DBeaver 21.0.1 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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DBeaver 21.0.1 Mac

iCompta for Mac 是一款讓您輕鬆管理帳戶的應用程序。跟踪您的收入和費用,安排您的賬單,保持符合您的預算,並最終知道你的錢去哪裡得益於美麗的圖表.

隨身攜帶您的帳戶,并快速輸入您的交易感謝移動版本的 iCompta。您可以單獨使用它或與桌面版本輕鬆同步.

使用 iCloud,Dropbox 或本地網絡輕鬆地在計算機,iPhone 和 iPad 之間同步您的帳戶。您可以輸入您的交易或在您的計算機上或在您的 iPhone 或 iPad 上進行更改,iCompta 將處理其餘的事情,以獲得一切同步。

iCompta for Mac 功能:
管理多種貨幣的多種貨幣對您的交易進行排序和過濾,以統計您的收入費用通過預算記錄您的收入和費用監控您的投資組合管理共享費用:您終於可以知道誰欠誰什麼美麗的報告和圖表直接從您的銀行用您的 figo * 賬戶,OFX 直接下載或使用嵌入式瀏覽器使用 iCloud,Dropbox 或本地網絡輕鬆導入 / 導出 QIF,OFX,CSV,XML 和 JSON 格式的事務在 Mac 上的 iCompta 6 和 iPhone / iPad 上的 iCompta 6 之間完全同步專業特點:處理稅費,管理客戶端和使發票修改許多交易一次使用批量編輯或強大的規則引擎檢查噸在銀行對帳單上進行交易以避免錯誤密碼保護注意:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 DBeaver 21.0.1
檔案名稱 dbeaver-ce-21.0.1-macos.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Cyril Anger
更新日期 http://www.icompta-app.com/
軟體類型 2021-03-22

What's new in this version:

- Connection management:
- Automatic ending of idle transactions was added
- Network profiles configuration page was fixed
- Filters in the connection selector dialog were fixed

Data transfer:
- Possibility to disable foreign keys was added (PostgreSQL, Oracle)
- Numeric data types mappings were improved
- "Skip all errors" button added in the error dialog

Metadata editor:
- Column delete now checks for dependent objects
- Constraint/index create command now available in the columns edit tab
- Problem with deleted object dup was fixed

SQL editor:
- Script selector popup panel UIX was improved
- Hex constants and scientific numbers formatting was fixed
- Columns alias generation was improved
- Multi-line comments support was fixed

Data editor:
- Column filter UI was improved (value count column)
- Extra configuration was added to SQL script generator
- Better support of IE browser in the spatial viewer (GIS)
- Virtual columns support (rows add/delete) was fixed
- Cells selection was fixed (MacOS)

- Automatic app version upgrade was implemented
- Notification popup rendering in dark theme was fixed
- Perspective customization UI was fixed

- Export as image: image cropping problem was fixed
- Export in SVG format was improved
- Diagram save now forces UTF encoding
- Tables coloring was fixed
- Show/hide system object option is now respected
- Print command enablement was fixed

- PgBouncer support was fixed (problem with prepared statements)
- Data types read queries were fixed for older (8.4 and earlier) versions
- Role permissions editor was fixed
- Infinity timestamp values support was added
- Auto-generated columns support was added
- Role name DDL was fixed

- Triggers management was added
- Views metadata read was fixed

- Informix: foreign key DDL was fixed

- Table data edit support was added
- Tables and indexed create/drop DDL was fixed

- Sybase IQ support (server version detection) was fixed
- Vertica: view create/edit was fixed

- Procedure parameters' default value read was fixed
- View metadata read was improved

- Data Virtuality driver was added
- Preferences localization was updated

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