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iCalamus 2.24 Mac

iCalamus for Mac 為 DTP 提供了一個簡單的方法,並且是為複雜的雜誌,科學著作和圖書出版創建簡單海報的絕佳選擇。 iCalamus 是面向 OS X.

的多語言,面向框架的桌面出版解決方案。使用精確的測量單位是一件輕而易舉的事情。開箱即用,iCalamus 提供了靈活的屏蔽選項,具有許多預定義的,可動態更改的框架形狀。用戶可以為多個文檔元素創建虛擬副本,然後只需點擊幾下鼠標就可以進行更改.

iCalamus for macOS 可以導入 OS X 支持的所有圖像和文本格式。輕鬆地從大型 PDF 文檔中獲取文本內容以便進一步進行文本處理。可以導入數碼相機,掃描儀或 iPhoto 圖庫的圖像以及完整的網頁。打印輸出支持所有打印機,iCalamus 可以選擇性地輸出各種 PDF 格式的文檔(例如 PDF-X,加密 PDF,PDF 傳真).

注意:未註冊版本中的功能有限。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 iCalamus 2.24
檔案名稱 iCalamus.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 invers Software
更新日期 https://www.icalamus.net/icalamus/
軟體類型 2021-11-02

What's new in this version:

iCalamus 2.24
- a possible hang during display of a gradient background
- a possible issue on macOS Monterey

iCalamus 2.23
- Dark mode display of about dialog
- Dark mode display of welcome dialog
- Dark mode display of rulers
- Internal optimizations

iCalamus 2.21
- Bug fixes

iCalamus 2.20
Updated features:
- add preference: set enable/disable frame upon object creation
- dark mode improvements
- font menu preferences
- adjusted thickness slider

Bug fixes:
- improved exception handling
- fixed crash during import of some old iCalamus 1 files

iCalamus 2.19
New features:
- Mojave (10.14) dark mode support

Updated features:
- Preferences: added option to disable autosave and versions
- Preferences: added option to disable unused page formats
- Updated gui elements for upcoming macOS
- Updated online help system

iCalamus 2.18
- Change log not available for this version

iCalamus 2.17
- iCalamus was acquired by Lemke Software
- The new version reflects this with updated support and forum menu items

iCalamus 2.16
- Fix: Text flow sometimes didn't work. This issue has been fixed for new documents. To fix this issue in existing documents, please delete the relevant frames which contain text and the frames to be flown around. Then restore the relevant frames using "Edit > Undo". This fixes the content flow registry in these frames

Objects menu:
- New: Offers a new submenu named "Adjust". It offers the same functions which are available already in the context menu for image frames and in the Geometry Inspector's action menu. But the submenu in the menu bar also allows to assign Menu shortcuts to these functions

Other Bug fixes:
- The built-in CrashReporter has been updated
- Other bugs fixed

iCalamus 2.15
- File menu: The entry "Paste in Place" has been renamed to "Place"

Measurement Preference:
- Pica measurement units are supported
- The text cursor width can be changed

Content Inspector:
- Outline thickness measurement unit is assigned to "Measurement Preferences: Line Units"

Page Inspector:
- The action menu offers two new options: "Select All Left Pages" and "Select All Right Pages"

- The manual describes the new features in the relevant chapters
- Various dialog screenshots have been updated

Other Bug fixes:
- Tiny adjustments in localizations
- Other bugs fixed

iCalamus 2.14
- Emergency Bugfix: Supports macOS Sierra (10.12)
- Embedded PDFs sometimes didn't let iCalamus open and convert old v1.29 documents

Text Formatting:
- Using numbering styles with Page Number text fields no longer crashes iCalamus

Other bug fixes:
- Text Fix: There have never been values for inner and outer bleed. The related dialog texts have been adjusted
- Other bugs fixed

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