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Luminar 3.1.3 Mac

Garmin Express for Mac 是保持您的地圖更新的一站式商店。 Garmin Express 會自動將可用地圖更新下載到您的計算機,並在新地圖準備好安裝時提醒您。你甚至可以控制下載時間表。 Garmin Express 讓您只需點擊一下即可將所有收藏夾從一台設備轉移到另一台設備。這不可能更簡單。不要再失去你的數據。 Garmin Express for Mac 可以輕鬆地備份和恢復保存的地址,路線和航點從您的計算機.

Garmin Express 是您的管理您的 Garmin 設備的基本工具。更新地圖,高爾夫球場和設備軟件。您甚至可以註冊您的設備。
更新地圖更新軟件註冊您的設備備份,恢復和傳輸收藏夾安裝免費的語音和車輛下載產品手冊注意:需要 64 位 processor.

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檔案版本 Luminar 3.1.3
檔案名稱 Luminar_3.dmg
檔案大小 496 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Garmin Ltd
軟體類型 2019-08-15

What's new in this version:

Luminar 3.1.3
- Gone are the days of frustration after losing your edited photos. In Luminar 3.1.3, you simply can’t lose them. If for some reason you can’t find your edits (because an image was renamed or moved to another folder, for instance), just go to the Lost Edits Album. Your edited images should be there, safe and sound.
- In Luminar 3.1.3, we’ve implemented new logic if your catalog isn’t found. Now the pop-up window not only informs you about the missing catalog but provides you with two options: If you’ve deleted the catalog, you can always Create a New Catalog. If the catalog you’re looking for has been moved to another folder, you can click Choose a Different Catalog and locate it.
- It’s difficult to talk about photo editing software without mentioning hotkeys. In Luminar 3.1.3, you get a lot of them. What’s more, they’re now cross-platform: the hotkeys are there to help you whether you’re a Mac user or a Windows lover.
- Now you can add images to your Library impressively faster. And we’re not talking about a couple of shots – we mean thousands. It won’t take you forever to add pictures from that photo retreat or vacation to Malibu. Just a few moments and you’ll be all set to make those beautiful photos even better.
- In Luminar 3.1.3, we’ve also fixed issues with opening RAW files on macOS 10.11, fixed issues that caused crashes, and improved the scroll speed in Gallery and Stripe. And what’s especially delightful is that we’ve prettified our splash screen with stunning images by Jeffrey Moreau, an avid Luminar user and the winner of the Luminar Featured Artist contest, who's also become Skylum Ambassador. Check them out the next time you start Luminar 3.

Luminar 3.1.2
- One of the big things we’re excited to introduce is a brand-new feature, called “On this day”. “On this day” will let you relive your photography memories. Available for both Mac and Windows, this new feature gives you the opportunity to look back on what pictures you took on this day exactly one or more years ago. To get started with this, simply click the “On this day” shortcut in the menu. Please note that the “On This Day” feature will only show up if you have photos in your Library taken on the current month and day in previous years. It’s a great way to look back on how you’ve grown as a photographer, and provide you with some inspiration to get your day started!
- On the Mac side of things, we’ve also added a faster import from your memory card, giving you less time waiting and more time to spend creating amazing images
- You can also now easily add plugins from Nik Collection to your workflow, and enjoy what they offer in cooperation with Luminar 3.
- As for the Windows side, you’ll see a faster scroll on Single Image view. You can now scroll more quickly and more effectively. Additionally, you’ll see speed improvements to the switching process between Single Image view and Gallery view.
- We’ve also fixed a bug with the Japanese calendar that caused crashes
- Finally, both Mac and Windows users will see overall performance and stability improvements. As Luminar continues to develop into a groundbreaking management and processing platform, it’s important to our team to make sure that Luminar’s performance is up to par. With every update, we try our best to make it work faster and more seamless than before, giving you a more reliable and quicker way to express your creativity through photography.

Luminar 3.1.1
- Change the language. Now you can set the language in Luminar regardless of your system settings. Simply go to Main menu > Language and choose one from the list
- Easier navigation. Want to quickly find the folder that contains a specific photo but have too many folders to go through? Now all you have to do is right-click on the photo and select Go to > Folder in Library and you’re there
- Improved launch time. Now, starting from the second launch, the average launch time is significantly faster. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of photos in your Library
- Faster album creation. In this update, we’ve boosted the speed of Luminar when creating new albums with lots of photos

Luminar 3.1.0
Raw + JPEG (Luminar Libraries):
- Do you capture Raw & JPEG files at the same time? Now you can easily organize these file pairs in a more convenient way. View as a single image, but switch between versions easily. Organize & rate pairs simultaneously, no matter of your view preferences.

New AI-powered tool:
- A major update to one of Luminar’s most beloved and popular filters. Accent AI goes to the next generation and its even better for more photos.

Improved Selective Sync (Adjustment Sync):
- Synchronize your image adjustments across your photos. Image layers, Crop, Erase, Clone & Stamp do not affect syncing.

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