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HitFilm Express 9.0.0468 Mac

HitFilm Express for Mac 是發現製作自己的電影興奮的最好方法。隨著電源編輯和驚人的特殊效果,沒有其他視頻產品提供如此大的功能和免費培訓這種價格.

HitFilm Express for Mac 是一個頂級的產品用於創建和編輯自己的電影和視頻。現在就開始!

HitFilm Express 特點:

作為電影製作的新手,或者有一個小小的預算並不意味著你不應該有最好的工具。 HitFilm Express 將會改變你的期望.

HitFilm Express 不僅僅是一個編輯器。它也是一個全功能的視覺效果和合成產品。你不會在其他地方找到那個組合.

從編輯上傳,HitFilm Express for Mac 有你需要完成你的電影傑作的一切。花更少的軟件和更多的相機和設備!

Hours 免費培訓
從 HitFilm 獲得最大的價值與我們的免費在線教程和友好的在線社區.

Powerful 視頻編輯
一個好的電影的基礎是好的編輯。 HitFilm Express 為您提供構建項目所需的所有工具,無論是電影,音樂視頻還是視頻博客.

HitFilm 包括基本的編輯工具,如波紋編輯和轉場,以及多個視頻和音頻軌道.

Easy YouTube 上傳
當你“完成後,從 HitFilm 內部直接上傳高質量的高清視頻 - 不容易.

Incredible visual effects
HitFilm2Express 還包括一個驚人的工具包,用於設計自己的視覺效果.

Over100 effects
Lightning& 電力仿真,3D 電腦生成的槍聲,3D 文字和逼真的鏡頭閃光只是 HitFilm Express 所包含的一些視覺效果亮點.

明天一些好萊塢技術與 HitFilm Express 的“運動跟踪功能。使用複雜的光流技術,您可以跟踪視頻中物體的移動,打開一個令人興奮的視覺效果可能性的世界.


通過在綠色屏幕上拍攝將自己或演員置於新的背景中。 HitFilm 可以很容易地創建自己的新聞編輯室或科幻 landscape.

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檔案版本 HitFilm Express 9.0.0468
檔案名稱 HitFilmExpress_9.0.0468.pkg
檔案大小 413 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 https://www.hitfilm.com/express
軟體類型 2018-07-21

What's new in this version:

HitFilm Express 9.0.0468
- HitFilm can now export in the background, while users continue working on their project
- The Export tab now shows the number of export tasks currently in the queue
- The Export queue may now optionally remove known media extensions from the names of composite shots that are added to the queue
- The Elapsed Time and Remaining Time columns may now optionally use standard timecode to display their values
- Timelines can now be added to the Export queue from the Export screen, an export preview has been added, and the difference between built-in export presets and user presets has been clarified
- Proxy has been renamed to Pre-Render within the program, to clarify its purpose
- Interface tabs are now easier to read
- A rare error involving duplicate export tasks has been resolved
- Composite shot names can now display 4-bit unicode characters correctly
- Tabbing between fields in the text panel now works as intended
- All video clips now appear correctly on the editor, regardless of the zoom level
- Improved the appearance of the Viewer Controls for the Bend Geometry effect on Windows systems
- Keyboard shortcuts now work properly on the Export screen
- Improved clarity of the error message shown when you try to export to a nonexistent folder
- Selection and deselection of multiple items on the Editor now works correctly
- Values in the Layout Panel now display correctly when scrubbed
- Mask points added to a curve now correctly assume the curved style, rather than being linear
- Double-clicking expansion arrows in the effects tree will no longer open the import dialog
- Composite shot timelines now autoscroll if necessary, when moving a layer vertically through the stack
- Unselected items can now be right-clicked when the slice tool is active
- The Media Properties dialog now displays encoding information for Cineform clips correctly on Mac systems
- AVI export presets have been improved so they properly validate DV settings before exporting
- Multiple preview requests for imported files no longer cause stability issues
- CTRL-Clicking multiple assets on the Editor no longer causes stability issues
- Trying to export an incompatible timeline using DV-AVI export presets now displays a warning rather than just causing the export to fail
- HitFilm .hfp project files saved by HitFilm 8.0 and 8.1 can be saved again in HitFilm 9.0 so they open correctly in Vegas Pro 15

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