Etcher 1.5.83 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Etcher 1.5.83 Mac

Etcher for Mac 為您提供了用於 SD 卡和 USB 驅動器的跨平台圖像刻錄器。 Etcher 是 macOS 的開源項目!如果您曾經嘗試過從損壞的卡上啟動,那麼您肯定會感到沮喪,此精簡實用程序的設計具有簡單的 UI,可快速輕鬆地刻錄圖像。它還包括驗證,因此啟動時不會感到意外。適用於 macOS 的 Balena Etcher 完全訂閱了 K.I.S.S 格式,使任何技能水平的操作都變得容易; 選擇圖像,驅動器,然後點擊 Flash!到此為止。它完全支持 ISO,BZ2,DMG,DSK,TCH,GZ,HDDIMG,IMG,RAW,XZ 和 ZIP。該應用程序是製作 Raspberry Pi SD 卡的最簡單方法!


Validated Burning

6 Interface
誰說刻錄 SD 卡必須引起人們的注意。

由 JS,HTML,node.js 和 Electron 製成。潛入並貢獻力量!



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檔案版本 Etcher 1.5.83
檔案名稱 balenaEtcher-1.5.83.dmg
檔案大小 94 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Balena
軟體類型 2020-04-30

What's new in this version:

Etcher 1.5.83
- Decompress images before flashing, remove trim setting, trim ext partitions

Etcher 1.5.82
- Allow http/https only for Flash from URL
- Add generic error's message
- Refactor buttons style
- Add flash from url workflow
- Add staging percentage for v1.5.81
- Trigger update for v1.5.81

Etcher 1.5.81
- Add average speed in flash results
- docs: Update macOS drive recovery command
- Update etcher-sdk to use direct IO

Etcher 1.5.80
- Use zoomFactor to scale contents in fullscreen mode
- Update electron to v7.1.14
- Fix sass files path for lint-sass

Etcher 1.5.79
- Remove "Download the React DevTools for a better development experience" message
- Fix error when launching from terminal when installed via apt

Etcher 1.5.78
- Update drivelist to 8.0.10 to fix parsing lsblk --pairs

Etcher 1.5.77
- Fix error message not being shown on write error
- The RGBLed module has been moved to a separate repository

Etcher 1.5.76
- Prefix temp permissions script name
- Fix image drop zone, remove react-dropzone dependency
- Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.17

Etcher 1.5.75
- Initialize leds object map

Etcher 1.5.74
- Etcher pro leds feature
- Compress deb package with bzip instead of xz
- Update electron to 7.1.11

Etcher 1.5.73
- Update electron to v7.1.10

Etcher 1.5.72
- Remove no longer used angular svg-icon component
- Remove no longer used closestUnit angular filter

Etcher 1.5.71
- Update resin-corvus to 2.0.5

Etcher 1.5.70
- Make header draggable again
- Refactor drive selector and confirm modal to React
- Rework lib/gui/app/styled-components to typescript
- Convert FlashAnother & FlashResults to typescript
- Use React instead of Angular for image selection
- Convert the drive selection step to React
- chore: move flash step to React
- Use React instead of Angular for image selection

Etcher 1.5.69
- Don't add --no-sandbox when ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE true

Etcher 1.5.68
- Add version in settings modal

Etcher 1.5.67
- Fix elevation on macos in development

Etcher 1.5.66
- Update spectron to ^8
- Update dependencies, get node-usb from npm
- Update nan to ^2.14
- Use the same entrypoint for etcher and the child writer
- Require angular-mocks only when needed
- Remove no longer needed pkg dev dependency
- Update mocha, remove nock
- Remove no longer needed xml2js
- Remove node-pre-gyp patch that is no longer needed with electron 6
- Update electron-mocha to ^8.1.2, remove acorn
- Update electron to 6.0.10

Etcher 1.5.65
- Convert settings modal to typescript
- Refactor settings page into modal

Etcher 1.5.64
- Change log not available for this version

Etcher 1.5.63
- Introduce an FAQ file

Etcher 1.5.62
- Update drivelist to 8.0.9

Etcher 1.5.60
- Upgrade ext2fs to 1.0.30

Etcher 1.5.59
- Catch console log messages from SafeWebView

Etcher 1.5.58
- Remove leftover GH-pages configuration file

Etcher 1.5.57
- Fix entrypoint when options are passed to electron

Etcher 1.5.56
- Fix windows portable download

Etcher 1.5.55
- Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.13

Etcher 1.5.54
- Fix auto-updater check for updates

Etcher 1.5.53
- Allow typescript files

Etcher 1.5.52
- Don't use wmic's ProviderName if it's empty

Etcher 1.5.51
- Update sudo-prompt to ^9.0.0

Etcher 1.5.50
- Option for trimming ext partitions on raw images

Etcher 1.5.49
- Make window size configurable

Etcher 1.5.47
- Rework drive-selector with react + rendition
- Use rendition theme property for step buttons
- Upgrade styled-system to v4.1.0
- Upgrade rendition to v8.7.2

Etcher 1.5.46
- Update ext2fs to 1.0.29

Etcher 1.5.45
- Empty commit to trigger build

Etcher 1.5.44
- Fix elevation on windows when the path contains "&" or "'"

Etcher 1.5.43
- Revert "Include sass in webpack configs"

Etcher 1.5.42
Include sass in webpack configs

Etcher 1.5.41
- removal and adding a link to the license

Etcher 1.5.40
- windows installer and portable version support both ia32 and x64

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