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LinkOptimizer 5.4.1 Mac

iMazing for Mac 是全功能的 iOS 管理軟件:將您的移動數據的控制擴展到超出通常可能的範圍,而不會越獄您的設備。借助 iMazing,您可以輕鬆瀏覽和管理備份,提取並打印文本消息,或將歌曲拖放到 iPhone 上。簡單來說,iMazing for Mac 可以讓你超越 iTunes 提供的方式,請參閱下面的我們豐富的功能列表.

iMazing for Mac 功能:

iPhone,iPod& iPad 文件傳輸到 Mac& PC
在任何 Mac 或 PC 與任何 iOS 設備之間傳輸文件,適用於所有應用程序文檔,數據和媒體。通過超快速 USB 或通過 Wi-Fi 連接,無障礙。沒有云,沒有越獄,沒有 iTunes 帳戶或同步所需,它只是工作 - ndash; 即使是全新的 iOS 9.

Device Backup& 恢復管理
備份,恢復和克隆任何 iOS 設備,完全或有選擇性的每個數據集。保留所有設備的完整檔案,包括您的應用程序’ 數據。隨時在任何設備上恢復它們。備份和恢復應用程序或應用程序數據(iOS 9)– 節省空間並在您離開時重新安裝應用程序,當您需要它們時.

傳輸 iPod,iPhone 和 iPod。 iPad 音樂正確的方法 61035896 任何 iPhone,iPod 或 iPad 與任何 Mac 或 PC 之間傳輸音樂。無需事先同步或 iTunes 帳戶匹配要求,即可同時使用 iOS 設備。處理曲目,專輯,播放列表和播放計數:只要你喜歡重建你的 iTunes 資料庫.

複製,保存和管理 iPhone 數據& 圖片
將所有 iPhone 數據傳輸到任何計算機:短信和圖片(短信,彩信和 iMessage),聯繫人,語音信箱,語音備忘錄,備忘錄和通話記錄。通過 Mac 或 PC 管理 iPhone 聯繫人:直接導入或導出聯繫人(vCard,聯繫人 Mac 應用程序和 Windows 聯繫人支持)。將所有照片和電影複製到您的計算機上,從相機膠卷,相冊或 iCloud 照片流中復制.

傳輸所有媒體,數據和電影。設置到新 iPhone
通過兩個超級簡單的步驟將所有 iPhone 數據傳輸到運行 iOS 的新設備。創建完整的備份,包括媒體,應用程序數據和設備設置。為了保留磁盤使用,音樂和視頻庫分開處理。只需點擊一個按鈕即可恢復所有數據:安全,無論任何地點,任何電腦,獨立於 iCloud,無需事先同步,無論 iTunes 帳戶鏈接,它只是工作.

注意:15 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器和 iPhone,iPad 或 iPod 型號.

也可以:下載 iMazing for Windows

檔案版本 LinkOptimizer 5.4.1
檔案名稱 LinkOptimizer.dmg
檔案大小 8.4 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 DigiDNA
軟體類型 2019-11-27

What's new in this version:

LinkOptimizer 5.4.1
- Fixed an issue in version 5.4 where an error occurred when analyzing images that didn't contain orientation metadata

LinkOptimizer 5.4
- Improved: Improved window size and layout (in particular, to improve experience on small laptop screens)
- Fixed: LinkOptimizer now takes into account the image rotation metadata. It fixes an issue in which some images that come directly from digital camera were incorrectly rotated in Photoshop due to the confusion of their rotation angle in InDesign with the actual orientation of the image
- Improved: Reduced reliance on System Events

LinkOptimizer 5.3.18
- Fixed on issue in which duplicate links could be replaced by the wrong images after processing if InDesign document contained links with same name placed from different locations

LinkOptimizer 5.3.17
- Fixed on issue in which dismissing the "Number of digits" dialog for "Serial #..." tokens when As Is option is selected resulted in including surrounding custom text into the token

LinkOptimizer 5.3.16
- Fixed: Addressed a potential memory bug on macOS Catalina which, in theory,could cause crashes on launch and other issues

LinkOptimizer 5.3.15
 - Fixed an issue in which InDesign 2020 wasn't recognized when clicking the Process button under certain conditions

LinkOptimizer 5.3.14
- Updated: Support for InDesign/Photoshop 2020

LinkOptimizer 5.3.11
- "Leave original images untouched" is now the default choice of the [Default] preset

- Fixed an issue on macOS Catalina in which duplicated InDesign document was created in the parent folder of the original document
- Fixed an issue on macOS Catalina in which an error could occur when relinking images in InDesign at the end of processing

LinkOptimizer 5.3.10
- Fixed an issue in which images that encountered an error during processing didn't show up in the Links window
- Fixed an error in which the list of processed links didn't show up on macOS Catalina under certain conditions

LinkOptimizer 5.3.9
- Improved: Improved accuracy of progress status reporting
- Fixed: Fixed an issue in which LinkOptimizer stalled when starting processing on macOS 10.15 Catalina if the "Overwrite original images" option was selected

LinkOptimizer 5.3.8
- New: The Random Number variable for optimized image names. Users can specify the desired number of digits in via the popup menu in the Random Number token
- Fixed an issue in which custom text in some token fields remained gray even after enabling the fields

LinkOptimizer 5.3.7
- Fixed an issue in which a rare problem with installation of legacy eSellerate engine could affect users whose software was not licensed with eSellerate

LinkOptimizer 5.3.6
- Fixed: Restored the original order of operations where the sharpening filters were applied after layer merge. This issue only affected version 5.3.5

LinkOptimizer 5.3.5
- Fixed an issue in which some layered images with weren't merged in Photoshop as expected under some rare conditions
- Fixed: Sharpen filters are now applied before merging layers to avoid some undesired effects around drop shadows

LinkOptimizer 5.3.4
- Fixed an issue in which some sharpening and layer merge settings were not honored when processing multiple files under some rare combinations of settings and other conditions.
- Minor UI fixes

LinkOptimizer 5.3.2
- Fixed: Fixed a crash that could occur when enabling/disabling the Optimize Resolution setting
- Improved: Eliminated a mild cosmetic glitch that happened when using the Settings Presets popup menu for the first time

LinkOptimizer 5.3.1
- Fixed an issue in which multiples of ten could not be entered in the "Safety bleed" field (trailing zeros were removed from values like 10, 20, 30 etc.)

LinkOptimizer 5.3
- New: Links can now be converted to Photoshop PDF
- Fixed an issue in which a copy whose trial period has expired could crash when clicking the Process button
- Fixed an issue in which the selected setting name in the Settings table didn't change to white under dark highlight colors on macOS Mojave

LinkOptimizer 5.2.27
- Fixed an issue in which the Go to Link button didn't work on recent macOS Mojave updates

LinkOptimizer 5.2.26
- Fixed an issue in which an activation dialog could appear on every launch of notarized version even if it was already activated

LinkOptimizer 5.2.25
- Updated: LinkOptimizer is now notarized by Apple

LinkOptimizer 5.2.24
- Fixed an issue in which the option "Merge visible layers" wasn't executed under some rare conditions

LinkOptimizer 5.2.23
- Fixed an issue in which LinkOptimizer could crash when deselecting the Optimize Resolution settings

LinkOptimizer 5.2.22
- Users now can specify PNG conversion options for the conversion of InDesign links to PNG. All Photoshop PNG saving options are available in LinkOptimizer

- Fixed an issue in which some conversion settings remained unpopulated when opening the settings for the first time
- Fixed an issue in which nothing happened when clicking the Process button when the trial period has expired. Now the Registration window will be shown as expected

- The selected tab in the Conversion Settings window is now remembered after LinkOptimizer is relaunched
- UI improvements

LinkOptimizer 5.2.21
- Improved error message that notifies user about illegal characters in the path of InDesign document

LinkOptimizer 5.2.20
- Improved: LinkOptimizer's startup and launch scripts don't utilize System Events anymore, which eliminates some rare system errors as well as the necessity for InDesign to require to authorize access to System Events

LinkOptimizer 5.2.19
- Updated: This version puts an end to the hassles and confusion caused by the "Apple Events sandboxing" measure introduced by Apple on macOS Mojave. LinkOptimizer will now check for the necessary Apple Events authorizations on startup. If authorization to control InDesign, System Events or Photoshop was previously revoked by accident, LinkOptimizer will now reset permissions and relaunch itself automatically

LinkOptimizer 5.2.18
- Fixed: LinkOptimizer window can now fit the 15" MacBook retina display under the default screen resolution
- Fixed: Minor UI fixes for Mojave
- Updated: More informative error messages for certain file copying errors

LinkOptimizer 5.2.17
- Fixed an issue in which links could not be analyzed when running a registered copy of LinkOptimizer Lite on macOS Sierra

LinkOptimizer 5.2.16
- Fixed an issue in which an error could occur when relinking images with umlauts and other accented characters in their names

LinkOptimizer 5.2.14
- Updated: Integration of the SoftwareKey licensing system
- Fixed: Fixed a crash in v5.2.13

LinkOptimizer 5.2.12
- Updated: Support for InDesign/Photoshop CC 2019

LinkOptimizer 5.2.11
- Fixed: Fixed an issue in which the background of the file list in the History window turned black on some systems
- Fixed: Numerous UI fixes for Mojave

LinkOptimizer 5.2.10
- New: Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

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