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Java JRE 9.0.1 Mac

Java Runtime Environment for Mac(適用於 Mac 的 JRE)允許您玩在線遊戲,與世界各地的人聊天,計算您的抵押貸款利息,並在 3D 中查看圖像,僅舉幾例。這也是企業計算基礎的內聯網應用和其他電子商務解決方案的組成部分。 (JRE)提供了庫,Java 虛擬機和其他組件來運行用 Java 編程語言編寫的 applet 和應用程序。另外,兩個關鍵的部署技術是 JRE 的一部分:Java Plug-in,它使小程序可以在流行的瀏覽器中運行; 以及通過網絡部署獨立應用程序的 Java Web Start。許多跨平台應用程序也需要 Java 才能正常運行。

注意:需要 64 位 Web 瀏覽器。安裝管理員權限.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 Java 運行時環境

檔案版本 Java JRE 9.0.1
檔案名稱 jre-9.0.1_osx-x64_bin.dmg
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Oracle
軟體類型 2017-10-18

What's new in this version:

Refactor existing providers to refer to the same constants for default values for key length:
Two important changes have been made for this issue:
- 1. A new system property has been introduced that allows users to configure the default key size used by the JDK provider implementations of KeyPairGenerator and AlgorithmParameterGenerator. This property is named "" and the value of this property is a list of comma-separated entries. Each entry consists of a case-insensitive algorithm name and the corresponding default key size (in decimal) separated by ":". In addition, white space is ignored.
- By default, this property will not have a value, and JDK providers will use their own default values. Entries containing an unrecognized algorithm name will be ignored. If the specified default key size is not a parseable decimal integer, that entry will be ignored as well.
- 2. The DSA KeyPairGenerator implementation of the SUN provider no longer implements Applications which cast the SUN provider's DSA KeyPairGenerator object to a can set the system property "". If the value of this property is "true", the SUN provider will return a DSA KeyPairGenerator object which implements the interface. This legacy implementation will use the same default value as specified by the javadoc in the interface.
- By default, this property will not have a value, and the SUN provider will return a DSA KeyPairGenerator object which does not implement the forementioned interface and thus can determine its own provider-specific default value as stated in the class or by the "" system property if set.

- Collections use serialization filter to limit array sizes:
- Deserialization of certain collection instances will cause arrays to be allocated. The ObjectInputFilter.checkInput() method is now called prior to allocation of these arrays. Deserializing instances of ArrayDeque, ArrayList, IdentityHashMap, PriorityQueue, java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList, and the immutable collections (as returned by List.of, Set.of, and Map.of) will call checkInput() with a FilterInfo instance whose serialClass() method returns Object[].class. Deserializing instances of HashMap, HashSet, Hashtable, and Properties will call checkInput() with a FilterInfo instance whose serialClass() method returns Map.Entry[].class. In both cases, the FilterInfo.arrayLength() method will return the actual length of the array to be allocated. The exact circumstances under which the serialization filter is called, and with what information, is subject to change in future releases.

Add warnings to keytool when using JKS and JCEKS:
- When keytool is operating on a JKS or JCEKS keystore, a warning may be shown that the keystore uses a proprietary format and migrating to PKCS12 is recommended. The keytool's -importkeystore command is also updated so that it can convert a keystore from one type to another if the source and destination point to the same file.

- (JBS, component, subcomponent, description)
- JDK-8183297 infrastructure Allow duplicate bugid for changeset in jdk9 update forest
- JDK-8187993 infrastructure [CPU17_04] Need to update securitypack.jar with baseline.versions file having jdk9 entry
- JDK-8187043 javafx graphics JavaFX fails to launch on some Windows platforms due to missing VS2017 libraries
- JDK-8089283 javafx web Padding property of the select tag is incorrect in WebView
- JDK-8176729 javafx web com.sun.webkit.dom.NodeImpl#SelfDisposer is not called
- JDK-8178319 javafx web Build sqlite3 from source
- JDK-8178360 javafx web Build and integrate ICU from source
- JDK-8178440 javafx web Build libxml2 and libxslt from source
- JDK-8179673 javafx web JVM Crash in WebPage.setBackgroundColor() during webpage navigation (Non Public API)
- JDK-8183292 javafx web Update to 604.1 version of WebKit
- JDK-8184448 javafx web Crash while loading gif images with more frames
- JDK-8185132 javafx web window.requestAnimationFrame API is not working

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