Flock 2.2.464 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Flock 2.2.464 Mac

Flock for Mac 是適用於 macOS 的最佳團隊溝通應用程序和在線協作平台,具有團隊消息傳遞,項目管理和其他出色功能,可提高生產力並提高執行速度。該工具的用戶減少了對電子郵件的依賴,並將 Flock 用於 macOS 的消息傳遞平台來共享重要的更新,文件和發送消息。 Flock for Mac 用戶在會議上花費的時間更少,在完成事情上花費的時間更多。該應用程序為其用戶提供業務協作工具,使任務管理和決策效率更高。


與 Flock 的團隊協作

將團隊與該團隊 Mess​​enger 一起與團隊進行通信 1 - 1 或團隊討論圍繞團隊項目,部門或共同利益。



與 Flock 的項目協作應用程序更好地合作
96 使用功能強大的業務協作工具套件 - 共享的待辦事項,民意測驗,富票據共享,提醒以及更多其他功能 - 優化項目管理。

將所有外部應用程序集成到 Flock
Find App Store 中所有您喜歡的生產力應用程序。只需將它們插入軟件中,您就無需在其他團隊協作工具之間進行切換即可完成工作。

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檔案版本 Flock 2.2.464
檔案名稱 Flock-macOS-2.2.464.dmg
檔案大小 84 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Riva FZC
更新日期 https://flock.com/
軟體類型 2020-11-24

What's new in this version:

Flock 2.2.464
- Enhanced message anchor - Flock will now remember the last scrolled position in any conversation so that you can continue from where you left
- Fixed: Issue in editing of messages with some specific emoji chars
- Fixed: Pinned chats ordering was getting reset for some users
- Other minor bugs squashed

Flock 2.2.449
- On popular demand, Flock now has the new WYSIWYG rich text editor! With the editor you can now bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, change color and also hyperlink words or sentences. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to do the same.
- Other bug fixes and performance optimisations

Flock 2.2.389
- Added animated stickers!
- Fixed bugs and improvements

Flock 2.2.386
- Launching “Request a feature” on Flock where customers can request a feature and track its status
- You can also see if your feature is the one that is popularly requested. If you like any of the existing feature requests, you can upvote them, and even add your own enhancement requests which other users can upvote.
- We have also made some under-the-hood changes to help improve performance

Flock 2.2.381
- Fixed an issue that prevented screenshare from working
- Fixed users not being able to use Google Auth for authentication
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Flock 2.2.379
- We have improved the visibility for message date
- We've also made some changes under the hood improve overall performance

Flock 2.2.374
- Voice Notes Playback! Listen to voice notes shared via the mobile platform directly from the chat window with an inbuilt volume rocker
- Issue of clipboard image popping back when pasting subsequent text has been fixed
- Fix: client would become unusable with messages remaining blank for some conversations
- Fix: FlockML to be tolerant of invalid XML so we can now include most HTML content from other apps and websites
- Fix: The use of Alt-key for accented characters has now been fixed
- Fix: Copying of messages in dark mode into rich text editors has been fixed
- Fix: Formatting of messages, specially new lines for copy/paste actions
- Fix: Automatic retry loading image previews in chat when reconnected
- Fix: Bugs in editing messages with mentions and channel tags
- Be more expressive with emojis by changing the skin tones
- You can now set emojis and stickers as channel avatars

Flock 2.2.314
- We’ve made some performance improvements and fixed a few bugs

Flock 2.2.311
- Fixes for crash in Catalina and other improvements

Flock 2.2.308
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Flock 2.2.306
- We've made some performance improvements and fixed a few bugs.

Flock 2.2.273
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Flock 2.2.270
- Channel Mentions and Notifications have been fixed! Toggle between your preferred options for channel notifications to set the tone for any work environment.
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Flock 2.2.257
- New notification tones for messages! Turn on audio alerts in your notification preferences to choose from 6 different sounds.

Flock 2.2.254
- Emoji search is here! When typing a message, simply click the emoji icon and use the search function to find the perfect one.

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