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Screaming Frog 17.0 Mac

Google Chrome for Mac 是一個瀏覽器,結合了最先進的技術最小的設計,使網絡更快,更安全,更容易。一切都使用一個框 - 輸入地址欄,並獲得搜索和網頁的建議。您的熱門網站的縮略圖,讓您立即以任何新標籤閃電般的速度訪問您最喜愛的網頁。桌面快捷方式允許您直接從桌面啟動您最喜愛的 Web 應用程序。 Google 的 Chrome for Mac 是跨平台瀏覽網頁的流行和可靠選擇!立即下載,安裝或更新 Google Chrome for Mac!

為什麼使用 Google Chrome for Mac?


Type less
您是否厭倦用相同的信息一次又一次地填寫 Web 表單?自動填充功能讓您只需點擊一下即可完成表格。它也適用於各種設備 - 所以你可以跳過所有的小屏幕輸入。

Chrome for Mac 將您打開的標籤頁,書籤和最近的搜索從您的計算機傳送到您的手機或平板電腦,反之亦然。這樣,你的所有設備上都有你的網頁。只需登錄您的其他設備即可開始同步.

體驗更智能的 web
當您使用 Chrome 瀏覽器進行瀏覽時,可以充分利用 Google 的優勢。 Chrome 和 Google 攜手合作,為您帶來更多相關的 Google 產品相關建議和功能,包括 Google 語音搜索和 Google 即時。

使 Chrome 瀏覽器成為您的朋友
瀏覽 Chrome 主題,應用和擴展程序的方式。通過書籤和開始頁面直接訪問您喜歡的網頁目的地。設置完 Chrome 後,您的自定義設置將會在所有設備上保持同步.

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檔案版本 Screaming Frog 17.0
檔案名稱 ScreamingFrogSEOSpider-17.0-x86_64.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Google
軟體類型 2022-08-17

What's new in this version:

Screaming Frog 17.0
- Issues Tab, Links Tab, New Limits, ‘Multiple Properties’ Config For URL Inspection API, Apple Silicon Version & RPM for Fedora and Detachable Tabs

Screaming Frog 16.7
This release is mainly bug fixes and small improvements:
- URL inspection can now be resumed from a saved crawl
- The automated Screaming Frog Data Studio Crawl Report now has a URL Inspection page
- Added ‘Days Since Last Crawl’ column for the URL Inspection integration
- Added URL Inspection data to the lower ‘URL Details’ tab
- Translations are now available for the URL Inspection integration
- Fixed a bug moving tabs and filters related to URL Inspection in scheduling
- Renamed two ‘Search Console’ filters – ‘No Search Console Data’ to ‘No Search Analytics Data’ and ‘Non-Indexable with Search Console Data’ to ‘Non-Indexable with Search Analytics Data’ to be more specific regarding the API used
- Fix crash loading scheduled tasks
- Fix crash removing URLs

Screaming Frog 16.6
- Change log not available for this version

Screaming Frog 16.5
- Update to Apache log4j 2.17.0 to fix CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-45105
- Show more detailed crawl analysis progress in the bottom status bar when active
- Fix JavaScript rendering issues with POST data
- Improve Google Sheets exporting when Google responds with 403s and 502s
- Be more tolerant of leading/trailing spaces for all tab and filter names when using the CLI
- Add auto naming for GSC accounts, to avoid tasks clashing
- Fix crash running link score on crawls with URLs that have a status of “Rendering Failed”

Screaming Frog 16.4
- Bug fixes

Screaming Frog 16.3
- The Google Search Console integration now has new filters for search type (Discover, Google News, Web etc) and supports regex as per the recent Search Analytics API update
- Fix issue with Shopify and CloudFront sites loading in Forms Based authentication browser
- Fix issue with cookies not being displayed in some cases
- Give unique names to Google Rich Features and Google Rich Features Summary report file names
- Set timestamp on URLs loaded as part of JavaScript rendering
- Fix crash running on macOS Monetery
- Fix right click focus in visualisations
- Fix crash in Spelling and Grammar UI
- Fix crash when exporting invalid custom extraction tabs on the CLI
- Fix crash when flattening shadow DOM
- Fix crash generating a crawl diff
- Fix crash when the Chromium can’t be initialised

Screaming Frog 16.2
- some Spanish translations based on feedback
- SERP Snippet preview to be more in sync with current SERPs

- preventing the Custom Crawl Overview report for Data Studio working in languages other than English
- resuming crawls with saved Internal URL configuration
- caused by highlighting a selection then clicking another cell in both list and tree views
- duplicating a scheduled crawl
- during JavaScript crawl

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