Mullvad VPN 2020.1 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Mullvad VPN 2020.1 Mac

Freeplane for Mac 是一個免費和開源的軟件應用程序,支持思想,分享信息,並在工作中,在學校和家裡完成的事情。該軟件可以用於思維導圖和分析心靈地圖中包含的信息。 Freeplane 可在任何安裝了當前 Java 版本的操作系統上運行。它可以在本地運行,也可以從移動存儲(如 USB 驅動器)運行。將想法(節點)排序成由線(邊)連接的層次結構; 用元數據(屬性)和样式類型(系統樣式,用戶定義樣式,級別樣式)對節點進行分類; 用可視容器(雲)和 accolade(摘要節點)對節點進行分組; 連接節點與動態鏈接,空閒線(連接器)和標籤; 根據層級和內容(條件樣式,自動邊緣顏色,水平樣式)自動設置樣式節點(包括氣泡,顏色,邊緣類型等); 內容(文本,科學公式,計算,圖標,圖像和超鏈接)和演示區域(核心,細節,註釋,屬性,圖像和工具提示)通過隱藏內容(折疊分支,過濾,滾動細節和在工具提示中隱藏擴展)來改變視圖,查找,滾動和導航; 任務與日曆和提醒; 使用 DES 加密對整個地圖和單個節點進行密碼保護; 易於使用內聯和對話框編輯器,面向對象的主菜單,上下文菜單,多語言支持,拼寫檢查器,屬性面板,拖放拖放功能,熱鍵,用於批量執行的選項,發布,共享和可選偏好; 即使沒有精確匹配(例如“setup”=“set up”或“flie”=“file”),也可以在文本中查找搜索詞。在節點底下支持 LaTeX 公式通過附加組件和自製腳本輕鬆擴展功能; 與 Docear 學術文獻套裝整合; 通過 Wiki 和論壇提供廣泛的支持; 並以思維導圖的形式提供教程和文檔。注意:Freeplane 可以在任何安裝了 Java 運行時環境的操作系統上運行。

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檔案版本 Mullvad VPN 2020.1
檔案名稱 MullvadVPN-2020.1.pkg
檔案大小 88.4 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Freeplane Team
軟體類型 2020-02-10

What's new in this version:

- Add translations for Finnish and Danish
- Copy WireGuard key when clicking on it
- Sign all binaries in the app instead of just the installer

- Increase OpenVPN ping timeout from 20 to 25 seconds. Might make working tunnels disconnect a bit less frequently
- Use traffic data from WireGuard to infer connectivity, instead of continuously pinging
- Should improve stability of the connection and reduce power use
- Update wireguard-go to v0.0.20200121
- Remove WireGuard keys from accounts when they are removed from the local account history
- Upgrade from Electron 6 to Electron 7
- Disable WireGuard protocol option if there's no WireGuard key
- Use a branded TAP driver for OpenVPN to prevent conflicts with other software and solve issues related to driver upgrades. Also use the NDIS 6 driver on Windows 7.
- Be more aggressive when installing routes, in effect taking ownership of existing duplicate route entries. This allows the daemon to initialize properly even if a previous instance did not have a
clean shutdown.

- Don't try to replace WireGuard key if account has too many keys already
- Fix bogus update notification caused by an outdated cache
- Fix layout issues when showing messages in WireGuard key view
- Fix translation of "System default" after selecting "System default" in language settings
- Fix regression due to which a TAP adapter issue was not given as the specific block reason when the tunnel could not be started
- Fix occasional failure to shut down the old daemon process during installation by killing it if necessary
- Make WireGuard work with IPv6 enabled even if there is no functioning TAP adapter for OpenVPN
- Restart daemon when coming back from system hibernation with terminated user session, since it's perceived as a cold boot from the user's perspective, so the app should act accordingly.
- Change the optimization level for releases from the default value to s, as a temporary fix for the system service crashing on Windows for newer CPU models

- Add automatic key rotation for WireGuard (every 7 days by default). This limits the potential for an attacker to correlate traffic with a public key and identity, and reduces the harm of
software that might leak the private tunnel IP (since it is no longer fixed).
- Stop OpenVPN from loading C:etcsslopenssl.cnf on start. This file was being loaded when an OpenVPN tunnel was being created. Any user could create the file, and the process loading it runs
as the SYSTEM user. Since the config file allows loading arbitrary code, it was an attack vector allowing local unprivileged users to run code as SYSTEM.

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