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WordPress 6.0.1 Mac

Insomnia for Mac 是功能強大的 REST API 客戶端,具有 cookie 管理,環境變量,代碼生成以及針對 Mac,Window 和 Linux 的身份驗證。在一處指定 URL,有效負載,標頭和授權。然後只需點擊發送。獲取每個響應的所有詳細信息。查看狀態碼,正文,標題,Cookie 等!創建工作區或文件夾,拖放請求,並輕鬆導入和導出數據。該程序不僅僅是一個 HTTP 客戶端!適用於 macOS 的 Insomnia 是一種協作,免費,開源和跨平台的平台,使其成為個人和團隊的完美伴侶。

重用 API 密鑰或會話 ID 之類的通用值。全局定義環境變量或在子環境之間切換以無縫開發 / 生產工作流。借助 Insomnia 的直觀界面快速啟動,並從九種獨特的顏色主題中進行選擇,以為您量身定制體驗。


還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 Insomnia

檔案版本 WordPress 6.0.1

系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Floating Keyboard Software
更新日期 https://insomnia.rest/
軟體類型 2022-07-13

What's new in this version:

The following core tickets from Trac are fixed:
- Build/Test Tools: Pass GitHub Actions environment variables to the Docker container
- Fix block-templates theme support not present in /themes REST API endpoint
- About page: Replace video thumbnail image
- Resolve WP_Term_Query cache problem
- Fix caching issues in WP_Term_Query class
- Remove meetup from oembed allow list
- Register Comments Query Loop from metadata to enable title and description translation
- Themes: Revert the change of theme preview width on Add Themes screen
- Block Patterns: Update the value used for keywords
- Bundled Themes: Revert the Twenty Ten theme version to 3.6

The following block editor issues from GitHub are fixed:
- Lower the priority of the gallery gap css so it loads after the block layout css
- Add utility classnames back to blocks that have layout attributes specified
- Block Library: Fix JS Error in Avatar Block
- Media & Text: Remove font size declaration from template
- Comment Author and Date blocks: aligned editor markup with the frontend
- Handle no variation case in the block transform menu
- Fix/block meta icon prop errors
- Prevent opening the links in editor for Latest Posts
- Navigation block “Open on click”: Inherit font style and font weight
- Comments Block: fixed issue with custom font sizes and links color
- Reuse code of the editor placeholder across Post Comments and Post Comments Form
- Improve the logic for warnings for Post Comments Form placeholder
- Post Comments Form: Add button that enables commenting to warning
- Ensure only the main query is modified when resolving template for new posts
- Strip whitespaces in render_block_core_cover before injecting the featured image
- Post Template: Ensure layout classnames are not attached to inner li elements
- Pasting: Fix performance regression due to removeWindowsFragments
- Post Comments Form: Fix warning i18n

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