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HitFilm Pro 18.0.2867 Mac

Insomnia for Mac 是功能強大的 REST API 客戶端,具有 cookie 管理,環境變量,代碼生成以及針對 Mac,Window 和 Linux 的身份驗證。在一處指定 URL,有效負載,標頭和授權。然後只需點擊發送。獲取每個響應的所有詳細信息。查看狀態碼,正文,標題,Cookie 等!創建工作區或文件夾,拖放請求,並輕鬆導入和導出數據。該程序不僅僅是一個 HTTP 客戶端!適用於 macOS 的 Insomnia 是一種協作,免費,開源和跨平台的平台,使其成為個人和團隊的完美伴侶。

重用 API 密鑰或會話 ID 之類的通用值。全局定義環境變量或在子環境之間切換以無縫開發 / 生產工作流。借助 Insomnia 的直觀界面快速啟動,並從九種獨特的顏色主題中進行選擇,以為您量身定制體驗。


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檔案版本 HitFilm Pro 18.0.2867
檔案名稱 HitFilmPro_2021.3_(18.0.2867).pkg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Floating Keyboard Software
更新日期 https://insomnia.rest/
軟體類型 2021-12-10

What's new in this version:

New in HitFilm Pro Version 2021.3:
- New Grade Clips allow effects to be applied across multiple clips on the Editor timeline
- The new Rough Edges effect adds organic variation to the edges of the alpha channel of a clip
- The new Water Caustics effect procedurally generates animated patterns of reflection and refraction, to simulate looking through water
- The new Edge Distortion effect creates line boil, adding movement to the lines or edges within your clip
- The new Pencil Sketch effect makes your clip look as if it was drawn with pencil on paper
- Improved the quality of timeline cache renders
- Users can now choose whether the timeline cache is encoded and decoded with software or GPU hardware
- The YouTube export presets have been updated to improve quality in exported files
- The prompt for automatic proxy creation no longer appears when creating a new project

- Clicking a motion path keyframe now selects the property containing the keyframe
- Multiple point layers can now be selected in the Viewer by dragging a rubber band selection
- When multiple points of a mask are selected, individual points can now be removed from the selection
- Improved support for models in the GLB format
- Improved font compatibility for text rendering
- Changing proxies now triggers the unsaved state for the project
- Exiting a project while proxies are being created now triggers a warning
- Plugins now load more quickly after initial installation of HitFilm on Mac systems
- Export times for projects using text and 2D effects have been improved on M1 Macs
- Improved compatibility with Sapphire and Red Giant transition OFX plugins
- In the Super Glow effect, the Grain Frequency setting now defaults to a value of 1.0
- Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to render Quality proxies at incompatible resolutions
- Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to export to H.264 with incompatible resolutions
- Updated the text in the DPI Scaling checkbox
- Added support for macOS dark mode to the HitFilm installer
- Analytics data is now being gathered to aid our understanding of how people interact with HitFilm. You can opt-out at any time via File > Options > General (tab) > Allow analytics data to be gathered (checkbox

- Project templates with a framerate of 59.94 are no longer marked as invalid
- Software decoding in the HitFilm Pro demo now supports a wider range of H.264 files
- Software decoding above 8-bit in the HitFilm Pro Demo is supported again for H.264 files
- Performance proxies can now be created for a wider range of files in the HitFilm Pro Demo
- Keyboard shortcuts now display correctly in dropdown menus on Mac systems
- Improved the accuracy of the frame which is shown when a clip is opened in the Trimmer
- In the Trimmer, the Scale to Fit option is now available for images
- Creating a light no longer blocks the creation of masks
- Text clips can no longer be added to locked video tracks
- Changing the duration of a comp containing a published text layer no longer blocks that text layer from being edited
- Transforming the X position of a layer from a tracked point no longer causes stability issues
- Applying tracking info for a single position axis no longer affects both axes
- Pre-renders that are no longer valid are now discarded, rather than showing an alert triangle
- Improved performance of loading the Cache options panel when the cache is large
- Keyboard shortcuts in the Viewer can now be used after creating a composite shot
- Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when the view is panned and when paths are edited
- Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when switching between timelines
- The Viewer selection tool icon now updates correctly when you press and release the right-click mouse button
- Pressing the middle mouse button while the Hand tool is active no longer switches to the selection tool
- Using the Viewer navigation tools no longer causes the selection to be lost
- Using the Viewer navigation tools with the Mask tool active no longer renders the mask in selection mode
- Masks can once again be edited non-uniformly by holding shift while editing
- The Viewer controls for Title clips now update correctly when their anchor point is edited
- When a plane is set to receive reflections, converting the plane to a comp no longer breaks the reflections
- Changing the AA settings for the Viewer now updates correctly on Macs with integrated graphics
- Changing the resolution of a timeline after caching no longer causes render issues on systems with Intel UHD 630 graphics
- Adding the Oil Painting effect no longer causes stability issues on Macs running Big Sur
- Saving a project with Auto Stabilizer applied to a large video file no longer causes stability issues
- Auto Stabilizer once again shows the frame analyzation progress in the Viewer
- Auto Stabilizer does not display the control buttons in the Viewer until the initial analyzation is completed
- The Derez effect now renders correctly when preceded by the Set Matte effect
- The Bevel effect now renders correctly when applied after the Bend effect
- Improved the render accuracy of the Grading Transfer effect
- Eliminated a rendering glitch that would appear in the Surface Studio effect at high color depths
- Eliminated a rendering glitch when using the Cosmos effect with lens blur and a plane layer at high color depths
- Improved alignment in the Half Tone effect to prevent unwanted rendering artifacts at the frame edges
- In the End Credits Crawl effect, the fonts for Roles and Names can now be edited independently
- The End Credits Crawl effect now consistently has a single element when added
- Clicking the ‘Add a System’ button in Particular no longer causes stability issues in HitFilm
- Canceling an existing export queue item when an Export Now task is rendering no longer freezes the queue
- Export of timelines containing OFX plugins are now less likely to time out, thanks to optimizations in the plugin loading process
- HitFilm no longer experiences stability issues on exit, on systems using Intel Iris Xe graphics

Features no longer available from the next update:
- Integration between HitFilm and VEGAS Pro
- AAF import/export support
- After Effects plugin support

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