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Integrity 12.5.2 Mac

Integrity for Mac 檢查您的網站上的鏈接和圖像。為您的主頁網址提供完整性,然後按照內部鏈接查找您的所有網頁,檢查每個鏈接並報告每個網站的服務器響應代碼。版本 6 更快,更精簡。它還將引擎與用戶界面分開,以便引擎可供其他開發人員使用.

的一些功能 - 我打算誠信保持自由,並保持網站鏈接檢查器,不多不少。請注意,Integrity Plus 提供了更多功能,例如管理多個站點,導出和生成站點地圖。審查提供進一步的高級功能,如身份驗證,拼寫和語法檢查,SEO 檢查。

Integrity for Mac 是 donationware,這意味著它是免費提供給個人用戶沒有任何限制。我非常感謝捐款,如果您選擇捐款,這將鼓勵本軟件和其他 OSX 軟件的進一步開發.

因為我們移動,刪除或更改我們自己的網頁,網頁上的鏈接很快就會變得破碎(鏈接腐爛)和其他我們鏈接的人也是這樣做的。定期使用鏈接檢查器可以改善您的網站用戶體驗(UX)和搜索引擎優化(SEO)。完整性是 Mac 的免費鏈接檢查器。這是 OSX 原生,非常快速和準確.

Integrity Plus icon
Integrity 是一個免費的鏈接檢查器。更多的功能和選項,如導出您的數據,身份驗證(登錄),管理多個網站,網站地圖生成,搜索引擎優化檢查,拼寫和放大器。語法都在兩個相關的應用程序中可用; 誠信加和審查。這裡是主要功能比較

多年的工作已經進入開發和支持 Integrity for Mac 和 Scrutiny 使用的快速準確的網站爬行 / 抓取引擎。我希望將其用於需要抓取網站的其他應用程序。版本 6 是一個完整的引擎重寫,它比以前更快,更高效,現在與 UI 分離。這個可可框架的網站抓取 / 抓取引擎可供您試用.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Integrity 12.5.2
檔案名稱 integrity.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Shiela Dixon
軟體類型 2022-11-12

What's new in this version:

Integrity 12.5.2
- a problem that led to the final status of certain urls (a redirect followed by an error) showing the 3xx redirect code rather than the final error code
- bug with the redirect table in the Link Inspector not showing the starting url on the first row but the first redirect url
- a problem that could (under fairly unlikely circumstances) lead to a page incorrectly being excluded from the sitemap for being marked 'robots noindex'

Integrity 12.5.0
- Improvements to parsing srcsets

(Pro) Improves structured data functionality:
- Now allows for multiple chunks of json-ld on a page
- Now reads multiple items within @graph properly
- Displays the top-level @types from json-ld in the SEO->Meta data table

Integrity 12.4.7
- Preferences>Views>'treat blacklisted urls as bad links'
- appearance of headings 'outline' view in page inspector
- Other small fixes
- (Plus and Pro) Adds 'Delete configuration' to context menu
- sorting by column in 'by status' view, plus small efficiency related to building by status view at end of scan

Integrity 12.4.5
- Fixes an issue that could have caused image urls after an audio or video tag to be corrupted and therefore test bad since 12.4.2
- Fixes relating to the 'on finish alert' preference
- (Pro) Fixes an issue which could sometimes cause scan to slow down and stop when using the rendering feature
- Updates to the manual

Integrity 12.4.3
- Improvement to 'robots noindex' search, false positives may have been seen for that
- fixes a problem that prevented the contents (src) of iFrames from being followed if the starting page consists of iframes and no other links
- Adds support for links to audio and video files within but both markups are valid and now correctly parsed, tested and reported
- (Plus and Pro) Adds 'Visit' to context (right-click) menu of website list
- Fixes problem causing css files to not be parsed for url('') images. (These image urls should be tested and reported if 'linked files' and 'images' are switched on in Options.)

Integrity 12.4.00
- Fixes problem which caused starting urls with accented characters in the domain to stall
- Urls with special characters may have appeared encoded rather than decoded in one or two places including the Link Inspector 'appears on' table and redirect table

Improvements to soft 404 functionality:
- certain social networking sites currently return a 'soft 404' which is a 200 code and a page that says "page not found" or similar. Detecting this requires the soft 404 feature to be switched on and configured. in some cases it can also require clientside rendering. External links to Twitter and Youtube are now automatically rendered in order to access and check page content (if soft404 is switched on)
- Some terms are added to the default value for the soft 404 terms field. This will only affect new users or those who haven't altered the default list.
- When a possible soft 404 is detected, a warning is created which explains which term was matched on the target page. This can be seen in the Link Inspector and in the Warnings table.
- Adds context help to soft 404 settings in the Preferences window

Integrity 12.3.16
- Improves sorting in Link Inspector 'Appears on' table
- Adds 'Copy URL' to the context menu for that table
- Fixes a problem preventing the 'bad links only' button from working properly in 'by page' and 'by status' views (Integrity Pro and Scrutiny only)
- When Pause is pressed during scan, current connections are now stopped and returned to the check queue. Previously they were allowed to finish, which didn't cause a problem, but as the stats crept after pressing the button, it didn't look particularly 'clean'.

Integrity 12.3.15
- By popular request, adds 'live updating' to the 'By link URL' table (and only if that tab is selected)
- it is best if the Settings or another tab is selected during the scan, as the live updating is an overhead and makes the san slower and less efficient. To help with this problem, the 'live updating' happens periodically rather than with every url. But this still isn't advised for very large sites.
- (Integrity Pro) Fixes message on Spelling tab 'Spelling is disabled in settings' being displayed permanently

Integrity 12.3.14
- Significantly improved and more efficient parsing for meta http refresh. Now checks for delay in seconds within the content attribute, if small (<6s) will observe the redirect, otherwise will ignore
- Now ignores meta http refresh found within

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