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DBeaver 21.0.5 Mac

FUSE for macOS(是 OSXFUSE)允許您通過第三方文件系統擴展 macOS 的本機文件處理功能。它是 MacFUSE 的後繼產品,已被許多產品用作軟件構建塊,但不再維護.

FUSE for macOS 功能
作為用戶,安裝 FUSE for macOS 軟件包將允許您使用任何第三方 FUSE 文件系統。通過可選的 MacFUSE 兼容層支持傳統的 MacFUSE 文件系統。作為開發人員,您可以使用 FUSE SDK 將許多類型的新文件系統作為常規用戶空間程序編寫。這些文件系統的內容可以來自任何地方:從本地磁盤,從整個網絡,從內存,或任何其他組合來源。使用 FUSE 編寫文件系統比傳統的編寫內核文件系統的方法更容易和更快。由於 FUSE 文件系統是常規應用程序(與內核擴展相對),因此,如果您正在開發標準的 macOS 應用程序,則在編程工具,調試程序和庫中具有同樣的靈活性和選擇性.

在更技術性的術語中,FUSE 實現了一種機制,可以在 macOS 上的用戶空間程序中實現功能完備的文件系統。它提供了多個 API,其中之一是源自 Linux 的 FUSE API(用戶空間中的文件系統)的超集。因此,許多現有的 FUSE 文件系統在 macOS 上變得易於使用。FUSE for macOS 軟件由一個內核擴展和各種用戶空間庫和工具組成。它配備了基於 C 和 Objective- C 的 SDK。如果您更喜歡另一種語言(比如說 Python 或 Java),那麼在您自己安裝相關語言綁定後,您應該能夠使用這些語言創建文件系統.

文件系統存儲庫包含多個令人興奮和有用的文件系統的源代碼供您瀏覽,編譯和構建,如 sshfs,procfs,AccessibilityFS,GrabFS,LoopbackFS,SpotlightFS 和 YouTubeFS.

檔案版本 DBeaver 21.0.5
檔案名稱 dbeaver-ce-21.0.5-macos.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.5 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Benjamin Fleischer
更新日期 https://osxfuse.github.io/
軟體類型 2021-05-17

What's new in this version:

- Boolean properties editor behavior was redesigned
- Broken shortcuts (F2, F4, etc) in object editor were fixed
- Redundant help icons removed from standard dialogs
- Language change validation and documentation was added
- Quick filter now supports triggers

SQL Editor:
- Auto-completion was fixed for table aliases, joins and asterisks
- Smart commit now ignores EXPLAIN statements
- Big updated row count (>2gb) support was added
- Output log enable/disable button was added

Data editor:
- Selected rows highlight was fixed
- Bug with overlapping timestamp and FK values was fixed
- Find/replace dialog now respects number formatting
- ERD viewer: property view support was fixed, entity/attributes context menu was fixed

- Constraints and indexes support was added
- Problem with constantly growing search_path was fixed
- Fully-qualified table names in foreign keys DDL was fixed
- PGPASS authentication now can be used with empty user name
- NaN and Infinity numbers formatting was fixed
- Data transfer: ON DUPLICATE query generation was fixed
- Database size statistics was added (configurable, off by default)
- DB2: BEGIN/END blocks support was added
- Greenplum: DDL for replicated tables was fixed

- Procedure body formattign was fixed (for encoded procedures)
- Procedures/triggers/packages DDL statements processing was fixed
- Redshift: view columns metadata read was fixed, extra data type aliases were added

- Table columns read was fixed for older Vertica versions
- Sequences support was added
- BigQuery driver version was upgraded
- Eclipse plugin: bug with redundant .dbeaver folders was fixed
- System notifications support was added on Linux
- Jar code sign certificate was updated
- Big number of minor bigfixes

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