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Infix Pro 7.5.2 Mac

Infix Pro for Mac 使用標尺,標籤,搜索和替換以及拼寫檢查,像文字處理程序一樣編輯 PDF 文本。適用於 macOS 的 Infix PDF Editor 是唯一可以智能地重新創建原始內容的 PDF 編輯器,以便您可以按期望的方式對其進行編輯。大多數 PDF 僅包含文本片段 - 一次僅包含幾個單詞。其他 PDF 編輯器允許您分別編輯每個片段。 Infix Pro 是專業印刷行業十多年工作和發展的產物。

它使用一組智能算法來重新創建文檔的原始結構。這意味著您可以像編輯 Word 文檔一樣編輯 PDF。使用 Infix PDF Editor 編輯跨列和跨頁面的文本。處理圖形,圖像和頁面。編輯任何軟件製作的 PDF 文檔。重用您現有的文檔。 Infix Pro for Mac 使您可以直接編輯 PDF,而無需將 PDF 轉換為其他格式。

PDF 詞處理程序
Infix 的工作原理與普通的詞處理程序一樣,因此非常易於使用。簡單,快速 - 更改文本,字體,圖像等。沒有界面的,頭,沒有功能區!

更改單個單詞,一個段落或整個頁面。 Infix 覆蓋了您的背部,對文本進行了重排和重新格式化,以使其看起來不錯。保存文件後,您甚至無法知道它已被編輯。

高級查找和替換,翻譯,貝茨編號,OCR,表單創建,頁眉和頁腳... Infix 提供了旨在解決實際問題的強大工具。世界 PDF 問題.


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檔案版本 Infix Pro 7.5.2
檔案名稱 Infix.dmg
檔案大小 438 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Iceni Technology Limited
軟體類型 2020-10-30

What's new in this version:

- Improved paragraph formation when dealing with a mix of different text rotations
- Improved rendering of images in groups with opacity less than 100%
- fixed bug which caused old debug log files to remain on the computer
- watermark lost after saving file
- Could not export to HTML if user's name includes wide characters
- Fixed possible crash when removing an object from its clip group
- Display of translucent annotations wrong
- Better handling of invisible annotations
- Fixed bug when redacting images on rotated pages
- Image redact tool causes image to disappear.
- Improved display of un-embedded Type1 fonts
- Was ignoring 'Initial Page' value of a PDF which governs which page is initially displayed
- Improved handling of TrueType font mappings
- Fixed problem that could cause type3 fonts to appear the wrong colour
- Better handling of OpenType fonts
- Fixed missing chars issue caused by incorrect .notdef classification
- Improved display of text highlight annotations
- Better handling of NULL font encodings
- Saving a watermarked pdf from a previous version does not remove watermarks from unedited pages
- Fixed bates numbering issue where numbering started at 0 instead of 1
- Fixed possible crash when right-clicking on a text form field
- Fixed problem with display of rotated annotations
- Improved handling of Unicode mapping in embedded fonts
- Better handling of invisible form buttons
- Improved Undo for Delete Across Pages
- Improved speed of text editing
- infix - crash when using swatch colour from find/replace in previous doc
- Find/Replace no longer does a reflow if all you do is change the colour of text.
- Improved ability to read some broken PDFs
- Shadows turn pink.
- Better handling of charmaps in type1 compact fonts.
- Infix - horizontal guides broken
- PDF using non embedded fonts. Picking wrong font from system

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