Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0 Mac

Freeplane for Mac 是一個免費和開源的軟件應用程序,支持思想,分享信息,並在工作中,在學校和家裡完成的事情。該軟件可以用於思維導圖和分析心靈地圖中包含的信息。 Freeplane 可在任何安裝了當前 Java 版本的操作系統上運行。它可以在本地運行,也可以從移動存儲(如 USB 驅動器)運行。將想法(節點)排序成由線(邊)連接的層次結構; 用元數據(屬性)和样式類型(系統樣式,用戶定義樣式,級別樣式)對節點進行分類; 用可視容器(雲)和 accolade(摘要節點)對節點進行分組; 連接節點與動態鏈接,空閒線(連接器)和標籤; 根據層級和內容(條件樣式,自動邊緣顏色,水平樣式)自動設置樣式節點(包括氣泡,顏色,邊緣類型等); 內容(文本,科學公式,計算,圖標,圖像和超鏈接)和演示區域(核心,細節,註釋,屬性,圖像和工具提示)通過隱藏內容(折疊分支,過濾,滾動細節和在工具提示中隱藏擴展)來改變視圖,查找,滾動和導航; 任務與日曆和提醒; 使用 DES 加密對整個地圖和單個節點進行密碼保護; 易於使用內聯和對話框編輯器,面向對象的主菜單,上下文菜單,多語言支持,拼寫檢查器,屬性面板,拖放拖放功能,熱鍵,用於批量執行的選項,發布,共享和可選偏好; 即使沒有精確匹配(例如“setup”=“set up”或“flie”=“file”),也可以在文本中查找搜索詞。在節點底下支持 LaTeX 公式通過附加組件和自製腳本輕鬆擴展功能; 與 Docear 學術文獻套裝整合; 通過 Wiki 和論壇提供廣泛的支持; 並以思維導圖的形式提供教程和文檔。注意:Freeplane 可以在任何安裝了 Java 運行時環境的操作系統上運行。

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檔案版本 Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0
檔案名稱 Moonlight-4.0.0.dmg
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Freeplane Team
軟體類型 2022-04-03

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added experimental support for HDR streaming on Windows 10 & 11, Linux, and Raspberry Pi 4 (macOS was already supported)
- See this link for details on system requirements for HDR
- Added a new key combo for locking the mouse cursor to the window (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)
- Added an option to avoid keeping the client display awake while streaming
- Switched to a new decoder implementation on Linux4Tegra (L4T) platforms to improve streaming performance and compatibility with newer JetPack versions

Behavior Changes:
- HDR streaming is now a separate option rather than being part of the Video Codec override dropdown
- HDR streaming is no longer restricted to apps that are certified by NVIDIA as compatible with GameStream HDR
- Some newer games may require an HDR display or HDR10-compatible EDID emulator dongle connected to your host PC for HDR options to be available

- Added workaround for incorrect colorspace on AMD GPUs running recent display drivers
- higher than expected CPU usage on some older Intel Macs
- loss of all audio if the active audio device is unplugged while streaming
- duplicated controllers on some third-party Xbox 360 wireless adapters
- the GUI being unresponsive after manually quitting when connection to the host is lost
- the minimize key combo on Windows when streaming in fullscreen mode
- a rare crash if a controller disconnects right as rumble is starting
- text rendering on the overlay UI when using SDL_ttf 2.0.18 on Linux
- incorrect colorspace when using HEVC on Raspberry Pi
- Updated AppImage with libva 2.14
- Updated included gamepad mappings
- Updated community-contributed translations

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