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Hype 3.5.5 Mac

Hype for Mac 讓你創建令人驚嘆的動畫和互動的網頁內容。它被領先的設計師用來創建動畫,為網頁,信息圖表,演示文稿,數字雜誌,廣告,iBooks,教育內容,應用原型,投資組合,動畫 GIF,視頻,整個網站等添加“哇”因子。炒作 macOS 贏得了 2011 年 Macworld 編輯的“選擇獎。其 HTML5 輸出適用於所有現代瀏覽器和 iPhone 和 iPad 等移動設備。無需編碼.

Hype for Mac 功能:

動畫效果 Snap
Tumult Hype 的基於關鍵幀的動畫系統將您的內容帶入生活。點擊“記錄”而 Tumult Hype 則會監視你的一舉一動,根據需要自動創建關鍵幀。或者,如果您希望更加實際操作,請手動添加,移除和重新排列關鍵幀,以微調您的內容。通過點擊和拖動元素的運動路徑來創建自然曲線以添加控制點很容易.

結果 Hype for Mac 是一個“空白板”用於創建內容的應用程序類型。提供的工具功能強大,鼓勵實驗; 你可以建立的可能性是無止境的.

HTML5 的力量為現代網絡提供動力,並允許在桌面,iPhone 和 iPad 上顯示內容。 Tumult Hype 輸出最先進的 HTML5,CSS3 樣式和 JavaScript.

注:14 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Hype 3.5.5
檔案名稱 Hype.zip
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Tumult Inc.
更新日期 http://tumult.com/hype/
軟體類型 2017-05-09

What's new in this version:

Hype 3.6.3
- Bug fixes

Hype 3.6.2
- Fixes issue with audio not playing on iOS 10.3 (re-export required!)
- Corrects issues exporting Animated GIF and PNGs on older versions of macOS
- Fix issue where Animated GIFs with background transparency could show previous frames
- Tabs will magnify when mousing over
- Dragging multiple assets from the Resources Library won’t create extra copies anymore
- JavaScript API callback for “HypeResourceLoad”

Hype 3.6.1
- Autoplay and inline video options for iOS 10+
- Improved Animated GIF quality and filesize
- Export Scripts to extend Hype and improve ad-tech workflows [pro]
- Multiple selection in Resource Library
- Video export bitrate and codec settings [pro]
- Removed Dropbox export
- iMessage sticker sizes and Animated PNG export [pro]
- Preference to change code editor font and size
- Accessibility improvements for iOS
- Better support for IE 10+ and Edge
- Several new JavaScript APIs
- macOS 10.12 Sierra and 2016 MacBook Pro compatibility fixes
- Many other bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhancements

Hype 3.5.5
- Bug fixes

Hype 3.5.4
- Fixed iOS 10 issue where drag events would also scroll
- Fixed macOS 10.12 Sierra issue where content would not show in fullscreen mode with dark theme
- Fixed macOS 10.12 Sierra issue with animated GIFs not looping
- Fixed macOS 10.12 Sierra issue of popup menus appearing behind windows in fullscreen mode
- Fixed macOS 10.12 Sierra issue where color popover window would not resize correctly
- Fixed regression where text could not be selected when a locked item was above it

Hype 3.5.3
- Fixed regression that could result in slower animation performance
- Fixed regression where duplicating a scene would not preserve timelines set for scene actions
- Workaround for Illustrator 2015.3 producing invalid SVGs when copying
- Resource update window is resizable again
- Timeline actions are stripped when duplicating a scene without timelines
- Fix issue where pasting elements with custom timing functions could lead to document corruption
- Javascript is exported correctly if a document has been modified to use CRLF line endings

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