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VNC Connect 6.0.0 Mac

適用於 Mac 的 Fotor Photo Editor 帶有用於各種基本編輯需求的工具,以及傾斜移位,13 種獨特的 1 抽頭增強選項,60 多種效果 / 30 幀,RAW 支持,內置共享和高分辨率保存。拼貼走。從 60 個不同的模板中挑選或自定義一個,並從 16 個背景中選擇。上傳最多 30 張照片混合搭配。完成您的傑作與邊框顏色或圖案,抓住你的眼睛.

Fortor 的最先進的照片處理引擎,可以很容易地處理高品質的照片很快。調整曝光,亮度,對比度,白平衡和飽和度,銳化 / 模糊,暈影,高光和陰影。 “場景”提供了 13 個增強選項,預先配置各種照片捕捉條件。效果& 邊界使用 Fotor 豐富的效果和邊界進一步擴展您的創造力。批量處理讓您可以快速處理大量的照片。只需點擊一下鼠標即可應用效果和框架,而不必每張照片都能做到這一點.

Fotor for Mac 功能:

新的多功能拼貼功能為您提供了極大的靈活性,使其具有創造性和自定義性!從 80 個不同的模板中選擇一次最多 9 張照片,或者使用自由式來移動您的照片,但是您希望使用超過 22 種獨特背景進行選擇。

使用 Fotor 最先進的照片處理引擎,可以快速處理高質量的照片。調整曝光,亮度,對比度,白平衡和飽和度,銳化 / 模糊,添加暈影,或裁剪,拉直,旋轉等等。

大多數照片不在受控環境中拍攝,有時在條件改變時沒有時間調整相機上的設置。 “場景”提供了 13 種不同的 1 抽頭增強選項,已配置為特定的照片捕捉條件。

傾斜 - 移位
使用清晰的焦點和選擇性模糊的混合,釋放您的創意靈感。 Fotor 的傾斜移位編輯器為您的圖像提供了通常僅在專業級數碼單反相機上才能看到的景深。

Effects& 邊界
用 Fotor 巨大的效果和邊界調色板進一步延伸你的創造力。設計與專業攝影師和設計師的投入,Fotor 來裝載超過 60 的影響,包括經典,LOMO,B& W,藝術和 Vignettes,再加上 30 多種不同風格的框架.


支持導入和導出各種圖像格式,包括 TIFF,JPEG 和 PNG,以及 RAW 的轉換功能 files.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載 Fotor for Windows

檔案版本 VNC Connect 6.0.0
檔案名稱 VNC-6.0.0-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg
檔案大小 9.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Fotor Team
軟體類型 2016-11-01

What's new in this version:

All platforms
- NEW: VNC has a new brand name, VNC Connect. VNC Server and VNC Viewer have new brand colors, icons and logos.
- NEW: VNC Connect is licensed by annual subscription rather than perpetual license key. When a paid Professional or Enterprise subscription expires, remote access stops. If you’re an existing, entitled VNC 5.x customer, you can automatically upgrade to a new Enterprise subscription.
- NEW: Establish secure, seamless, reliable cloud connections from VNC Viewer to VNC Server. If you have an Enterprise subscription, this can be as well as, or instead of, traditional direct connections.
- NEW: Invite people in to your team to quickly share remote access, and manage computers, subscriptions, renewals and payment methods much more conveniently online using your RealVNC account.
- NEW: Sign in to VNC Viewer with your RealVNC account credentials to backup and sync your address book between all your desktop and mobile devices.
- NEW: VNC Address Book is integrated into VNC Viewer, so everything is accessible from one place. Use File > Import connections to transfer VNC 5.x connections in from VNC Address Book, or from a directory of .vnc files.
- NEW: VNC Viewer can remember remote access credentials so you don’t have to enter them each time. Note under Linux we additionally recommend setting a master password for VNC Viewer; see below. Learn how passwords are stored.
- NEW: Use File > Preferences > Privacy to set a master password to protect VNC Viewer from unauthorized use.
- NEW: Save desktop previews for connections (that is, screenshots in thumbnail form) to make VNC Viewer more intuitive to use.
- NEW: Give connections friendly names.
- NEW: Quickly forget sensitive data such as passwords and desktop previews if VNC Viewer is running on a shared computer.
- NEW: If you start VNC Viewer and simultaneously establish a direct connection at the command line, use the -useaddressbook flag to integrate with your address book, for example vncviewer -useaddressbook If the connection is to a known computer, stored settings are applied. If the connection is to a new computer, it is added to your address book.
- NEW: Configure the rate at which a desktop is panned when in full screen mode using the BumpScrollSpeed VNC Viewer parameter.
- VNC Server now needs an Enterprise subscription in order to run in User Mode or Virtual Mode. Only direct connectivity is available in these modes.
- VNC Viewer now sets File > Preferences > Proxy to the system proxy server by default, rather than to no proxy server.
- VNC Deployment Tool and VNC Viewer for Java are no longer supported.

- NEW: Support for macOS 10.12 Sierra. Note that only 64-bit package files are available for macOS 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12.

Known issues
- VNC Connect is only available in English. Spanish, French and German versions will follow soon.
- After resuming from sleep, it may take a minute or so for your VNC Server computer to be available for cloud connections.
- Standard selection mechanisms such as CTRL-A or holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking do not yet allow you to select multiple connections in VNC Viewer.
- Choosing File > Export connections in VNC Viewer to export to .vnc files exports all connections, not just the one currently-selected.

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