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Node.js 19.3.0 Mac

借助 Final Draft for Mac,您可以前所未有地進行頭腦風暴,可視化,報告,標記,協作和自定義寫作環境。該應用程序將您的腳本分頁為娛樂業格式,並被 95%的娛樂業使用。超過 300 個用於劇本,電視劇,漫畫,身臨其境的講故事,圖畫小說和舞台劇的模板。使用 Windows,Macintosh 或在適用於 iPhone 和 iPad 的 Final 草案移動應用程序(單獨出售)中編寫。
組織和導航故事使用 100 多種模板快速對頁面進行編排和格式化,編寫在多個平台上看起來完全相同的腳本用於檢查常見格式錯誤的內置工俱生成大量的劇本報告拆分屏幕腳本編輯強大的分頁引擎支持 Retina 屏幕和全屏模式聽寫支持與您的寫作夥伴實時地進行即時協作 - 在拐角處 - 或在世界。語音到腳本自定義 Mac 的聽寫功能,因此您無需觸摸鍵盤即可編寫劇本。使用 SmartType 通過自動填寫常用名稱,位置等來減少擊鍵次數。在標題頁,腳本甚至節拍板上插入圖像,以幫助形象化您的故事。使用備用對話來存儲您可以想像的盡可能多的不同版本的線路。消除乾擾,使用夜間模式開始工作。

使用您的創造力專注於您的故事和人物 - 讓 FinalDraft for macOS 負責其餘工作。

標題 Page
所有 Final Draft 模板均隨​​附易於修改的行業標準標題頁,保存並打印或保存為 PDF.

Tab 和 Enter
僅使用 Tab 和 Enter 鍵即可快速輕鬆地編寫腳本.




Unicode 支持
它附帶支持超過 97 種不同語言的字體。用戶還可以添加自己的字體以輸入其他語言。

自動設置格式並分頁至行業標準。使用 FinalDraft 自定義格式工具滿足頁面計數要求.


注:30 天試用版.

還可用:下載適用於 Windows


檔案版本 Node.js 19.3.0
檔案名稱 node-v19.3.0.pkg
系統 macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Final Draft Inc
軟體類型 2022-12-15

What's new in this version:

Updated npm to 9.2.0:
- Based on the list of guidelines we've established on integrating npm and node, here is a grouped list of the breaking changes with the reasoning as to why they fit within the guidelines linked above. Note that all the breaking changes were made in 9.0.0. All subsequent minor and patch releases after [email protected] do not contain any breaking changes.

- Explanation: the node engines supported by [email protected] make it safe to allow [email protected] as the default in any LTS version of 14 or 16, as well as anything later than or including 18.0.0

- Explanation: when run as root previous versions of npm attempted to manage file ownership automatically on the user's behalf. this behavior was problematic in many cases and has been removed in favor of allowing users to manage their own filesystem permissions

- Explanation: any errors thrown from users having unsupported auth configurations will show npm config fix in the remediation instructions, which will allow the user to automatically have their auth config fixed

- Explanation: the default auth-type has changed and users can opt back into the old behavior with npm config set auth-type=legacy. login and adduser have also been seperated making each command more closely match it's name instead of being aliases for each other.

Tarball Packing:
- Explanation: previously using multiple ignore/allow lists when packing was an undefined behavior, and now the order of operations is strictly defined when packing a tarball making it easier to follow and should only affect users relying on the previously undefined behavior.

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