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Element 1.11.24 Mac

Etcher for Mac 為您提供了用於 SD 卡和 USB 驅動器的跨平台圖像刻錄器。 Etcher 是 macOS 的開源項目!如果您曾經嘗試過從損壞的卡上啟動,那麼您肯定會感到沮喪,此精簡實用程序的設計具有簡單的 UI,可快速輕鬆地刻錄圖像。它還包括驗證,因此啟動時不會感到意外。適用於 macOS 的 Balena Etcher 完全訂閱了 K.I.S.S 格式,使任何技能水平的操作都變得容易; 選擇圖像,驅動器,然後點擊 Flash!到此為止。它完全支持 ISO,BZ2,DMG,DSK,TCH,GZ,HDDIMG,IMG,RAW,XZ 和 ZIP。該應用程序是製作 Raspberry Pi SD 卡的最簡單方法!


Validated Burning

6 Interface
誰說刻錄 SD 卡必須引起人們的注意。

由 JS,HTML,node.js 和 Electron 製成。潛入並貢獻力量!



也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 Etcher8898892388988923

檔案版本 Element 1.11.24
檔案名稱 Element-1.11.24-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Balena
更新日期 https://www.balena.io/etcher/
軟體類型 2023-02-28

What's new in this version:

- Drop support for Windows 7
- Remove experimental PWA support for Firefox and Safari
- Fix block code styling in rich text editor
- Poll history: fetch more poll history
- Sort short/exact emoji matches before longer incomplete matches
- Poll history: detail screen
- Provide a more detailed error message than "No known servers"
- Say when a call was answered from a different device
- Widget permissions customizations using module api
- Fix copy button icon overlapping with copyable text
- Support joining non-peekable rooms via the module API
- The "new login" toast does now display the same device information as in the settings. "No" does now open the device settings. "Yes, it was me" dismisses the toast.
- Do not prompt for a password when doing a „reset all“ after login
- Display "The sender has blocked you from receiving this message" error message instead of "Unable to decrypt message"
- Polls: show warning about undecryptable relations
- Poll history: fetch last 30 days of polls
- Poll history - ended polls list items
- Remove threads labs flag and the ability to disable threads
- Show a success dialog after setting up the key backup
- Release Sign in with QR out of labs
- Hide indent button in rte
- Add option to find own location in map views
- Render poll end events in timeline

- Use the room avatar as a placeholder in calls
- Fix calls showing as 'connecting' after hangup
- Stop access token overflowing the box
- Prevent multiple Jitsi calls started at the same time
- Make localization keys compatible with agglutinative and/or SOV type languages
- Add link to next file in the export
- Ended poll tiles: add ended the poll message
- Fix accidentally inverted condition for room ordering
- Re-focus the composer on dialogue quit
- Try to resolve emails before creating a DM
- Disable poll response loading test
- Fix email lookup in invite dialog
- Remove duplicate white space characters from translation keys
- Fix the caption of new sessions manager on Labs settings page for localization
- Prevent start another DM with a user if one already exists
- Remove white space characters before the horizontal ellipsis
- Fix Selectable Text on 'Delete All' and 'Retry All' Buttons
- Correctly Identify emoticons
- Remove a redundant white space

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