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GeoServer 2.6 Mac

GeoServer for Mac 是一個基於 Java 的軟件服務器,允許用戶查看和編輯地理空間數據。使用開放地理空間聯盟(OGC)提供的開放標準,GeoServer for Mac 允許在地圖創建和數據共享方面具有極大的靈活性.

GeoServer 允許您向世界顯示空間信息。實施 Web 地圖服務(WMS)標準,GeoServer 可以創建各種輸出格式的地圖。 OpenLayers,一個免費的地圖庫,被集成到 GeoServer 中,使得地圖生成變得快速而簡單。 GeoServer 建立在 Geotools 上,一個開源的 Java GIS 工具包.

Use 自由和開源軟件
GeoServer 是免費軟件。與傳統 GIS 產品相比,這顯著降低了進入的財務壁壘。另外,它不僅免費提供,而且也是開源的。與傳統軟件解決方案相比,開源軟件中的錯誤修復和功能改進顯著加速。在組織中利用 GeoServer 還可以防止軟件鎖定,從而節省昂貴的支持合同.

集成現有的 Mapping APIs
GeoServer 可以在任何常用的地圖應用程序(如 Google 地圖,Google 地球,Yahoo 地圖和 Microsoft Virtual Earth)上顯示數據。此外,GeoServer 可以連接傳統的 GIS 體系結構,如 ESRI ArcGIS.

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檔案版本 GeoServer 2.6
檔案名稱 geoserver-2.6.dmg
檔案大小 103.92 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Open Source Geospatial Foundation
軟體類型 2014-10-01

What's new in this version:

New functionality:
- WFS Cascade: WFS Cascade has been updated to use a brand new GeoTools wfs client implementation.
- Curve support for GML and WMS: GeoServer curve support has been added for interaction with Oracle Spatial. To configure look for Linearization tolerance when configuring your layer. As outlined in the FOSS4G presentation we are seeking interested parties to implement or fund curve support for PostGIS and SQL Server.
- Advanced Projection Handling: Considerable care has been taken in the handling of raster data across the dateline and in polar projections.
- Coverage Views: recombine bands from different sources into a multi-band coverage (use “configure new coverage view” when creating a new layer).
- Vector footprints support in image mosaics: you can now cut out of your images the “bad” parts using vector footprints, setup as sidecar wkb/wkt files, or as a global footprints shapefile
- Pluggable Styles: this change allows greater integration with the CSS Extension (and opens the door for even more style languages in the future)
- Wind Barbs and WKT Graphics: for greater creative control.
- Printing: new implementation from our friends at MapFish (based on MapFish 2.x).
- Scripting community module: a great new editor for editing scripts directly from the web application
- New raster formats: NetCDF and GRIB support, for anyone dealing with multidimensional data. NetCDF is also supported as a WCS output format, and it allows to extract data hypercubes out of your WCS server. Finally, it is also possible to build multidimensional mosaics of NetCDF and GRIB files, and add to the using the harvest REST API.
- Language and Internationalisation: Turkish support has been added and French, Korean, Polish, Romanian are all caught up with the latest developments. Spot a translation mistake? Help translate here: GeoServer Latest localizations

Bugs Fixed:
- GwcSettingsPage WicketException if the user adds a new standard gridset
- Not reporting correct style width/height in GetCaps
- Unable to add new default gridsets
- Exception thrown when running GeoServer with INSPIRE plugin in Tomcat
- GWC's GeoServerLifecycleHandler fails to be created and causes datastores not to be disposed
- WMS 1.3 request against shapefile fails during rendering
- NullPointerException when setting empty ParameterFilter in the Layer Caching Panel
- WMS GetFeatureInfo throws NullPointerException with info_format=application/json
- Cross-site scripting vulnerability in WMS exceptions
- DescribeEOCoverageSet returns invalid XML on coverageViews. Afterwards the WCS 2.0.1 GetCapabilities and DescribeCoverage request does not work
- WCS Helper gridCoverageRequests multidim splitter doesn't close Featureiterator
- NetCDF ouput on Coverage Views may throws exceptions when dealing with input bands coming from different input files
- Integrate OL3 into map preview
- NPE when trying to reload bands with empty range
- Failure to generate WMS capabilities document when cascading a WMS server that does not advertise GetFeatureInfo
- WCS 2.0 GetCoverage with gml output does not properly setup the UoM and noData values configured in the bands
- Update headers to (c) OSGeo
- ImageMosaic layers do not show images when version=1.3.0
- RestConfig StyleTests fail due to file locking on Windows
- OWS FilePublisher test fails on Windows due to file encoding issues.
- CSS Style destroyed when using "CSS Styles" page
- Cascading images in CRS other than their native ones
- Scripting app resource throws null pointer exception if main script isn't found
- WCS20 GetCoverage multipart does encoding 2 times
- WPS Metadata title is hardcoded (WPSInfo.getTitle always returns Prototype GeoServer WPS)

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