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Resolume Arena 7.9.0 rev 11617 Mac

Iris for Mac 是用於眼睛保護,健康和生產力的軟件。保護您的眼睛免受 Mac 屏幕的負面影響!該程序可能為您帶來的 2 個最流行的功能是:您可以減少屏幕發出的藍光並控制亮度,而不會產生 PWM 閃爍。

有幾種不同的模式和幾種不同類型的應用程序。這些基本上是許多人使用的一些預設值。除此之外,您還可以自定義很多工具。默認情況下,它會自動運行並檢測白天還是晚上。基於此,它將更改屏幕的色溫和亮度。當您打開程序的控制面板時,可以為 macOS 選擇不同的模式和類型的 Iris。

Iris for Mac 優於競爭對手的一些好處是,該應用程序甚至可以在通過我的自定義 High(標準)幫助通過 USB 連接的擴展塢和顯示器上工作級別的 Color-API。與所有其他替代產品相比,它具有更大的藍光減少顏色範圍,無脈衝寬度調製的亮度,手動設置,色彩效果,字體渲染,放大和借助全屏覆蓋減少部分藍光.

注:在演示版高級設置不可用。如果由於某些原因您不喜歡 Iris,則可以檢查 f.lux.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows

的 Iris

檔案版本 Resolume Arena 7.9.0 rev 11617
檔案名稱 Resolume_Arena_7_9_0_rev_11617_Installer.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Daniel Georgiev
軟體類型 2022-02-07

What's new in this version:

Preview Advanced Output Screens & CrossFader:
- Since version 7.7 you can create as many preview monitors you like and directly monitor layer and groups. We're now taking this one step further by introducing preview monitoring of screens from the advanced Output and the CrossFader. Open the monitor menu by clicking on the radar icon in the bottom right of every monitor.

Node Library Search Improvements:
- Version 7.9 changes the way you patch in Wire forever. The Node Library with search can now be brought up by double clicking on inlets & outlets and by double clicking on a wire. This makes patching sooo much faster! You can also now select a node, press CMD + ENTER on macOS and CTRL + ENTER on Windows to open the node library, search what you're looking for and press enter to the create the node, this way you can use the mouse even less and patch even faster.

Installing Wire Patches:
- Drop a compiled Wire patch onto Arena and Avenue and it will be copied to the correct folder and show up in the Wire category on the Effects and Sources panels instead of listed as a "normal effect".

Avenue & Arena Fix List:
- Update to FFmpeg 4.3
- Swagger.yaml has wrong value type for clip Connected
- Stutter when loading & triggering a clip with Syphon input
- Recalling cue point when AV clip is paused, audio position is not recalled
- Dongle no worky any more under Monterey
- Green color fringing when outputting via Blackmagic cards
- Option for Footage Installer to not launch app in /SILENT mode
- Crash clearing clip slot through API
- Black BG in Chinese translation says Black Beijing
- Blend params can get lost when copying effect
- Clearing layer through REST-API does not work

Wire Fix List:
- Crash inserting Pack before Node which already has float 4 connected to other inlet
- Snapshot can create image from wrong node, move Snapshot to Node menu
- Length isn't multi-class
- Welcome dialog doesn't show thumbnails in recents
- Crash connecting multichannel nodes using wire drop on background with nodes not accepting multi channel input
- Bloom and Pixel blur are broken in Wire on M1 with Montere

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