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JabRef 5.6 Mac

JabRef for Mac 是一個開源書目參考管理器。 JabRef 使用的本地文件格式是 BibTeX,這是標準的 LaTeX 參考書目格式。 JabRef 運行在 Java VM(1.8 或更高版本)上,在 Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS 上運行良好。X.

BibTeX 是由 Oren Patashnik 和 Leslie Lamport 為 LaTeX 文檔準備系統編寫的應用程序和參考書目文件格式。一般信息可以在 CTAN BibTeX 軟件包信息頁面找到。 JabRef 還支持 BibLaTeX.

由 LaTeX 和 BibTeX 生成的 BibTeX 文件可以通過使用不同的 BibTeX 和 BibLaTeX 樣式文件進行格式化以適應任何參考列表規範。

JabRef 功能:

搜索 Web
可以在外部數據庫和 BibTeX 條目中搜索條目可以從那裡獲取。實例來源:arXiv,CiteseerX,Google Scholar,Medline,GVK,IEEEXplore 和 Springer

RIS,Medline / Pubmed(xml),Refer / Endnote,INSPEC,BibTeXML,CSA,ISI Web of Science,SilverPlatter,Scifinder,OVID, Biblioscape,Sixpack,JStor 和 RIS.

JabRef 可以指示搜索引用的全文,下載並直接鏈接到 BibTeX 條目。



啟動外部應用程序:PDF 查看器,Web 瀏覽器。將引文插入 TeXstudio,LyX,Kile,LatexEditor,Emacs,Vim 和 WinEdt

BibTeX 密鑰可以自定義的方式從文檔數據中自動生成。使用作者姓名,標題和年份.

支持 PDF 中的 XMP 元數據 61225896 改進共享 PDF 和參考書目信息的工作流程

HTML,Docbook,BibTeXML,MODS,RTF,Refer / Endnote 和 OpenOffice.org 以及 LibreOffice

Customization JabRef 接口

定制 BibTeX 字段
您可以添加自己的字段到任何 BibTeX 輸入類型。

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載適用於 Windows 的 JabRef

檔案版本 JabRef 5.6
檔案名稱 JabRef-5.6.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.8.3 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 JabRef Team
更新日期 http://www.jabref.org/
軟體類型 2022-04-26

What's new in this version:

- We enabled the user to customize the API Key for some fetchers
- We added an extra option when right-clicking an entry in the Entry List to copy either the DOI or the DOI url
- We added a fetcher for Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) 8576
- We added an extra option to ask the user whether they want to open to reveal the folder holding the saved file with the file selected
- We added a new section to network preferences to allow using custom SSL certificates
- We improved the version check to take also beta version into account and now redirect to the right changelog for the version
- We added two new web and fulltext fetchers: SemanticScholar and ResearchGate
- We added notifications on success and failure when writing metadata to a PDF-file
- We added a cleanup action that escapes $ (by adding a backslash in front)

- We upgraded to Lucene 9.1 for the fulltext search
- Thus, the now created search index cannot be read from older versions of JabRef anylonger
- ⚠️ JabRef will recreate the index in a new folder for new files and this will take a long time for a huge library
- Moreover, switching back and forth JabRef versions and meanwhile adding PDFs also requires rebuilding the index now and then
- We changed the list of CSL styles to those that support formatting bibliographies citeproc-java#116
- The CSL preview styles now also support displaying data from cross references entries that are linked via the crossref field
- We made the Search button in Web Search wider. We also skewed the panel titles to the left
- We introduced a preference to disable fulltext indexing
- When exporting entries, the encoding is always UTF-8
- When embedding BibTeX data into a PDF, the encoding is always UTF-8
- We replaced the OttoBib fetcher by a fetcher by OpenLibrary
- We first fetch ISBN data from OpenLibrary, if nothing found, ebook.de is tried
- We now only show a warning when exiting for tasks that will not be recovered automatically upon relaunch of JabRef

- We fixed an issue where right clicking multiple entries and pressing "Change entry type" would only change one entry
- We fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to add or delete multiple files in the file field in the entry editor
- We fixed an issue where the author's lastname was not used for the citation key generation if it started with a lowercase letter
- We fixed an issue where custom "Protected terms" files were missing after a restart of JabRef
- We fixed an issue where JabRef could not start due to a missing directory for the fulltex index
- We fixed an issue where long article numbers in the pages field would cause an exception and preventing the citation style to display, citeproc-java
- We fixed an issue where online links in the file field were not detected correctly and could produce an exception
- We fixed an issue where an exception could occur when saving the preferences #7614
- We fixed an issue where "Copy DOI url" in the right-click menu of the Entry List would just copy the DOI and not the DOI url
- We fixed an issue where opening the console from the drop-down menu would cause an exception
- We fixed an issue when reading non-UTF-8 encoded. When no encoding header is present, the encoding is now detected from the file content (and the preference option is disregarded)
- We fixed an issue where pasting a URL was replacing + signs by spaces making the URL unreachable
- We fixed an issue where creating subsidiary files from aux files created with some versions of biblatex would produce incorrect results
- We fixed an issue where opening the changelog from withing JabRef led to a 404 error
- We fixed an issue where not all found unlinked local files were imported correctly due to some race condition
- We fixed an issue where Merge entries dialog exceeds screen boundaries.
- We fixed an issue where the app lags when selecting an entry after a fresh start
- We fixed an issue where no citationkey was generated on import, pasting a doi or an entry on the main table. 8406, koppor#553
- We fixed an issue where accent search does not perform consistently
- We fixed an issue where the incorrect entry was selected when "New Article" is pressed while search filters are active

- We removed the option to copy CSL Citation styles data as XSL_FO, ASCIIDOC, and RTF as these have not been working since a long time and are no longer supported in the external library used for processing the styles
- We removed the option to configure the default encoding. The default encoding is now hard-coded to the modern UTF-8 encoding.

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