GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.726.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.726.0 Mac

GeoGebra for Mac 是動態的數學軟件為各級教育,幾何,代數,電子表格,圖形,統計和微積分在一個簡單易用的軟件包中匯集在一起。 GeoGebra 是一個數以百萬計的用戶遍布全球的快速發展的社區。 GeoGebra for Mac 已成為全球領先的動態數學軟件提供商,支持科學,技術,工程和數學(STEM)教育和創新教學和學習。把世界上領先的動態數學軟件和教材交到學生和老師手中!

GeoGebra 簡介:
圖形,代數和表格連接,完全動態易於使用的界面,但許多功能強大創作工具創建互動學習材料作為網頁世界各地數百萬用戶以多種語言提供開放源代碼軟件可供非商業用戶免費使用注意:需要 Java.

也可以:下載 GeoGebra for Windows

檔案版本 GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.726.0
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 International GeoGebra Institute
軟體類型 2022-08-16

What's new in this version:

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.726.0
- new style for selected Points
- Old Input Boxes now have "keyboard" icon for the full keyboard rather then the old "α" icon

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.724.0
- CAS: fix for eg Sequence(j,j,0,pi/2,pi/10) and NSolve({(N)/(((a)(exp((-30)(k))))+(1))=(11)/(50), (N)/(((a)(exp((-40)(k))))+(1))=(11)/(25), (N)/((a)+(1))=(3)/(200)},{N=1, a=1, k=1})
- fix label position when x:y is not 1:1
- update to GWT 2.10.0
- fix ShowGrid() scripting problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.723.0
- 3D: fix Show/Hide grid button

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.722.0
- HTML5: fix for extra spurious digits when rounding

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.721.0
- CAS: fix for Solve({a k=1,a ℯ^(3 k)=3 ℯ},{a,k})
- Data Table improvements
- fix for full-screen icon on touch

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.720.0
- New command NIntegral(function, start x, start y, end x) to calculate and plot a numerical integral

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.718.0
- improvements for ClosestPoint(point, function)
- bugfix for Derivative(f,0)
- bugfix for Sample({2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14}, RandomBetween(2,3), false)
- Freehand Function tool now available in the "Customize Toolbar" dialog
- bugfix for IntersectPath(line, triangle) when dependent points are used
- bugfix for positions of "Play" / "Reset" / "full-screen" icons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.715.0
- fix for SetFilling()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.713.0
- new command Type(Conic/Quadric)
- fix zooming jitter with 2 Views

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.709.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.707.0
- allow line thickness for 2D "surfaces"
- bugfix for LaTeX style in 3D View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.706.0
- CAS: fix for Extremum(40 sqrt(x) ℯ^(-0.5 x))
- fix for macros getting duplicated
- fix for slider's "play" button on touch

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.703.0
- fix problem with saving/loading value of c_1 from SolveODE()
- CAS: fix crashing problem on Windows with Classic 5

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.700.0
- new syntax to set the decoration at the ends of segments SetDecoration( , , )
- Support for simple surds eg √8
- fix for Surface(If(...
- CAS: fix for x(x)^2
- 3D: fix for "Use text as Caption"

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.697.0
- fix plotting of eg 4x³ - 12x² > 0
- Classic 6: fix problem with transparent burger menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.694.0
- fix crashing with pen strokes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.693.0
- make sure Cube tool doesn't label the "extra" points
- fix f==-g for functions
- Classic 6: fix for spreadsheet scrolling
- fix for problem saving randomized lists of images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.691.0
- fixes for drawing quadrics
- fix for dilating circles

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.689.0
- Notes: Isometric and Polar grids

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.688.0
- bug fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.687.0
- Android, iOS: Image Tool added
- CAS: PerpendicularVector(plane) syntax added

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.686.0
- New special syntax for just 2 points FitSin( {A, B} )
- fix for Translate(circumcircular arc)
- more function plotting improvements (especially asymptotes)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.683.0
- web: fix bold gridlines checkbox
- fix plotting of eg nroot(x,3)
- fix for Pen in 3D view
- new dynamic syntaxes ParseToFunction("u+v",{"u", "v"}), ParseToFunction("x^2"), ParseToNumber("1+2")

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.680.0
- Notes: fix problem with images
- CAS: make sure functions updated on zooming
- filling updated when redefining eg y=x to y<x
- fix SVG aspect ratio on buttons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.676.0
- Fix for Translate(If(0 < x < k, 2 + x, 1 < x < 2, -1), vector)
- Fix for If() not working in scripts sometimes
- make sure Sequence(IntegralBetween(... updates with slider

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.674.0
- fix for Solve({x * y = 1,3*x^2 = y^2},{x,y})

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.672.0
- Classic: fix for NSolve Tool
- Classic CAS: fix for Substitute with Keep Input (missing brackets)
- Classic 5: fix for hyperbola drawing
- Notes: fix for missing Mindmap Tool
- CAS App: make sure redefining a function updates the graph
- make sure screen reader output works in iframe

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.671.0
- Notes: New tools Ruler and Protractor
- fix for ggbApplet.showToolBar()
- fix for Tools with Surfaces

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.668.0
- fix for missing Labelling menu
- fix problem plotting paraboloids etc
- fix for IntersectPath(P, a) with Zip()
- fix bug for 3D angles in lists
- fix bug with full-screen button
- fix problem on iOS where Input Boxes scroll the applet

- Technical change: use Pointer Events
- Classic: fix bug where "Keep Input" button gives null:=
- Make sure PgUp, PgDown don't change layer
- CAS: make sure Solve() doesn't call NSolve() for inequalities

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.666.0
- Condition to Show Object not copied correctly in spreadsheet when it's just a single variable
- opening .ggb files from Google Drive

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.665.0
- CAS: make sure "random" commands work again
- fixes for ggbApplet.remove()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.664.0
- fix problem with Box Plot label position

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.662.0
- Classic 6: fix for Ctrl-C/V/A in scripting dialogs
- new command IsFactored( )
- small Probability Calculator fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.659.0
- atan(), acos(), asin() now work for complex numbers
- new parameter "detachKeyboard":true
- Classic 5: fix for disappearing objects when Input Box has the focus
- Suite: Probability Calculator sub-app added (web only)
- 3D: fix for labelling eg Cube segments
- fix alignment for new "Text as caption" Captions
- CAS: make sure Invert() is exact

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.657.0
- CAS: Make sure Invert(matrix) is exact
- Notes: New Spotlight Tool
- Classic 6: missing style bar added to Probability Calculator (for discrete)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.656.0
- CAS: fix for Solve(3*sqrt(x+4)<=5-2abs(x+2))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.654.0
- fix order of Arabic digits eg on axes
- Tabbing order can be customized by making a special list like tabOrder = {A, B, E, D}
- fix problem with truncating calculations on %

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.652.0
- CAS: fix eg 2/1E-12 in Keep Input mode
- CAS: slightly simplified answer from Substitute()
- CAS: new option to "save" (in a secure area) in exam mode
- Probability Calculator: fix problem saving intervals

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.649.0
- Notes: new Mindmaps Tool and Charts improvements
- improvement for eg FormulaText(sin(1x + 1x - 1x))
- CAS: fix for eg mod(3^5431843, 2)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.646.0
- fix ggbApplet.getScreenshotBase64() for webSimple
- CAS: make sure eg SolveODE((y')²+5y'+6=0) returns both solutions
- Symbolic Input boxes are now the default

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.644.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.640.0
- fix style bar in Safari

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.639.0
- fix for tracing functions
- switch from pako.js to fflate.js
- built-in buttons icons switched to SVGs
- CAS: fix for eg Rationalize(1/(sqrt(3+ί))) in web (& smaller)
- CAS: fix for acosd and atand
- CAS: make sure Eigenvectors({{1,2},{3,4}}) is exact

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.637.0
- Geometry: fix Rigid Polygon Tool/command
- fix for plotting arcosh(x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.636.0
- fix problem drawing linear functions (especially in Regression panel)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.620.0
- New commands ReplaceAll( , , ) and Split( , )
- Fix for PlaySound()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.609.0
- fixes for external keyboards on iOS

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.608.0
- fix for Input Box linked to slider not respecting slider bounds (old Input Boxes only)
- CAS: Numeric() works for more than 15 d.p.
- Classic 6: fix white background in Customize Tools dialog
- fix for language translation of functions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.606.0
- Symbolic Input Boxes: add option for Serif
- Symbolic Input Boxes: asin(x) is now a*sin(x)
- Mobile: make sure keyboard always opens for tool dialogs
- fix for Input Boxes without labels

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.605.0
- CAS: Min() and Max() implemented

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.604.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.getValueString()
- Graphing: "Statistics" summary for Min / Q1 / Median / Q3 / Max
- CAS: new command IntegralSymbolic()
- Complex functions implemented (including Expand(f) and f==g)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.603.0
- fix beta() for negative inputs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.600.0
- fix RandomPointIn( <Conic/Circle> )
- Intersect( , , , ) working for 3D Curves

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.599.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.getValueString()
- CAS: RemoveUndefined() and IsInteger() implemented

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.598.0
- fix for ggbApplet.reset()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.596.0
- fix for dropdowns not closing on click
- Improvements for pasting LaTeX into the Algebra Input and Input Boxes
- new command RemovableDiscontinuity() for rational functions (also for previews)
- Notes: new Table Tool
- Editor: SVG export, evalLaTeX() added, event for / focus lost added
- Chrome: copy image to clipboard working

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.593.0
- Special points for functions: roots, min and max
- Solve button for equations: exact and numeric

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.592.0
- fix for plotting eg f(x)=ln(44)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.591.0
- log(x) now gives log_10(x) not ln(x)
- new command RemovableDiscontinuity() for rational functions (also for previews)
- fix for eg sin(x)^cos(x)
- extra parameter added toggbApplet.getValueString("f", false) to make sure output isn't localized
- fix for sliders with 1° increment

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.590.0
- 3D: new tool Surface of Revolution
- Graphing: make sure complex * complex works again
- Fix for n in Input Boxes
- Fix for Polygon(A,B,3,plane) when A and B are 2D points
- Fix for eg sin(x)^cos(x)
- Notes: new Equation tool
- Complex i displayed better in Input Boxes and LaTeX texts

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.588.0
- Delete Tool won't now delete fixed objects in Activities

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.587.0
- better parsing of expressions without explicit multiply eg f(p,q)=sin(pq)
- fix for Input Boxes sometimes disappearing on
- new parameter to set button's border colors eg "buttonBorderColor":"#ff00ff"
- Graphing: Length(list) working again
- Graphing: Equation shown for Line(A, B) again
- Symbolic Input Boxes working for conics, implicit curves and quadrics
- Now built with GWT 2.9

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.583.0
- Classic 6: fix for re-opening settings (mostly iOS)
- Classic 6: make sure random numbers aren't updated when CAS is loaded
- fix for angle not being shown when it's from Element(list,1)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.581.0
- Suite (beta): now on geogebra/calculator
- remove unnecessary API calls

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.580.0
- Classic 5: "Apply Template" will also apply default styles to existing objects
- fix for symbolic Input Boxes disappearing on touch
- fix for FormulaText("Rho")
- JavaScript listeners preserved over a redefine
- GeoGebra 6: fix installer where username contains a space
- fix for Input Box cleared on full-screen button
- improved plotting for eg ln(x)
- bugfix for drawing grid with "positive only" axis
- better parsing of expressions without brackets eg sinsinsinx
- Classic 6: brackets added when typed after function name
- pi replaced by π in Input Boxes
- 3D Calculator: Snapshot button in AR Mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.579.0
- fix bug with numbers being turned into sliders
- Classic 5: fix bug with dragging drop-down lists

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.578.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.577.0
- Classic: fix for native keyboard appearing on iOS 13.3.1
- CAS App: sliders and vectors working
- Classic: fix for eg ggbApplet.evalCommand("$1:f(x)≔x^2")
- make sure InputBox1+"" and FormulaText(InputBox1) work properly
- fix for undo/redo with symbolic Input Boxes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.574.0
- Make sure output line shown for FitLine() etc again
- Web: fix for #&¬ key

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.573.0
- Graphing: same in exam and non-exam
- More Symbolic Input Box improvements (including Vectors and the type can't be changed by typing "bad" syntax)
- Bugfix: ggbApplet.setFixed() no longer triggers OnUpdate scripts
- RandomElement({1/2,1/3,1/4}) works better
- Android: fix keyboard closing problem on HTC phones

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.564.0
- New command CASLoaded()
- Improvement for random numbers being updated on redefinition (eg when Input Box contents changed) - random numbers should be defined in their "own object" to take advantage of this

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.562.0
- Classic 5: fix for ggbApplet.registerAddListener()
- Classic 6: fix for eg SetPerspective("S")
- Symbolic Input Boxes working for eg f(x,y)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.560.0
- Input Boxes are empty rather than showing ? for undefined linked geo
- Alignment option for Input Boxes
- CAS Calculator: more commands added: Invert(), NSolutions(), Sequence(), ReducedRowEchelonForm(), Substitute(), Sum(), Transpose(), RemoveUndefined(), Tangent()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.559.0
- Download xx.cache.js files in parallel
- Option for caching with service worker
- "Selection Allowed" working for Input Boxes, Dropdowns and Buttons
- Screenreader works for reading LaTeX Captions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.546.0
- Classic 5: fix for JavaScript error ("java.lang.String")

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.544.0
- CAS View: fix for Solve(8/(p^(-4000*x))=6,x) and Integral(sqrt(x+sqrt(x)))
- fix for GeoGebra Scripts on Android/iOS
- ZoomIn() working for 3D View (non-dynamic)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.541.0
- CAS View: fix for SolveODE(y'=sqrt(x),(1,1))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.536
- Classic 5: fix for large tool icons
- Corner(-1,13) returns scales for x, y, z axes
- Improvement for f(x)=(3/2)^x, f(-1)
- GeoGebra 6: make sure more decimal places (minimum 5) are used when editing an expression
- Editor: fix for ÷ immediately after log₁₀(x) and for eg 3|x|
- LaTeX: fixes for eg v_{1}'^{2} and @{hspace{3.7 mm}}
- Geometry: "Fit to Zoom" preserves aspect ratio
- New default labels for equations eq1, eg2, ...
- CAS View: fix for eg Vector[(x,y,z)] = Vector[(1,2,3)]

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.535.0
- fix SlowPlot()
- GeoGebra 6: fix problem when text is re-edited (text dialog stuck open)
- missing 180° solution for eg NSolutions(4 sin³(x) cos(x) -6cos²(x) sin(x))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.533.0
- 3D View: Corner(-1, 12) gives screen left-to-right direction in 3D view coords
- Statistics Calculator: fix for problems entering eg 0.01, 1/60
- Consistent Greek font added for keyboard
- fix for auto-sliders eg y=mx+c
- fix bug with a((?,?)) for quadratic inequalities
- Graphing: "Table of Values" working for conics eg y=x^2

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.529.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.526.0
- Chrome: fix problem in full-screen mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.523.0
- Checkboxes: use $math{x}$ in Caption for "proper" math x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.518.0
- fix for stdev() / stdevp() problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.513.0
- Fix trace for filled Curves
- Fix for eg Sequence(k°, k, 0, 360, 30) Sequence(cos( Element( l1, k )), k, 1, 5 )
- Make sure setting labels works for eg a = RigidPolygon(poly1)
- Exam mode: don't allow fix/unfix for functions, conics

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.512.0
- Fix for touchscreens with Chrome 70+
- Fix for eg ((x + 1) / 41 + 0z = y / -16,(x + 1) / 41 = (z - 3) / a) becoming undefined after a = 0
- Fix for Asymptote(x^(-2n)) and Asymptote(log(f(x))
- LaTeX: fix for Epsilon
- Splines: fix export to PSTricks / PGF and fix problem with closed splines

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.511.0
- fix for clickToLoad parameter

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.509.0
- Fix for plotting eg f(x) = x^3

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.507.0
- Improvement for Limit() eg Limit(If(x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.503.0
- label outlines removed for exporting
- Spreadsheet: fix for pasting in applets
- CAS View: fix for Append(3, {4, 5, 6})
- Editor: fix for f′′ and f'/2
- 3D Android: AR enabled (beta, ARCore devices only)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.498.0
- fix for saving mean (1,2,3,4)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.496.0
- fix for LaTeX fonts

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.489.0
- Android / iOS: List Tool
- fix bug saving conics in "Conic Form"
- Classic 5: fix for displaying subscripts in the Algebra View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.487.0
- GeoGebra 6: fix for missing grid color/line style options
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix on iOS for "doubled characters" in old Input Bar

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.481.0
- Classic 5: fix for dragging drop-down lists
- Fix for y² = (x² - a²) / x²

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.477.0
- Classic 5: bugfix for size of fixed Buttons
- Classic 6: new option: Download As -> Construction Protocol (html)
- Graphing: fix for missing output row
- Classic 6: fix for exam mode

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.476.0
- Classic 6: Allow non-adjacent columns to be selected in the spreadsheet (Ctrl-Click)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.475.0
- Improve PGF/PSTricks export for 3D objects wholly in 2D view (Points, Lines, Conics)
- Fix b = a for quadrics
- New command SetDecoration( , )

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.474.0
- Classic 6: Input Boxes line up exactly when editing
- When moving eg a polygon with the arrow keys, use the "Increment" of the first defining point
- Make sure eg Ctrl-Shift-A is disabled when enableRightClick = false
- CAS View: new matrix commands JordanDiagonalization(), Eigenvectors(), Eigenvalues()
- Classic 6: fix image export on iOS
- Tablets: Make sure keyboard appears again for Input Boxes

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.473.0
- Algebra View: fix for Integral( x sqrt( 1 + cos(2x) ) , 0 , pi / 2 )

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.472.0
- Statistics View: fix for Histogram -> Set Classes Manually
- CAS View: fix for Solve(((-a sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + x²) + x sqrt(a² + (a - x)²)) / (sqrt(a² + x²) sqrt(a² + (a - x)²))),x)
- Make sure preview points aren't shown in Classic
- FormulaText(svgImage) now works (HTML5 only)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.471.0
- Fix for Asymptote(2^x / (2^x - 3^x))
- Fix for truncation in iframes
- CAS View: fix for reloading MidPoint() / Center()
- Mobile: fix for plotting eg y = x sin(x) then x^2 + y^2 = pi^2

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.470.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.468.0
- Classic 6: Download as -> Activity as Webpage
- CAS View: new command Assume( , ).
- Classic 6: fix for missing toolbar when loading files
- Screenreader support for drop-down menus

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.466.0
- 3D View: fix for IntersectPath() when the z-axis is rescaled
- new command MAD( ), MAD( , ) for Mean Absolute Deviation
- CAS View: improvement for sqrt(x - 1) * sqrt(x - 2)
- SetAxesRatio(a, 1) now keeps the y-axis fixed
- fix for Sequence(Intersect(a, Element(L_1, i), 2), i, 1, 9)
- fix for Translate(inequality)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.465.0
- Editor: fix for eg |x|/3
- Make sure the full-screen button always appears in the right-hand view
- for for using + to move a point on a path

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.464.0
- Chrome: fix for exporting large images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.463.0
- CAS View: fix bug with NSolve Tool eg Sum(T/2^n, n, 3, 10) = 1500000
- CAS View: fix for UnitVector(Vector((1, 2, 3)))
- GeoGebra 6: fix for Ubuntu 18.04

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.462.0
- TikZ Export: use pgfplots for the axes/grid

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.459.0
- CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for eg A'(x) = 0
- CAS View: improvements for eg Factor(1+ln(x) + 2 ln(y)) and Expand(ln(3x^5))
- Graphics View: support currencies as axes unit £ € $ ¥ ₩ ϯ ₫ ₪ ₮ ₨ ₹
- bugfix: Make sure + and - keys work for moving Point(path) again
- Load toolbar icons asyncronously
- fix decimal point display bug

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.458.0
- Fix for disappearing objects when preview points calculated
- Custom Toolbar working in the new UI

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.455.0
- fix mean and variance for Pascal Distribution
- fix scaling problem

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.453.0
- 3D View: fix for opacity of circles in lists
- improvement for plotting eg Derivative(|x|)
- fixes for ⊕ (XOR)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.452.0
- make sure keyboard is shown for tool dialogs
- new command IsTangent( , )
- GeoGebra 6: fix LaTeX preview in Text Tool
- Create image with pic1 = ExportImage("view", 2, "corner", A, "corner2", B)
- CAS View: Improved answer for eg Solve(sin(x) = sin(2x))

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.451.0
- fix for loading some /o/ URLs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.450.0
- CAS View: fix for Sum(RandomBetween(0,1),t,1,20)
- GeoGebra 6: Export multi-page PDFs with ExportImage("type", "pdf", "filename", "test.pdf", "slider", n)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.447.0
- fix for toolbar disappearing on file load
- load SVG files with drag'n'drop
- iOS: fix for FitSin()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.445.0
- CAS View: fix for PerpendicularLine( , )
- GeoGebra Classic 6 (online): fix for a=Integral(ℯ^(-x^(2)),-∞,0)
- Speedup for definite integrals of piecewise functions
- Open context menu in Graphics View withF10 or
- 3D View: thinner axes
- Editor: fix for (3|4) and (cross-product)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.444.0
- fix for Integral(x (x - (exp(x) - exp(-x)) / 2 / ((exp(1) - exp(-1)) / 2)))
- fix for moving vertical sliders

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.443.0
- fix for integrating piecewise functions

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.442.0
- CAS View: add InverseNormal()
- CAS View: LeftSide() and RightSide() working for inequalities
- CAS View: fix for PerpendicularLine( , )
- Dragging fixed background (on touch) will scroll the whole page
- Better control when dragging the slider on "automatic" increment
- GeoGebra 6 (offline): C will copy an image to the clipboard

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.441.0
- fix for CopyFreeObject(centered image)
- fix for pasting

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.438.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for redraw problems on iOS with dropdowns
- GeoGebra Classic 6: PDF export will include Graphics View 2 as a second page
- CAS View: fix for f(x) := π x

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.437.0
- don't show recovery dialog for embedded applets
- fix for Input Boxes on mobile (small screens)
- fix for loading bad syntax If(a, {1}, 0)
- fix for freeze typing y=x after drawing polygon

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.434.0
- fix for ! in editor
- fix for centered images
- new command InteriorAngles( ) (used by the Angle Tool for Polygons)
- SetColor() and SetBackgroundColor() accept hexcodes in the form #AARRGGBB and #RRGGBB eg SetBackgroundColor(text1, "#80FF0000")
- fix for Sequence(1, 2, 0.1)
- fix for redrawing LaTeX after fonts loaded
- fix for dragging Polygons

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.432.0
- make sure "Create Slider" dialog doesn't appear for Input Boxes
- fix for on-screen keyboard in Norwegian

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.431.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching language to eg Chinese

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.429.0
- GeoGebra Classic 6: possible fix for "?" in CAS View
- Spreadsheet View: fix for Points not appearing when Create List dialog closed
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for switching to Norwegian

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.427.0
- fix for rename dialog opening when using the Text Tool
- GeoGebra Classic 5: bundle with Java 8 to fix File -> Share problem
- fix for Tangent() for functions using acos(), atan()
- GeoGebra Classic 6: possible fix for "?" in CAS View

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.426.0
- Android Classic: split screen mode disallowed
- Use = not ≟ for Conditional Functions
- 3D View: fix for drawing planes when axes are rescaled
- new command ExportImage() eg ExportImage("type", "svg", "filename", "myimage.svg"), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "width", 1000), ExportImage("type", "png", "filename", "myimage.png", "scalecm", 1, "dpi", 300)
- Spreadsheet View: fix preview for List Tool
- Statistics Calculator: state now saved in .ggb file

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.423.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.422.0
- fix problem with preview points
- iOS: fix problem with f'

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.420.0
- Automatic preview points
- GeoGebra Classic 6: fix for icon size in Construction Protocol
- GeogebraSans-Regular and GeogebraSerif-Regular fonts removed
- CAS View: fix for Edge browser
- CAS View: fix for {1, 2} * {3, 4} and 3 / {1,2,3}
- CAS View: make sure UnitVector(), PerpendicularVector(), UnitPerpendicularVector() return a vector not point
- fix for exporting images

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.417.0
- Firefox: fix for SVG Export
- Algebra View: LaTeX and Presentation MathML can be pasted
- CAS View: fix for Division(2a^2+2a+1,a-1)
- CAS View: fix for Sum(Element({1,2,3,4},k),k,1,4)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.414.0
- Native Apps: fix for app not loading on Android 5.1
- Graphing / Geometry / 3D: fix for Edit menu getting stuck
- 3D View: form for spheres can be changed eg x^2+y^2+z^2+4x-2y-8z=4, (x + 2)² + (y - 1)² + (z - 4)² = 25

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.413.0
- Classic 6: fix for stopping recording to spreadsheet
- CAS View: fix for Solve(3*4^(x/5)=48)
- fix for arg(?)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.412.0
- 3D View: optimizations for multiple segments/polygons (especially for Edge browser)
- Algebra View: asin(),acos(),atan() respect the degree/radian setting
- improvement for function plotting on wider screens
- Classic 6: fix export in Data Analysis and Probability Calculator
- fix for Point(Locus)
- Classic 6: make sure the editor works better in the CAS View for long inputs

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.410.0
- CAS View: fix for LeftSide({a,b}={1,2})
- CAS View: small improvement for Simplify(x^(5k)*x^(2*k+1))
- Algebra View: fix for g(x)=f(x) / c in symbolic mode
- Classic 6: fix for lines in PGF / TikZ export

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.409.0
- fix for Sequence(Surface(...
- fix problem with missing faces from eg cube
- CAS View: improvement for Simplify(x^(8*k+9)*x^(5*k))
- CAS View: fix for plotting Integral(f, 1, 2) and IntegralBetween(f, g, 1, 2)
- Editor: fix for typing eg x|x|

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.408.0
- Classic 6: fix for Spreadsheet "Create" menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.405.0
- Classic 5: fix file saving bug
- Classic 6: PDF Export

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.404.0
- 3D: new user interface

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.403.0
- Classic 5: fix for PDF export with images/hatching
- fix for inverted checkboxes in "View" menu

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.401.0
- Midpoint tool works for Polygons (to give Centroid)
- fix for ZoomIn(-5, 5, -4, 4)
- Native apps: Quick stylebar: tap on object to quickly change color, point or line style, etc.
- iOS Native Apps: New tools: Create Slider, Angle with Given Size, Segment with Given Length, Regular Polygon, Circle with Center & Radius, Rotate around Point, Dilate from Point, Relation

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.400.0
- more slider styling options
- CAS View: ToBase(), FromBase(), IndexOf() implemented
- fix for saving the style of eg Intersect(fun1, fun2, a, b)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.394.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.392.0
- Fix for 1/(x y) in the CAS View
- SetAxesRatio( x, y, z ) works in 3D
- By default lists are now named L, L1, L2 ,... not list, list1, list2 ,..

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.391.0
- Fix for Integral(sqrt((-3*a*cos(x)^(2)*sin(x))^(2)+(3a*(sin(x))^(2)*cos(x))^(2)),0,pi/2)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.390.0
- Fixes for F(t,x)=Integral(sin(x)*sin(t-x), x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.389.0
- fixes for Korean in editor

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.382.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.381.0
- bugfix: make sure macro object eg Hexagon(G_8) can be moved with the arrow keys
- just one "zero" shown at the origin
- new full-screen, home and zoom buttons
- new parameters "showZoomButtons":true,"showFullscreenButton":true,

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.379.0
- Curvature( ) works with 3D curves
- SelectObjects(InputBox) sets the focus
- Fix for FormulaText[FormulaText[FormulaText[... problem
- Math Calculators (offline only): Better CAS Engine eg exact answer for sqrt(ί)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.377.0
- CAS View: fix for "Copy to LaTeX"
- Default brackets for commands changed from eg ZoomIn[] to ZoomIn()

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.374.0
- Fix for ZoomIn[ ]
- Make sure point can't be dragged off eg If[1<=x<=5,x]

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.363.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.355.0
- new functions fixed by default
- Graphing Calculator: Angle Bisector Tool fixed
- Spreadsheet: fix for Copy & Paste of formulas
- Spreadsheet: One-variable analysis tool now treats second column of data as frequencies (if just two columns selected)
- fix problem with SlopeField[1/y]
- fix problem with redefine dialog opening on double-click when it shouldn't
- Exam: Invert[ ] command not available when CAS is disabled
- new command NInvert[ ] for numerical function inversion (intended for exam mode)
- fix for copy & paste of eg x/cos(x)

GeoGebra Math Apps 6.0.348.0
- Equation editor fixes

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.350.0
- CAS View: fix for a:=1/1E8
- fix for dragging with 2 views open

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.349.0
- fix for auto-slider dialog in Safari
- make sure preview for FillCells[ ] doesn't delete cells
- new LaTeX commands brack brace bangle cancel bcancel xcancel longdiv

GeoGebra Math Apps 5.0.348.0
- CAS View: fix for Expand Tool

GeoGebra 5.0.346.0
- fix for not setting Input Box content
- fix for not hiding Input Box correctly
- fix for wrong coefficient in FitPoly

GeoGebra 5.0.345.0
- fix for Surface[ ] defined in terms of another surface
- Math Apps: make sure PNG Export isn't truncated by the menu
- Math Apps: Export PSTricks, PGF/TikZ, Asymptote

GeoGebra 5.0.344.0
- Length[] and First[] work on Freehand Functions
- Algebra View: fix for right-click
- Fix for drawing big arcs
- Fix for list of Polylines

GeoGebra 5.0.341.0
- Desktop: fix for SetValue[a, b, c]
- Web: increase maximum spreadsheet rows to 350

GeoGebra 5.0.339.0
- fix for InverseBinomial[]

GeoGebra 5.0.338.0
- fix for Intersect[]

GeoGebra 5.0.336.0
- Tangent[] works for log(f(x),g(x)) and nroot(f(x),g(x))
- Android: fix for wrong version of Giac

GeoGebra 5.0.334.0
- fix for Intersect[ , , t1, t2 ]
- Apache Commons Math Library updated to 3.6.1
- Probability Calculator: improvement for point dragging

GeoGebra 5.0.332.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.331.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.330.0
- Desktop: fix Function Inspector
- new syntax for lines eg x-1=y-2=(z-3)/2
- CAS View: better fix for ScientificText[ ]

GeoGebra 5.0.328.0
- fix for Envelope[]

GeoGebra 5.0.327.0
- fix for Integral[x(A)+...]
- CAS View: fix for ScientificText[ ] and arg()
- 3D View: fix for Angle[u, v] for very small angles
- "Solids" added to defaults (for Polyhedra, Cylinders, Cones)
- z = sin(x) + sin(y) will create f(x, y) = sin(x) + sin(y)
- Envelope[ ] command uses new method
- fix for exporting SVG with embedded image

GeoGebra 5.0.326.0
- nicer coefficients for Polynomial[x^3 - x^2 - x - 1] and RandomPolynomial[5, -1, 1]
- Android: fixes for logging in and viewing

GeoGebra 5.0.321.0
- Fix for bbbb: r=2θ
- fix for drop-downs that change length
- 3D View: fix for plotting a(x, y) = abs(x + y ί)

GeoGebra 5.0.320.0
- 3D View: fix for back-to-front angles
- CAS View: improve form of Numeric[121V^2 m 3.14159265359 (0.0004 / W / O)]

GeoGebra 5.0.318.0
- GGB6: new editor enabled
- On-screen keyboard: fix for accents keys

GeoGebra 5.0.317.0
- fix for dragging 3D polygons in 2D
- fix for inverting segments in degenerate circles
- CAS View: fix for f(1/x)
- On-screen keyboard: fix for key

GeoGebra 5.0.313.0
- 3D View: fix for tracing conics

GeoGebra 5.0.311.0
- Spreadsheet: copy scripts for copy/paste
- Input Boxes: fix for entering a formula after a number
- set background color from the spreadsheet when an object is created / renamed (if necessary)
- CAS View: fix for f'(x) for eg f(x) = K(x)/x

GeoGebra 5.0.309.0
- Fix for Input Boxes on iOS

GeoGebra 5.0.307.0
- Desktop: fix for "500" error on File -> Share

GeoGebra 5.0.306.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.305.0
- Change log not available for this version

GeoGebra 5.0.304.0
- HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus problem on touch

GeoGebra 5.0.303.0
- HTML5: fix for Input Bar focus bug

GeoGebra 5.0.302.0
- use correct minus sign for Braille export
- Exam Simple: disable f'
- GeoGebra 6: resize window on file load

GeoGebra 5.0.301.0
- Desktop: fix drawing bug

GeoGebra 5.0.300.0
- fix for Freehand Function Tool
- fix for localized color names

- CAS View: fix for NSolve Tool for f(x)=1
- Classic Desktop: command-line option --stereo for testing with 3D Monitors / Projectors

- Change log not available for this version

- fix for SurdText[]
- fix for display form of Conics when saved

- 3D Grapher: fix for File -> New

- functions asind(), acosd(), atand(), atan2d() to return answer in degrees
- 3D view: drag nets to open / close
- Desktop: fix for in the Input Bar
- CAS View: ComplexRoot[ ] changed to give a numeric answer
- make sure Input Box scripts are run in the right order when Button clicked
- Debian repository is signed with SHA512

- Distance Tool working for Polylines
- Debian: use stronger signing

- New form for lines ax + by + c =0
- New forms for Parabolas (Conic Form and Vertex Form)
- CAS View: fix for (x=y)+(x=y)*(-1)
- fix for Z-Test of Difference of Proportions
- brand new method for LocusEquation[ ] under the hood

- fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
- 3D View: orientation fix

- fix for Input Boxes linked to sliders
- 3D View: orientation fix

- CAS View: fix for NSolve[x^5730=1/2]

- Improvements for Polyline in 3D
- fix Invert[log(3,x+1)], Invert[log(x+1,3)]

- Fix problem with IntersectPath[Polygon, Line]
- Fix problem with Input Bar giving error eg Integral[x,0,1]
- Logarithmic grid for Data Analysis (beta)

- Surd improvements, eg Simplify[cbrt(x^6)] returns x^2

- Results from Derivative and Integral cached in the XML
- Fast dragging of CAS functions in the Graphics View
- Web App: print Algebra View
- Pen Tool and Freehand Shape Tool moved to under the Move Tool
- CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool fix for 2 rows
- Fix for qquad

- Desktop: fix for "alpha" popup
- Web App: fix for dragging to change order in the Construction Protocol
- CAS View: fix for focus problem (Web)

- Desktop: fix for "alpha" popup
- Web App: fix for dragging to change order in the Construction Protocol
- CAS View: fix for focus problem (Web)

- CAS View: fix for NSolve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]
- CAS View: Solve Numerically Tool adds initial values for systems of equations eg {2.5=a*b^-5,8.4=a*b^7}

- HTML5: fix for editing in spreadsheet

- CAS View: fix for Simplify[sqrt(2)*sqrt(5)] and Solve[(sqrt(3) 4 x³ + 12x² - sqrt(3) 12 x - 4)]

- Change log not available for this version

- CAS View: fix for ln(0) and Integral[abs(x cos(x²)),0,sqrt(pi)]
- 3D View: hide cursor for export

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Make sure Polygon's segments are correct color after translation
- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)

- Graphing Calculator: Relation Tool implemented
- EPS Export: fix for exporting Trace and adjust color according to transparency
- Background color fills the whole cell in TableText[] now
- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)

- Tablet Apps: use native Giac (TBC)
- Checkboxes work in EPS Export
- Fix for Image Tool when it's the first tool
- New command Surface[Curve, Angle, Line]
- Graphing Calculator: Relation Tool implemented

- fix for otimes
- CAS View: fix for Translate[ellipse]
- new API methods ggbApplet.setPointCapture(view, mode), ggbApplet.setAxisStep(x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAxisLabel(x, y, z), ggbApplet.setAuxilliary(geo, true/false)
- new TableText[] alignment option "%" to convert to a percentage, and align on decimal points

- new TableText[] alignment option "." to align on decimal points
- fix for loading IntersectPath[]

- "%0" replaced by object's name in Click & Update scripts

- fix for autocomplete
- Graphing Calculator: fix for editor bug with (1,1/2)
- Exam Mode: make sure f'(x) works in non-CAS mode

- CAS View: fix for Solve[(x+5)*exp(x)=(x+5)*exp(2*x)]
- fix for NDerivative[] in Exam Mode

- fix for customized toolbar in 3D View
- CAS View: improvement for Simplify[1/x^(1/2) - (1/x)^(1/2)]

- fix for customized toolbar in 3D View
- ggbApplet.setRounding("10") added
- fix for Reflect[Plane, Plane]
- Symbolic mode for texts, eg FormulaText[1/2]
- CAS View: Intersect[] working for planes

- Fix for duplicated objects

- Fraction fixes

- Web App: can now set filling of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]
- fix for matrices M=N
- fix for If[ ]
- allow Input Boxes to be linked to CAS Cells

- HTML5: can now set properties of individual bars for BarChart[] and Histogram[]

- Algebra View: Input & Output rows, exact fractions
- CAS View: fix for Solve[(sin(x) * exp(x)) + (cos(x) * exp(x))]
- CAS View: fix for Angle[Vector[(1,2)],Vector[(t,5)]]
- CAS View: CountIf[] implemented
- fix for Macros that involve intersection of circles
- fixes for transformations of implicit curves (and rotating functions)
- CAS View: improvement for Integral(Simplify(((sqrt((((-(x))/(sqrt(((r)^(2))-((x)^(2)))))^(2))+(1))))))
- fix for Input Boxes when applet scaled (Chrome)

- f(x,y,z)=x+y+z then f(A) works for 3D Points
- fix for Implicit Curves

- fix problem with background image updates
- Desktop: fix problem with missing images in Button properties

- Fixed problem with Object Properties

- New Button design
- Graphing Calculator: Redo button added

- fix for BarChart opacity

- 3D View: small fix for Intersection[conic, conic]

- fixes for hatching of barcharts
- Hull[] command removed and new algorithms for other discrete commands
- fix for PlaySound[false]
- msi Installer: built using WiX 3.10.2 instead of 3.9

- Graphing Calculator: fix for eg e^x*sin(x), x^2+1

- bug fix for Intersection[ plane, arc ]
- improvement for integrals involving freehand functions
- Desktop: fix for JavaScript listeners
- 3D View: clipping defaults changed

- fix for y-axis labeling
- Graphing Calculator: enable Circle (Point, Radius) and Angle (fixed size) Tools

- CAS View: fix for SolveODE[y/x] and SolveODE[sin(0.017*x)*y]

- Implicit curves that are already factored are drawn better
- fix for Volume of Cylinder

- CAS View: fix for Solve[abs(6x - 3) + abs(6x + 9) - 12 = 0]
- make sure EPS files are exported to the clipboard properly (as file, not text)

- Image Tool: dialog now shown immediately
- Make sure all images are drawn interpolated on retina displays
- Graphing Calculator: Copy & Paste working, "x" to clear Input Bar
- CAS View: BinomialDist command works in general, ie BinomialDist[n, p, k, true]
- fix for ggbApplet.setWidth(), ggbApplet.setHeight()
- fix for {{0,0},{0,0}}^-1

- fix for SetValue[]

- CAS View: fix for SVD[] (desktop) and Limit[]
- f' works as a shortcut for f'(x)
- plane1 == plane2 implemented
- fix for Greek characters inside mbox{}

- fix for copy & paste of text with absolute screen location
- fix for Implicit Curves creating extra object

- Change log not available for this version

- Speed-up for Envelope command
- Algebra View: fix for keyboard shortcuts (eg Ctrl-Z)
- fix for problem with extra braces in surface(a,b)
- fix for SetValue[ , , ]
- fix for RotateText[ ] and rotated LaTeX
- JOGL2 updated to 2.3.2
- add data-param-enableCAS, data-param-enable3D, data-param-rounding (for Exam Mode)
- 3D View: fixes for trace

- Extremum and Roots Tools working for parabolas
- 3D View: Zoom menu
- resize Algebra View when editing long equation
- autocomplete now starts after 3 letters (not 2)

- 3D View: Intersect Tool works with f(x,y) and Plane.

- fix for tools with dialogs

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