HitFilm Pro 14.1.2208 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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HitFilm Pro 14.1.2208 Mac

Firefox Developer Edition for Mac,即眾所周知的 Firefox Quantum,可以讓您試用即將在主要 Firefox 版本中出現的最新開發工具和功能。

最新的開發人員版本與以前的版本不同的原因在於,他們不再使用 Aurora 渠道作為基礎。現在,他們使用 Beta 通道作為基礎。

增強引擎吸引了以前的 Firefox 用戶

下一代 Web 瀏覽器引擎使 Firefox 可以利用計算機的幾乎所有 CPU 內核。開始瀏覽後,您會在幾秒鐘內發現更快的性能。

該引擎的主要目標是提高性能,但對其隱私功能也進行了改進。例如,Quantum 可以阻止互聯網上的跟踪器並防止您的隱私受到損害。

最新的 Firefox 幫助 Web 開發人員

您可以在此最新的 Firefox 版本中找到許多很棒的新開發人員工具。以前的工具也在那裡。一些最著名的工具包括針對幾種不同瀏覽器的 JavaScript 調試器以及使您可以創建動態且精緻的 Web 佈局的 CSS 網格。

“檢查器”,“控制台”和“網絡”選項卡有幾個新功能。例如,現在可以使用 Inspector 完成 CSS 工作。至於控制台,它現在使您可以檢查嵌入式對象並進行組消息傳遞。

新的“ Photon”用戶界面具有煥然一新的外觀

該界面的 GUI 設計模式是全新的,感覺更加現代化。方形標籤取代了彎曲的標籤。另外,還有一個新的主菜單,它比舊菜單更好地組織。

適用於 macOS 的 Firefox 開發人員版的選項卡窗口是新的,其中包括推薦的故事和訪問量最大的網站的列表。

A 完全重新設計的引擎,外觀新穎,性能更好。

在過去的幾年中,Quantum 是 Firefox 的一項巨大創新,無疑比競爭對手領先。當然,這將有助於使 Firefox 瀏覽器重新回到主流。

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檔案版本 HitFilm Pro 14.1.2208
檔案名稱 HitFilmPro_14.1.2208.pkg
檔案大小 461 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Mozilla Organization
更新日期 https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/
軟體類型 2019-12-12

What's new in this version:

- Right-clicking a VEGAS Image file in the HitFilm media panel now allows you to open the file directly into VEGAS Image for editing
- Added support for 10-bit H.264 video files from the Panasonic GH5

Bug Fixes:
- Composite shot timelines can now be floated out of the main interface
- Motion blur now updates correctly when the framerate of the timeline is increased
- Click+dragging the visibility of multiple layers no longer affects layers on other timelines
- The Recent Effects menu now lists the most recently used effects chronologically from top to bottom
- Selecting an effect in the Favorites folder no longer causes unwanted scrolling in the effects panel
- Creating a new project with the timeline container floated no longer causes stability issues
- Adding an effect to multiple items at once no longer creates multiple items in the history panel
- Launching the software with a Favorited OFX effect not loaded no longer causes stability issues
- The favorites menu for effects is no longer permanently disabled
- Closing HitFilm after using a Video Copilot effect in a previous session no longer causes stability issues. (Mac)
- Estimated time to complete exports updates more accurately at the end of export
- Improved rendering of masks on systems with AMD graphics
- Favorited transitions no longer appear in the effects menu
- The effects menu now works for adding effects to the controls panel, as well as to timeline objects
- The export command dialog now auto-populates to the default export directory
- The auto-save dialog no longer appears if the auto-save option is disabled
- Media using a different resolution than the project now renders correctly using downsampled viewer resolutions
- Effects icons are no longer displayed when the native Mac menu bar is used. (Mac
- Improved the rendering of mask curves while the mask is being drawn
- Improved the styling of the background color swatch, in the viewer options menu
- Viewer now correctly recalculates zoom when the project dimensions are changed
- Improved the styling of the effects search popup
- Remove Stock Background now removes white backgrounds more accurately
- Uninstalling Imerge Pro while HitFilm is running now correctly disables the "Open in Imerge..." menu item
- Improved support for video files created by OBS
- Large media previews are downsampled correctly in the viewer, as they are adjusted on the editor timeline
- Resizing the viewer no longer causes an infinite render loop in the zoom menu
- Recent plugins are now remembered when HitFilm is closed and reopened
- MP4 files using a level of 6.1 will now load correctly
- Improved rendering of high resolution files when viewer resolution is set to low quality/resolution profiles
- Reduced the contrast of the checkerboard in the viewer, to reduce distractions from the content
- Adjusted the color of the asset duration bars, which indicate the unused portions of a layer on the timeline
- Improved rendering of the blue box surrounding the viewer when it is the active panel

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