for Mac 幫助你隨時隨地閱讀書籍,包括最好的 eBook Converter + eBook DRM 去除功能。 Epubor Ultimate eBook Converter for Mac 可以很簡單地將一堆書轉換成 EPUB,PDF 或者 Mobi,並且轉換後的書完全按照它們的方式顯示。從左側庫中拖放書籍,根據需要選擇輸出格式,然後單擊“轉換”按鈕。然後,所有的書籍將被轉換為您需要的格式.

Epubor 終極電子書轉換器功能:

支持電子書購買:亞馬遜 Kindle,巴恩斯& 輸入格式:EPUB,PDF,AZW,AZW1,AZW3,AZW4,Mobi,PRC,TPZ,Topaz,TXT 和 HTML。輸出格式:EPUB,Mobi 和 PDF(一般字體大小和大字體大小).

拿書但標題和作者名拼寫不正確?書的封面不是你喜歡的版本嗎?所有的元數據問題都可以像軟木塞一樣被 Epubor Ultimate eBook Converter for Mac 修復。將圖書導入程序後,您可以在右側看到“編輯”按鈕。點擊它可以編輯所有重要和有用的元信息,包括標題,作者,標識符,發布數據,語言,出版商,你的評級和書籍介紹。

當你的電子閱讀器連接到電腦時,Epubor Ultimate 將自動檢測設備並顯示左欄中的所有圖書,只需拖動到主界面即可立即處理文件,無需點擊任何開始按鈕。該程序支持市場上的主要電子書閱讀器,包括 Kindle Paperwhite,Kindle Voyage,Kindle Oasis,Nook,Kobo 等。


客戶服務& 即時幫助
如果您在使用我們的軟件時遇到問題,將會彈出一個即時故障排除指南,以幫助您找到解決方案。我們的客戶服務是在線 12 * 6,完全免費的技術支持.

注意:30 天試用版.

也可用:下載 Epubor 終極電子書轉換為 Windows

檔案版本 Element 1.9.9
檔案名稱 Element-1.9.9-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Epubor Team
更新日期 http://www.epubor.com/ultimate.html
軟體類型 2022-01-17

What's new in this version:

- Add permission dropdown for sending reactions
- Ship maximised widgets and remove feature flag
- Properly maintain aspect ratio of inline images
- Add zoom buttons to the location view
- Remove bubble from around location events
- Disable "Publish this room" option in invite only rooms
- Give secret key field an id
- Display a tooltip when you hover over a location
- Open map in a dialog when it is clicked
- a11y - wrap notification level radios in fieldsets
- Wrap inputs in fieldsets in Space visibility settings
- History based navigation with new right panel store
- Associate room alias warning with public option in settings
- Disable quick reactions button when no permissions
- Allow opening a map view in OpenStreetMap
- Display the user's avatar when they shared their location
- Remove the Forward and Share buttons for location messages only
- Add configuration to disable relative date markers in timeline
- Space preferences for whether or not you see DMs in a Space
- Have LocalEchoWrapper emit updates so the app can react faster
- Use semantic heading on dialog component
- Add /jumptodate slash command
- Update room context menu copy
- Use lazy rendering in the AddExistingToSpaceDialog
- Tweak FacePile tooltip to include whether or not you are included

- Ensure group audio-only calls don't switch on the webcam on join
- Fix wrongly wrapping code blocks, breaking line numbers
- Set header buttons to no phase when right panel is closed
- Fix active Jitsi calls (and other active widgets) not being visible on screen, by showing them in PiP if they are not visible in any other container
- Fix layout of message bubble preview in settings
- Prevent mutations of js-sdk owned objects as it breaks accountData
- fallback properly with pluralized strings
- Consider continuations when resolving whether a tile is last in section
- Fix read receipts and sent indicators for bubble layout
- null-guard dataset mxTheme to prevent html exports from exploding
- Fix avatar container overlapping give feedback cta
- Fix jump to bottom button working when on a permalink
- Remove the Description from the location picker
- Fix look of the untrusted device dialog
- Hide maximise button in the sticker picker
- Fix space ordering to match newer spec
- Fix typing notification colors
- fix fallback for pluralized strings
- Fix right panel soft crashes chat rooms
- update yarn.lock and i18n
- Don't send typing notification when restoring composer draft
- Fix room joining spinner being incorrect if you change room mid-join
- Only return the approved widget capabilities instead of accepting all requested capabilities
- Fix quoting messages from the search view
- Attribute fallback i18n strings with lang attribute
- Fix spotlight cmd-k wrongly expanding left panel
- Fix room_id check when adding user widgets
- Add new line in settings label
- Fix handling incoming redactions in EventInde
- Fix room alias address isn't checked for validity before being shown as added
- Call view accessibility fixes
- Fix offscreen canvas breaking with split-brained firefox support
- Removed red shield in forwarding preview
- Wrap status message
- Move hideSender logic into state so it causes re-render
- Fix dialpad positioning
- Hide non-functional list options on Suggested sublist
- Fix width overflow in mini composer overflow menu
- Fix being wrongly sent to Home space when creating/joining/leaving rooms
- Fix HTML Export where the data-mx-theme is Light not light
- Don't disable username/password fields whilst doing wk-lookup
- Prevent keyboard propagation out of context menus
- Fix nulls leaking into geo urls
- Fix zIndex of peristent apps in miniMode
- Space panel should watch spaces for space name changes
- Fix list formatting alternating on edit
- Don't show Testing small changes without UIFeature
- Fix invisible toggle space panel button
- Fix legacy breadcrumbs wrongly showing up
- Space Panel use SettingsStore instead of SpaceStore as source of truth
- Fix inline code block nowrap issue
- Fix notification badge for All Rooms space
- Show error if could not load space hierarchy
- Increase gap between ELS and the subsequent event to prevent overlap
- Fix list of members in space preview
- Fix sizing of e2e shield in bubble layout
- Fix bubble radius wrong when followed by a state event from same user
- Fix alignment between ELS and Events in bubble layout
- Don't include the accuracy parameter in location events if accuracy could not be determined
- Make compact layout only apply to Modern layout
- Pin qrcode to fix e2e verification bug
- Add internationalisation to progress strings in room export dialog
- Prevent escape to cancel edit from also scrolling to bottom
- Fix narrow mode composer buttons for polls labs
- Fix useUserStatusMessage exploding on unknown user
- Fix room join spinner in room list header
- Fix room search sometimes not opening spotlight

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