GanttProject 2.8.5 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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GanttProject 2.8.5 Mac

GanttProject for Mac 是一個用 Java 編寫的項目調度應用程序,具有甘特圖,資源管理,日曆,導入 / 導出(MS 項目,HTML,PDF,電子表格)。用於項目管理和調度的跨平台桌面應用程序。

GanttProject 功能:

Gantt 圖表
創建任務和里程碑。除開始日期和持續時間以外,每個任務都可能有優先權,2.7 中的新增功能,顏色和填充模式,文本註釋以及用戶定義的自定義字段。在工作分解結構中組織任務。在更高級別上總結了較低級別任務的進度,日期或成本的分層樹。可以折疊摘要任務來隱藏當前不重要的任務。在任務之間繪製依賴約束,比如“當 Y 完成時啟動 X”和 GanttProject for Mac 將負責實施這些約束。您可以添加滯後或使用其他類型的約束。創建基線以便能夠將當前項目狀態與以前的計劃進行比較.. 只讀視圖的 PERT 圖表可以從甘特圖生成.

創建具有基本聯繫信息,支付率的人力資源 2.7 和新的角色。分配資源以處理具有不同角色和分配單元的任務。監視任務分配,並查看某個資源何時超載或正在工作中.

生成包含摘要,所需任務和資源信息以及矢量圖圖像的 PDF 報告。可以從各個圖表生成 PNG / JPEG 圖像並打印。導出為 CSV 以分析電子表格應用程序中的數據。從 CSV 導入也支持。 Microsoft Project 導入和導出盡可能流暢.

使用帶有鎖的 WebDAV 服務器支持同一項目上的並發工作。使用雲存儲提供商可以將您的雲盤安裝到您的本地文件系統,以將您的項目存儲在雲中。在本地網絡 GanttProject for Mac 將盡最大努力防止並發寫入.

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檔案版本 GanttProject 2.8.5
檔案名稱 ganttproject-2.8.5-r2179.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
軟體類型 2017-06-27

What's new in this version:

- Comes with a new feature: task ordering by begin/end dates. The feature itself was highly demanded, but what makes it even more exciting is that it is the first published feature which has been contributed by external freelancer and funded by the donations from GanttProject users. A number of other paid features is already done in the main branch and will be published in the next major update

Task sorting:
- Sorting should work as expected: click the column header to sort in ascending order, click again to toggle to descending order
- The sort order is partial. Sibling tasks are sorted, while tasks from different branches of the task tree (e.g. sitting under different summary tasks) are not necessarily sorted. For instance, on the screenshot above milestone "GanttProject 2.8.5" goes below the child tasks of "Architectural design", although it starts earlier. The order is indicated with an arrow in the column header showing upwards when order is ascending or downwards when it is descending
- Sorting is not maintained continuously. Any actions on the tasks such as insertion of the new task, reordering, indenting and outdenting may break the sort order. One needs to click in the column header again to restore the ordering
- Besides the new feature, GanttProject 2.8.5 fixes a few severe bugs and updates Korean and Dutch translations

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