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Inkscape 1.1.1 Mac

Inkscape for Mac 是在 Windows,Mac OS X 和 Linux 上運行的專業質量矢量圖形軟件。它被全世界的設計專業人員和愛好者用來創建各種各樣的圖形,如插圖,圖標,徽標,圖表,地圖和網頁圖形。 Inkscape for Mac 使用 W3C 開放標準的 SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)作為原生格式,並且是免費的開源軟件。它可以導入和導出各種文件格式,包括 SVG,AI,EPS,PDF,PS 和 PNG。它有一個全面的功能集,一個簡單的界面,多語言支持,並設計為可擴展; 用戶可以使用插件自定義 Inkscape 的功能.

Inkscape 特徵:
繪圖:鉛筆工具(徒手畫簡單路徑),鋼筆工具(創建 Bé zier 曲線和直線),書法工具(徒手繪製使用填充路徑代表書法筆劃)形狀工具:矩形(可能有圓角),橢圓形(包括圓形,弧形,段),星形 / 多邊形(可以是圓形和 / 或隨機),螺旋形文字工具(多行文本,完整的畫布上編輯)嵌入式位圖(帶有創建和嵌入選定對象的位圖的命令)克隆(對象的“活動”鏈接副本),包括用於創建克隆模式和佈置的工具交互式地移動(移動,縮放,旋轉,傾斜)通過指定精確的數值 Z 序操作(升高和降低)分組對象(“在組中選擇”而不取消分組,或“進入組”使其成為臨時層)圖層(鎖定和 / 或隱藏個別層,重新排列等等; 層可以形成一個分層樹)對齊和分配命令還有更多其他可用:下載 Inkscape for Windows

檔案版本 Inkscape 1.1.1
檔案名稱 Inkscape-1.1.1.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Inkscape Team
軟體類型 2021-09-28

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- We've added a link to our donation page in Help → Donate, to make it easier for users to contribute to the project financially

- Stroke to Path works on text again
- Undoing Stroke to Path no longer loses the object's id
- Undoing Object to Path for an object with a Live Path Effect is now possible without also undoing the preceding action
- Saving no longer leaks memory
- Startup times improved, 3.3 seconds to 3 seconds on one Windows machine
- Hide unnecessary warnings in terminal about optional font directories not being used
- Canvas no longer blurred when moving window from HiDPI to a regular display
- Clicking selects objects again on wmii and some other window managers
- Caps lock no longer stops Delete, Page Down and some other shortcut keys from working on Windows

- Clicking the resize separator will toggle visibility of docked dialog

Welcome dialog:
- Fixed a paper size typo
- Renamed some confusing device size names
- Removed an unnecessary warning when choosing the keyboard shortcuts set
- Transform dialog: Matrix tab no longer stubbornly insists on using display units instead of the units the user selected
- Text and Font dialog: Font features load in under a second, instead of minutes for fonts with lots of font features. More font feature glyphs shown too

- Fast crop: Transparency is now respected when applying the Filters → Fill and Transparency → Fast Crop filter

- EPS: Users that have installed Inkscape in the snap packaging format can open EPS files again

- Optimized SVG: Save as → Optimized SVG works again in Linux AppImage

- Start / end markers: A bug was fixed where the path tip protruded over the arrow marker's end

- Help menu: Now using a different set of web links to link to the documentation from the Help menu

- Snap remembers user preferences even when the home directory is not available to the snap. This may occur in LDAP, SSSD, or other set ups where there is a modified nsswitch.conf and NSCD is not acting as a proxy to snaps.

Build fixes:
- Building Inkscape works again on systems with musl libc
- Building Inkscape works again on NetBSD
- Building Inkscape works again on FreeBSD
- Building Inkscape works again with GCC 7

- All templates generated from the 'Welcome' dialog now use a document scale of 1, making it easier to hand-edit documents created using them

- Measure tool:
- Settings for font size and precision for the Measure tool work again
- Position dialog moves handles to the right place again
- Measurements no longer reset on right click or tool switch

Crash fixes:
Fixed a crash when:
- … using a grid with the Document Properties dialog open on Windows. This also fixes a memory leak on other operating systems, that did not necessarily lead to a crash.
- … trying to copy an object without ID
- … stroke to path applied on paths with no area, fill, stroke, or markers
- … entering a space character in the 'Attributes' field of the 'Clone Original' LPE settings dialog
- … closing a window while the filter editer dialog is floating and a filter is selected
- … pasting 3D boxes when the 3D box tool is active
- … multiple objects selected for spray tool in single path mode
- … quitting in command line or when opening windows if done before window fully loads
- … Homebrew or MacPorts used and XDG_DATA_DIRS is not defined

Extension bug fixes:
- Fix LaTeX extension on Windows
- Add __version__ for inkex

The following UI translations received updates:
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Catalan
- Czech
- Polish
- Russian
- Slovenian
- Traditional Chinese
- Simplified Chinese

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