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iTaskX 4.0.1 Mac

iTaskX for Mac 給你所有的工具來銳化大的圖片或提供有關您的項目的豐富的細節,沒有沉重的過載或複雜性。輕鬆捕獲日期和成本,分配,導入或評估資源,改變日曆,預測鬆弛時間或個性化外觀,感覺和功能.

iTaskX 是來自任何行業的項目經理,架構師,業務分析師和項目貢獻者的理想工具。和使用 Microsoft Project 的人毫不費力地工作。通過 XML,MPP,CVS 或 ICS 等標准文件格式交換數據,或將任何視圖保存為 PDF,JPG,EPS,PNG 或 TIF - iTaskX 提供與 Microsoft Project,Excel,Word,Numbers,Pages,Kalender 無與倫比的兼容性。 .

iTaskX 支持 300 多項功能。而且它使用了複雜的工具,使得它們比你想像的更簡單。 iTaskX 幫助您按時,按預算實現您的項目目標.

一個優雅的界面設計,感覺完全新鮮,將幫助您控制項目的每個細節。但這不僅僅是他們看起來好多了。這也是關於他們工作多好的原因。 iTaskX 使創建和交付美麗而令人印象深刻的項目計劃變得簡單.

Microsoft 項目 friendly
與使用 Microsoft Project 的人合作? iTaskX 使它成為一個偉大的工作關係。您可以將 iTaskX 文件保存為 MS Project XML 文件。或者在 iTaskX.

Note 中打開並編輯 Microsoft Project 文件:演示版本將不允許保存或打印文檔。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 iTaskX 4.0.1
檔案名稱 iTaskX4.dmg
檔案大小 20 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Techno-Grafik
軟體類型 2019-08-20

What's new in this version:

iTaskX 4.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

iTaskX 4.0.0
- iTaskX 4 supports now the macOS Dark Mode. Choose what works best for you - the familiar light appearance, the new Dark Mode or a mixture of both. Definitely an elegant interface design that feels entirely fresh. But it’s not just about how much better the interface looks. It’s also about how much better it works

Reworked Styles and Themes:
- All format functions in one place. With a few clicks, you can format your tasks, resources or your whole schedule
- The new styles and themes save time and increase your productivity

Manually scheduled tasks:
- iTaskX has traditionally been its ability to recalculate task schedules when you change the project start date or a change to one task’s schedule affects one or more linked tasks. This powerful behavior saves you from having to rethink and reenter dates to rescheduled tasks throughout the project
- But flip sides to the benefits of automation always exist, and in the case of project scheduling, automatic scheduling can lead to unwanted schedule changes based on software behavior and not on human expertise
- To retain the helpful aspects of automation that make scheduling less time-consuming while allowing project managers to retain schedule control when needed, iTaskX 4 allows user-controlled scheduling
- If you want to use this behavior by default for new tasks, you can specify this in your project options

New resource management:
- Using the new resources inspector in iTaskX 4 makes handling resources a breeze – you can create, edit and assign resources in one place. In the brand new iTaskX Resource Inspector, it does not matter if you want to assign resources to a single task or multiple tasks at once
- To assign a resource, simply select a task and enter the units or cost in the field right beside the resource name. It can't be easier!

Columns, Columns, Columns:
- iTaskX 4 now gives you access to over 275 different task columns and 230 freely configurable resource columns for all situations
- For example, in addition to the existing Notes column, iTaskX 4 now offers 30 individually configurable text columns
- And best of all, you can exchange all these new columns with Microsoft Project
- Thus, iTaskX offers the most comprehensive support for Microsoft Project among all project management solutions available for macOS

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