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iBoostUp 8.0.2 Mac

iBoostUp(俗稱 iTuneUp)通過清除不需要的文件,修復硬盤,提供性能建議,通過刪除 cookies 來保護您的隱私,顯示系統信息等等,調整和優化您的 Mac。

Mac 變慢且無響應?它失去了曾經有過的一些嗎?你是否收到意想不到的崩潰和錯誤信息?你的 MacBook 變熱了,風扇不斷運轉?修復現在緩慢的表現!現在就免費下載 iBoostUp for Mac!

有沒有復雜的選項來學習,以有效地使用 iBoostUp.

Optimize& Repair
優化您的 Mac,修復性能降低,修復應用程序錯誤。再次使您的 Mac 新.

iBoostUp 是完全免費下載& 使用。可選功能可在應用程序中購買.


檔案版本 iBoostUp 8.0.2
檔案名稱 iBoostUp.dmg
檔案大小 11.8 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 iBoostUp Pty Ltd.
更新日期 http://www.iboostup.com/
軟體類型 2020-03-02

What's new in this version:

iBoostUp 8.0.2
- UI enhancements and internal fixes

iBoostUp 7.9.90
- Improvements to Spyware Doctor
- Other internal fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 7.8.81
- Improvements to Spyware Doctor
- Various other internal fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 7.7.79
- Improvements to Spyware Doctor, Check my Apps and the Status Screen
- Various other internal fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 7.6.56
- Improvements to Spyware Doctor
- Various other internal fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 7.5.55
- v7.5 build 55 includes a fix to Spyware Doctor's internal caching mechanism

iBoostUp 7.5.52
- New Keylogger Guard detects many types of keyloggers in real-time, alerting you immediately so you can take action before they are able to steal your personal information
- Improvements to Spyware Doctor detection accuracy, scanning speed and resource usage
- Internal and user interface enhancements

iBoostUp 7.4.48
- Spyware Doctor Improvements to detections, scanning speed and resource usage
- Quick Clean New 'Terminal Command History
- Quick Clean detects and cleans even more Google Chrome metadata/artifacts
- Internal and user interface enhancements

iBoostUp 7.4.47
- macOS Catalina Apple notarized plus other changes for compatability with the upcoming macOS Catalina
- Enhancements to Spyware Doctor, Quick Clean and Feedback

iBoostUp 7.4.44
- New HID Implant Guard alerts and protects you against attacks in the style of "BadUSB", "USB Rubber Ducky" and "O.MG Cable" by blocking interaction and requesting human confirmation whenever a new input device is detected
- Major enhancements to Spyware Doctor and the anti-malware engine. It can now detect apps that attempt to capture screenshots, gather personally identifiable system information or try to access private data as well as many types of keyloggers
- Minor enhancements to Quick Clean

iBoostUp 7.3.40
- Quick Clean support for Waterfox Browser
- Enhancements to Spyware Doctor, Check my Apps, Disk Usage, Shredder, Feedback and Cache Cleaner

iBoostUp 7.2.39
- Quick Clean support for Brave Browser
- Enhancements to Spyware Doctor
- Various other fixes

iBoostUp 7.1.38
- Updates to Spyware Doctor and Shredder
- Various fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 7.0.37
- New: Spyware Doctor
- Fix: Quick Clean, Disk Usage, App Scanner, Updater

iBoostUp 6.9.31
- Quick Clean: able to remove macOS stored language modeling metadata (things you've typed on your Mac)
- Various bugfixes

iBoostUp 6.8.28
- Various bugfixes
- 'Check my Apps' now includes apphash integrity information

iBoostUp 6.7.27
- New: Network and Privacy
- Fix: File Shreddern

iBoostUp 6.5.24
- Includes changes to Quick Clean, App Scanner, Memory Booster, Shredder, Uninstaller, Tweaks, Status Screen, Network Booster, Duplicate File Finder, the UI and more

iBoostUp 6.4.22
- App Scanner
- Numerous fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 6.3.20
- New interface
- Numerous fixes and enhancements to every feature
- We look forward to your feedback, you can do this in-app by hitting ⌘+F
- Requires macOS 10.10 or above

iBoostUp 6.0.11
- Fix to Quick Clean (mutated while being enumerated) plus minor tweaks and improvements all throughout

iBoostUp 5.9.9
Fixes and enhancements:
- Network Optimizer now supports Quad9 and Cloudflare

iBoostUp 5.9.8
- Quick Clean: Finder metadata
- Tweaks and other improvements

iBoostUp 5.9.7
- Fixes and enhancements

iBoostUp 5.9.6
- Browser Doctor
- Various tweaks and enhancements

iBoostUp 5.9.5
- Bug fix in ARP scanner

iBoostUp 5.9.4
- macOS High Sierra compatibility
- Bug fixes and UI improvements

iBoostUp 5.9.2
- Numerous tweaks and improvements
- iBoostUp Premium Unlimited

iBoostUp 5.8.2
- Support for the all-new Touch Bar
- Tweaks and other improvements including Quick Clean, Memory Booster, etc.

iBoostUp 5.6
- Support for multiple Chrome users and tweaks

iBoostUp 5.5.3
- Change log not available for this version

iBoostUp 5.5.1
- Change log not available for this version

iBoostUp 5.5
- Full support for macOS 10.12 Sierra
- User interface enhancements
- Updates to Quick Clean
- Updates to App Uninstaller
- Updates to Memory Booster
- Updates to Check my Apps
- Updates to in-app feedback
- Updates to Help
- Many internal changes

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