GeoServer 2.13.2 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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GeoServer 2.13.2 Mac

GeoServer for Mac 是一個基於 Java 的軟件服務器,允許用戶查看和編輯地理空間數據。使用開放地理空間聯盟(OGC)提供的開放標準,GeoServer for Mac 允許在地圖創建和數據共享方面具有極大的靈活性.

GeoServer 允許您向世界顯示空間信息。實施 Web 地圖服務(WMS)標準,GeoServer 可以創建各種輸出格式的地圖。 OpenLayers,一個免費的地圖庫,被集成到 GeoServer 中,使得地圖生成變得快速而簡單。 GeoServer 建立在 Geotools 上,一個開源的 Java GIS 工具包.

Use 自由和開源軟件
GeoServer 是免費軟件。與傳統 GIS 產品相比,這顯著降低了進入的財務壁壘。另外,它不僅免費提供,而且也是開源的。與傳統軟件解決方案相比,開源軟件中的錯誤修復和功能改進顯著加速。在組織中利用 GeoServer 還可以防止軟件鎖定,從而節省昂貴的支持合同.

集成現有的 Mapping APIs
GeoServer 可以在任何常用的地圖應用程序(如 Google 地圖,Google 地球,Yahoo 地圖和 Microsoft Virtual Earth)上顯示數據。此外,GeoServer 可以連接傳統的 GIS 體系結構,如 ESRI ArcGIS.

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檔案版本 GeoServer 2.13.2
檔案大小 87.55 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Open Source Geospatial Foundation
軟體類型 2018-07-24

What's new in this version:

- Add forceLabels=on in the style editor map legend to help users
- Remove language warnings during Windows setup compilation and remove ‘work’ folder when uninstalling on Windows
- Move MongoDB community module to supported status

Bug Fixes:
- Response time of WMS 1.3.0 significantly higher than vs WMS 1.x.x on systems whose axis in north/east order
- Exception with NULL values with AggregateProcess
- Style with Interpolate function causes NullPointerException on GetLegendGraphic
- WFS with startIndex doesn’t return some results
- Vector identifying feature info uses an undocumented system variable to set the default search area
- Removing extensions with own configuration bits may cause GeoServer not to start up anymore
- Windows Installation issue – upgrading GeoServer results in corrupt data_dir
- Class java.util.Map$Entry is not whitelisted for XML parsing.
- Add WMS GetMap and GetFeatureInfo tests for App-Schema MongoDB integration
- CatalogRepository cannot find a store by name, if the store has just been added
- WCS 1.0.0 generates wrong links in GetCapabilities
- CatalogRepository should return a null on store not found, instead it throws a RuntimeException
- Layer page will only show up to 25 bands, regardless of the actual set of bands available
- Undocumented GDAL 2.3.0 CSV output geometry column name change breaks WPSOgrTest

Security Updates:
- Please update your production instances of GeoServer to receive the latest security updates and fixes
- If you encounter a security vulnerability in GeoServer, or any other open source software, please take care to report the issue in a responsible fashion

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