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GnuCash 4.3 Mac

GnuCash for Mac 是個人和小企業的財務會計軟件,GNU GPL 免費授權,可用於 GNU / Linux,BSD,Solaris,Mac OS X 和 Microsoft Windows.6235896
設計易於使用,但功能強大而靈活,GnuCash for Mac 允許你跟踪銀行賬戶,股票,收入和支出。作為支票簿的快速和直觀的使用,它是基於專業會計原則,以確保平衡的書籍和準確的報告。

GnuCash 特點:
雙進入會計股票 / 債券 / 共同基金賬戶小型企業會計報告,圖表 QIF / OFX / HBCI 導入,交易匹配計劃交易財務計算還有:下載 GnuCash for Windows

檔案版本 GnuCash 4.3
檔案名稱 Gnucash-Intel-4.3-1.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.5 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 GnuCash Project
軟體類型 2020-12-27

What's new in this version:

- In Mort. Repay. druid, creating New acct should also select it
- Account Help Button does not work
- When unable to obtain a lock, no option to open another database.
- Financial Calculator resets payment period to zero if automatic decimal places used
- [rfe] save tab/report location
- RFE: don't disable "OK" button after using "Apply" to modify chart options
- Mark placeholder accounts in account tree window visibly
- When there is only one result from a 'Find', select it
- Transaction Status in Since Last Run needs to look clickable
- Window Panning Oddity
- When duplicating a transaction, any non-numeric value entered in the "Number" field is discarded
- Support image-based TAN methods QR, photoTAN, and chipTAN optical "Flicker code"
- Partial: Implements the display of flashing optical TAN challenges (aka flicker) in the "Enter TAN" dialog box
- Help button not working when editing style sheets
- Search in General Ledger cannot be cleared
- Calendar widget current month shown as (null)
- List of Recently Used Files not updated until GnuCash is closed and reopened
- Crash on use of File-Open
- RFE: provide access to filter-by on right-mouse-click in Accounts register
- dialog-report-style-sheet.c stylesheet editor does not set transient_for correctly
- "Exception" when value greater than one million with commas and periods is pasted to register
- minor ui niggles - some dialogs don't respond to GDK_KEY_Escape
- odd cursor behaviour in register Description.
- Crash on export report CSV
- exchange rates' decimal places (bis)
- v4.2 report numbers change over gnucash restarts; Price Database dropping user:price-editor entries
- Infinite loop while Check&Repair AR and AP accounts
- Sorting columns by alphabet with non-ASCII characters
- Reverse balance option does not apply to an Account Report
- Account type-ahead search doesn't match accented characters
- Import of QIF file sets expenses to zero, deposits are fine
- Option '--log' cannot be specified more than once
- cash flow numerical-overflow
- Date goes to prior year with mm/dd entry to transaction duplicate
- Transaction Report should offer price source
- Incorrect spelling in german account templates 'common' and 'full'
- Using 'Consolidate Transactions' option on Consolidate Transaction Report returns Error
- Open invoices in new window
- Crash on delete account
- error using Reports->Experimental->Income Statement (Multicolumn)

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