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Wing IDE Mac

Franz for Mac 是一款免費的短信軟件應用程序 / 前奧地利皇帝,將聊天和短信服務合併為一個應用程序。 Franz for macOS 目前支持 Slack,WhatsApp,WeChat,HipChat,Facebook Messenger,Telegram,Google Hangouts,GroupMe,Skype 等。您可以下載 Franz for Mac,Windows 和 Linux。

Franz for Mac 允許您多次添加每個服務。這使該軟件成為同時管理多個企業和私人帳戶的理想工具。如果某些莫名原因促使您這樣做,您甚至可以同時使用五個不同的 Facebook Messenger 帳戶。

該工具不會讀取您鍵入,發送或接收的任何內容。在您和您的 Messenger 服務之間。他唯一的興趣是成功傳遞您的消息。不打擾–所有郵件都是保密的!

Franz 支持哪些服務?
該應用程序支持各種商務和私人消息收發和聊天服務,例如 Slack,WhatsApp,WeChat,HipChat,Facebook Messenger,Telegram,Google Hangouts,GroupMe,Skype 和更多。

為什麼建立 Franz
“成為不同社區的一部分,通常需要您使用不同的消息傳遞平台。最終,您會擁有許多不同的應用程序和 Web 瀏覽器窗口,試圖保持消息和聊天的頂部。因此,我們構建了 Franz ,一步一步解決問題。“

也可用:下載 Windows 的 Franz。

檔案版本 Wing IDE
檔案名稱 wing-101-
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Meetfranz
軟體類型 2021-02-11

What's new in this version:

- Fix reformatting a selection for PEP8
- Fix refactoring to rename module when a file with the new name exists
- Fix remote code reformatting when the code is not changed
- Fix problems analyzing incomplete def async statements
- Add User Interface > Tooltip Delay preference to control the delay before tooltips are shown
- Reduce the default delay before tooltips are displayed
- Add debugger support for Python running natively on Apple Silicon chips
- Show a warning in the Code Warnings tool when an external checker is not run on a file because it exceeds the configured maximum file size
- Show a warning in the Code Warnings tool when mypy fails to complete its analysis
- Auto-enter -> for - also when a : already exists at the end of a def
- Don't apply Project-defined indentation policies to snippet files
- Return to column zero when Debug I/O, Python Shell, Debug Console, or OS Commands is scrolled to the right and additional output is appended and causes vertical scrollig
- Fix Return in the run arguments field of the launch dialog to activate the OK button. Ctrl-Return may be used to enter a newline.
- Don't allow breakpoints on lines that contains nothing but a type annotation since they not reached
- Fix manual configuration of network proxies
- Avoid showing incorrect key bindings in some context menus on Windows
- Don't inspect Python 3.4, 3.5, or 3.6 when starting on macOS Big Sur

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