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GrandPerspective 0.9.9 Mac

GrandPerspective 是 Mac OS X 中的一個小而非常有用的應用程序,它提供了硬盤使用情況的圖形表示,為您提供獨特的功能,可以查看哪些文件最常用,並識別不需要的大文件或目錄。通過使用這個免費軟件的應用程序,任何人(甚至用戶在控制 Mac OS X 電腦的技術知識很少),可以很容易地看到他們的本地存儲結構,獨特的藝術風格,幾乎從來沒有見過任何其他文件或直接管理程序

GrandPerspective 的視覺展示使用你的文件系統的所謂的樹形圖展示,每個文件用與磁盤大小對應的大小的矩形表示。有了這樣驚人的視覺風格,您可以非常方便地查看和管理整個硬盤。 。這種獨特的視覺展示硬盤結構的方式幾乎無法在 Mac 或 Windows 平台上的其他任何地方找到,這很奇怪,因為普通的文本列表和信息頁面幾乎總是能保證與新手計算機用戶混淆.

即使通過 GrandPerspective for Mac 的官方發展在過去幾年已經停止,這個應用程序已經變得功能全面,不僅填充了原始創建者 Erwin Bonsma 插入的功能,而且滿足了大型社區最需要的功能。這個應用程序運行在所有版本的 Mac OS X 上,需要  絕對最小的處理能力和本地存儲運行.

注意事項:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 GrandPerspective 0.9.9
檔案名稱 GrandPerspective-0_99.dmg
檔案大小 242.1 KB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Erwin Bonsma
更新日期 暫無資訊
軟體類型 2007-02-24

What's new in this version:

New functionality:
- Added choice of file size measure. You can choose between logical file size (the default), and physical file size.
- Added help. Hopefully rarely needed, but at least it exists.

Changes to the release files:
- The application has been released as a Universal Binary.
- The source release has been extended, and now includes everything needed to build the application. Newly included: (cleaned up) project file, help documentation, All Dutch resources (as an example for other localizers).

Tiny changes:
- Made titles of various panels and their default buttons more specific.
- Moved all localizable names into new Names.strings file.
- Moved all color palettes into "Palettes" subfolder.
- Enlarged bounding box of text fields where there was room (to facilitate localization).

Bug fixes:
- Enabling a filename or path test without specifying any strings does not give an error anymore.
- It was possible to specify a negative file size bound, which resulted in a very large size. Not any more.
- It was possible (to attempt) to save an image with a dimension that was zero or negative. This resulted in an exception. Not anymore.
- When a "void" test was returned after adding or editing a mask or filter rule an exception occurred. This has been fixed.

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