GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 82 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 82 Mac

找到重複的文件,並用 Gemini for Mac 擦除它們。這是聰明的,激光準確,並在 Mac 上恢復大量的空間。重複的文件可以運行— 但是他們不能隱藏。現在,你可以找到& 刪除它們與 Gemini for Mac!立即下載並安裝!

Gemini for Mac 功能:

即使位於系統的遠程角落,也可以找到並刪除重複的文件。雙子座 2 可以快速掃描整個磁盤的速度,不管它有多大。挖掘掃描結果並手工挑選要擦除的文件,或者更好 - 讓智能選擇做所有的工作.

就像重複,類似的是空間浪費。現在,雙子座 2 在他們之後。點擊看起來相似的文件,查看它們的不同之處,刪除不需要的文件。因為你最好佔用所有的空間.


Simple 是 stellar
Gemini 的精心製作是超級簡單的。無論你需要做什麼— 詳細查看重複項目或快速銷毀它們 - mdash; 它需要點擊幾下。因為這是一個很好的重複的發現者:使事情變得簡單.

沒有刪除好東西— 直到你這麼說,不要擔心錯誤地丟失了錯誤的文件。雙子將重複項移到垃圾箱,讓你重新點擊。如果您確實希望將這些副本從 Mac 上刪除,請將其刪除。如果你只是想讓他們躲開你的方式,把他們藏在一個遙遠的文件夾。這總是你的電話.

注意:演示版本不允許你刪除所有找到的重複項。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 82
檔案名稱 gdevelop-5.0.0-beta82.dmg
檔案大小 99.8 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MacPaw Inc.
軟體類型 2019-10-26

What's new in this version:

New features:

The Yarn Dialogue editor is now embedded in GDevelop (thanks @blurymind!). Yarn is a powerful editor allowing to create advanced and dynamic dialogues with multiple choices:
- When choosing a dialogue to load using the Dialogue Tree actions, you can edit or create a json file containing a dialogue in Yarn format
- Read the help page about dialogue trees to learn more about how to use them
- See the example "Dialogue Tree with Yarn" to see how to use dialogue actions. You can also try the example online

Improved Shape Painter object with new shapes and advanced features:
- Add ellipse, rounded rectangle and star to Shape Painter
- Add support for other advanced shapes (arc, bezier curves), and shapes composed of multiple shapes

Various new smaller features:
- Add condition to check for WebGL support
- Add "Scene just resumed" condition
- Add menu item to extract events into a new group


Lots of User Interface improvements:
- Selectors for objects or resources (and in general) can now be entirely keyboard controlled (arrow to select, enter to choose)
- Buttons are slighlty smaller
- Lists are showing more objects or items
- All tips shown at the bottom of the screen that can be dismissed won't pop again
- Fix the focus of some fields when opening dialogs
- Some selector fields are now displayed using the OS native selectors
- Contrast of the default theme as been improved
- Reworked drag'n'drop in objects and resources list
- Tooltips are shown faster for all buttond in the top toolbar
- Action/conditions and their parameters can be traversed with Tab key, and selected with Enter/space

Improvements for very small screens (phones or small windows) and touchscreens:
- Dialogs are shown fullscreen
- Fix drag'n'drop support on touchscreens (objects can be drag'n'dropped like on the desktop app)
- The view can be moved in the scene editor using two fingers on a touchscreen
- The view can be zoomed in the scene editor using two fingers on a touchscreen ("pinch to zoom")
- Actions are rendered below the conditions on small screens ("responsive layout")
- Display only a single secondary editor panel on small screens (use the toolbar to change to another)

- Objects dragged from the list to the scene are now showing the object instance while dragging - so that you can perfectly position the instance
- Invalid operators are now displayed with an error in the events sheet
- Comments and groups are positioned on top of selection when added
- Add help button for Video object
- New translation in Slovenian
- Improved translation in Japanese

Bug fixes:

Sprites used to flip around the center of the image, without respecting the center point. The center point is now used as the center when flipping a sprite horizontally or vertically (just like when rotating it):
- In other words, this means that the center point is unmoved when the sprite is rotated (as before) or flipped (new)
- If you have objects with a non default center point and that are flipped, check their positioning. You might have to remove manual offsets that you added using events

- Some actions/conditions were shown in the list of "Other actions" (or "Other conditions") in the new action/condition editor - while they are used with objects. This is fixed and should be more intuitive now
- Events are now properly updated when a group is renamed
- Fix window border not updated in the scene editor when the project window size is changed
- Properly re-open closed panels at their default positions
- Fix typo in Facebook Instant Games actions
- Fix 'Download Game File' removing all spaces from downloaded game file in the web-app
- Display an error message when opening a non GD5 file
- Add explicit mention to "scene" variable in various descriptions

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