Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15221.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

winXmac軟體社群 Mac 聊天訊息 Daum Kakao Corp. 免費軟體 Rate 50

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Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15221.0 Mac

沒有更多的短信超齡,短信計劃或任何其他與短信相關的麻煩。 KakaoTalk for Mac 是一個免費的智能手機信使,允許用戶發送和接收消息,包括照片,視頻,語音筆記,通過一對一和群聊聊天的聯繫信息。

KakaoTalk 功能:

發送文件,視頻,圖像,音頻或來自 Mac 的壓縮文件(最高可達 100MB / 文件),並可在 Mac 和移動設備上查看.

解析 Excel 樣式
將您的聊天室轉換為類似於 Excel 電子表格的樣式。根據自己的喜好更改字體和文字大小.


忘記從 KakaoTalk Mac 註銷?從 KakaoTalk Mobile,轉到更多> 設置> Mac 版本註銷您的 Mac 活動.

如果您共享您的計算機或想要安全地離開您的聊天記錄,KakaoTalk Mac 的鎖定模式將保持您的密碼保護您的聊天.


注意:需要 64 位 processor.

也可用:下載 KakaoTalk 的 Windows

檔案版本 Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15221.0
檔案名稱 webexapp.dmg
檔案大小 113 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Daum Kakao Corp.
軟體類型 2020-04-12

What's new in this version:

Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15221.0
- You couldn't join a space meeting when somebody had forwarded the invite to you
- When you were connected to an on-premises device you couldn't share your screen
- You sometimes lost your audio when you merged two calls

Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15164.0
- When you tried to call somebody from the peoples tab in a space, the app quit unexpectedly and restarted
- When you use Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM), sometimes the app quit unexpectedly

Fixed in Webex Calling:
- Call forwarding wasn't enabled in the app when you selected call forwarding and send all calls to voice mail in
- Changes you made to call forwarding on weren't shown correctly in the app

Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15131.0
We resolved the following issues when you use Calling in Webex Teams (Webex Calling):
- Sometimes the incorrect caller ID was shown
- Phone services sometimes quit unexpectedly and failed to restart and reconnect
- When you used feature access codes, there was an issue with numbers containing spaces

We resolved the following issue when you use Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM):
- You couldn't use your keyboard for keypad input during a call

When you used buttons and cards with apps in Webex Teams, we resolved the following issues:
- Some images incorrectly displayed at full size in cards
- When you had multiple images in cards, additional space was incorrectly added to them
- When you extended the size of a card, the message area didn't expand correctly
- When you chose to center buttons on the card, they appeared left aligned
- The height for dropdown lists on cards made it difficult to read the text
- When you have multiple buttons, the content for the first button clicked was shown over any other button's content

Cisco Webex Teams 3.0.15092.0
- We've made some updates for scaling reliability

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