Resolume Avenue 7.10.0 rev 12509 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Resolume Avenue 7.10.0 rev 12509 Mac

Java Runtime Environment for Mac(適用於 Mac 的 JRE)允許您玩在線遊戲,與世界各地的人聊天,計算您的抵押貸款利息,並在 3D 中查看圖像,僅舉幾例。這也是企業計算基礎的內聯網應用和其他電子商務解決方案的組成部分。 (JRE)提供了庫,Java 虛擬機和其他組件來運行用 Java 編程語言編寫的 applet 和應用程序。另外,兩個關鍵的部署技術是 JRE 的一部分:Java Plug-in,它使小程序可以在流行的瀏覽器中運行; 以及通過網絡部署獨立應用程序的 Java Web Start。許多跨平台應用程序也需要 Java 才能正常運行。

注意:需要 64 位 Web 瀏覽器。安裝管理員權限.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 Java 運行時環境

檔案版本 Resolume Avenue 7.10.0 rev 12509
檔案名稱 Resolume_Avenue_7_10_0_rev_12509_Installer.dmg
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Oracle
軟體類型 2022-03-10

What's new in this version:

New Blend Modes Menu:
- Quickly selecting a different blend mode for a layer was always a bit of a pain in the a$$. You got this huge list of blend modes and transitions but often use only a handful. With the new blend modes dropdown menu you can favourite the blends you use the most and fold down the rest so they are out of the way.

Wire Test Slices:
- Creating a patch with slice inputs in Wire was like programming blindfolded. There was no way to see what your slices were doing until you loaded the patch in Arena. But now you can enable some dummy test slices on the Slices input node in Wire so you can actually see what you're doing before loading your patch in Arena.

Wire Fix List:
- String to Float & Int Conversion
- Choice Input, Buttons or Dropdown
- ALT + SHIFT Click to select entire "branch" in wire patch
- Converting Multi-Channel strings into a single channel with Merge Node
- Add wrapping to the Substring node.
- Add overloads for float2, float3, float4 to Wrap node
- Dashboard and Choice In can't show umlauts and other strange characters
- Make Within node work with instanced texture
- Crash double clicking monitor source text in monitor panel
- Video player should not reset play position when clicking play
- Export can't be canceled
- Slice info shape doesn't match with Slice with weird resolutions
- Show invalid connection on load as red cord

Arena & Avenue Fix List:
- External Key/Fill with Blackmagic cards does not work as expected
- Transform positions from v6 clip can translate to wrong position in v7
- Turn on ZeroConfig for WebServer
- Render from mp4 can have crackling at the peaks
- Mouse sets color on both mousedown and mouse release on color picker, should only do it on down
- AV clips can reset their in/out point going from 7.8 to 7.9
- Crash unplugging thunderbolt hub
- Text parameters are missing from the REST-API
- Crash opening Advanced output with v6 AdvancedOutput.xml

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