Wire 3.14.3609 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Wire 3.14.3609 Mac

GraphicConverter for Mac 為您提供您所需的一切,並期望為您的 Mac 提供一個全方位的編輯軟件,易於使用,功能齊全,穩定可靠。 GraphicConverter for Mac 是能夠打開和導入約。 200 種不同的圖像格式,即幾乎所有形式的圖像文件,而不管製作文件的操作系統或計算機平台如何。為了使您能夠與其他用戶交流圖片 GraphicConverter 目前允許您保存您的圖片在約。 80 種不同的格式。根據所使用的格式,GraphicConverter 提供了多種文件導入和導出設置。

GraphicConverter 功能:

導入約。 200& 出口約。 80 個圖形格式產生目錄(網頁,打印,圖片)直接從相機(也是 RAW)輸入圖片掃描儀的 TWAIN 界面直接支持照片服務 Google+,Flickr,Locr 圖片組織& 工作流程管理
圖形文件和圖片瀏覽器幻燈片放映功能批量轉換支持 AppleScript 人臉檢測圖片編輯
快速圖片增強功能增強和創建互聯網使用的圖片編輯圖片的基本功能用於圖片處理的高級功能,效果和過濾器插件體系結構使用 ColorSync 和 ICC 配置文件進行顏色管理支持 3D 圖像地理數據的廣泛功能

檔案版本 Wire 3.14.3609
檔案名稱 Wire.dmg
檔案大小 80.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Lemke Software
更新日期 https://www.lemkesoft.de/en/products/graphicconverter/
軟體類型 2020-03-06

What's new in this version:

Wire 3.14.3609
- New: full name is shown for contacts in the UI

Wire 3.13.3575
- New login flow for users running on a custom backend

Wire 3.12.3490
- Experimental support for proxy authentication

- Faster link preview generation
- Additional crash log information

- SSO protocol can be used with multiple accounts
- Link previews are still sent when no preview image is available

Wire 3.10.3215
- Removed the option to import address books to circumvent an issue for some users

Wire 3.10
- Improved: Better handling of Markdown links

Wire 3.9
- Improved: Single Sign-on for Wire Pro users

Wire 3.8
- Pro feature: Deep links. These allow integration users to create custom links to access any conversation or user profile within the app

Wire 3.7
- Downloaded images have a new naming convention: “Wire Date at Time”

Wire 3.6
- SSO links. Company login users can now log in using their identity provider faster, by tapping on a custom link
- Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration for the automation of user provisioning

Wire 3.5
- New: Refined experience for certificate pinning
- Fixed: Link preview generation for invalid links

Wire 3.4
- New: Pro account feature: Enterprises can now enable single sign-on by using “Company Log In” on the log in screen
- Improved: Improved detection of insecure connections
- Fixed: The functionality to import contacts from Google has been removed

Wire 3.3
- Improved: Screen sharing is now in much better quality making even the smallest texts readable
- Improved: Wire remembers the window size and position when you close the app
- Improved: Better support for resizing the window when using multiple monitors
- Improved: Link previews are generated slightly faster
- Fixed: Clicking on "Update" to load the updates and bug fixes no longer crashes the app

Wire 3.1
- New: Added the option to log out, remove account and manage a team from the sidebar (for team owners and admins)
- New: CMD+1/2/3 to switch between different accounts
- New: Added Estonian translations
- Improved: Improvements to certificate pinning to help better detect man-in-the-middle attacks
- Fixed: Shared files lost the file extension when you saved them to your computer
- Fixed: Link preview was not created if the image for the preview contained an umlaut character

Wire 3.0
- Improved: If you’re logged in with multiple accounts then it’s now easier to see which one has new messages.-
- Fixed: Switching a language and immediately restarting the app would not change the language
- Fixed: Selecting part of a message and copying it with right-click would add the whole message to the clipboard. Now it grabs just the selected text as intended
- Fixed: Adding people to a conversation from the menu or via shortcut will no longer show an empty list

Wire 2.15
- Added support for Dutch, Greek, and Polish

Wire 2.14
- Speed improvements: Sending and receiving messages got faster

Wire 2.13
- New: Added support for 15 languages: Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukranian
- New: Check spelling while typing
- New: Strict certificate pinning to additionally improve transport encryption (TLS)
- Fixed: Full screen image view was overlapping with tool menu, this has been fixed
- Improvement: Under the hood upgrade to Chrome 56 and Electron 1.6.5
- Improvement: Updated About Wire screen with Wire for Web version and link to releases and information on how Wire updates work

Wire 2.10
- New: Delete everywhere — remove sent messages, photos, videos etc. from your devices and from the receiving devices

Wire 2.9
- New: Share screen with your friends and colleagues. You can share screen during audio and video calls, in one-on-one or group calls
- New: Link previews are nicely embedded in conversations
- New: Switch between audio and video during calls
- New: Switch between multiple cameras while on a video call
- New: Minimise your video call or screen share
- New: Turn off your camera during a video call

Wire 2.8
- Improved: App launch takes less time
- Fixed: Importing contacts from your contacts works again
- Fixed: Some users were logged out when their computer woke up from sleep

Wire 2.7
- New: File transfer - send any file type like docs, PDFs and Excel. Works in 1:1 chats and group chats and files you send are end-to-end encrypted
- New: Video and audio messages sent from Wire mobile apps are played nicely in-line
- New: When sending audio files (mp3, wav) from desktop they can be listened to right in the chat
- New: Delete messages - it wipes messages from all of your devices
- Improved: Video call quality now adapts better to your network conditions, improving the video calling experience
- Fixes for app being reloaded when you computer wakes up from sleep
- Fixes for sending long text messages
- Fixes for losing connectivity should not cause app to restart
- Fixes for app launch time. It's much faster now

Wire 2.5
- Introducing video calls. For free, of course.-
- Everything on Wire is now end-to-end encrypted, so all messages, audio and video calls, photos, sketches and so on are private and secure.-
- We can’t read your chats or listen to your calls, and neither can anyone else.-
- Full encryption is turned on by default for all users and all conversations, including group chats.-
- For more information visit wire.com/privacy

Wire 2.4
- New: Bring your friends to Wire by uploading your Contacts
- New: Full screen support

Wire 2.3
- New: The app is now available in German language
- Bug fixes

Wire 2.2
- Bug fixes

Wire 2.1
- Fixed: Application window occasionally had wrong window width and height
- Other small bug fixes
- New: Group calls – in HD quality. Click the call icon in a group chat to start the call
- Fixed:GIFs right inside Wire with Giphy. Type a word and click the ‘GIF’ icon that appears
- Fixed:Vimeo videos now play inside conversations. Just share the video link
- Fixed:It’s easier to start a call or send a photo – search and pick a contact, and click the call or send a photo icon
- Fixed:Spotify music is now played inside conversations. Just share the link to the track
- It's now possible to delete conversations
- Fixed:You can now cancel a connection request you send that hasn’t been accepted yet
- New looks – we updated many things from fonts to preferences to search and more

Wire 2.0
- Many, many bug fixes

Wire 1.7
- New: Audio quality of your calls now takes the connection speed into consideration. Faster connection, better audio
- New: You’ll now hear an audible signal if something is wrong with the ongoing call

Wire 1.6
- Dismiss connection recommendations to discover more friends who are already using Wire
- Fixed an issue when a call would stay in “Connecting…” status
- The usual array of fixes and improvements

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