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LastPass 4.49.0 Mac

LastPass for Mac 是您將需要的最後一個密碼。它允許你:創建強密碼,知道你只需要記住一個密碼。 LastPass 有 Internet Explorer,Firefox,Safari(適用於 Mac),Google Chrome 以及其他帶有 Bookmarklets 的瀏覽器(例如​​Opera)。 LastPass 使用主機託管主機技術來同步您的密碼,而 LastPass 永遠不會訪問您的敏感數據。 LastPass for Mac 為 iPhone,黑莓,Windows Mobile,Google Android,Palm webOS 和 Symbian 手機提供移動訪問的高級升級。


下載並使用 LastPass 在幾分鐘內完成設置。一旦你創建了你的賬戶,LastPass 會在你瀏覽時提示你保存新的網站 - 所以你永遠不會失去另一個密碼。

Hassle-Free Login
保存網站的用戶名和密碼後,LastPass 將在您返回該網站時自動填寫登錄信息。沒有想法,沒有打字,沒有工作要求 - LastPass 為你做。

查看您的所有帳戶和密碼在一個易於使用的“保險庫”中,您可以在其中編輯,刪除和整理存儲的數據。 LastPass 會自動同步,所以無論你身在何處,都可以隨時更新。

Streamline 在線購物

需要在登機之前查看銀行對賬單嗎?升級到 LastPass 高級版,無限使用移動應用程序,無論身在何處都可以無憂無慮.

LastPass 功能:
適用於 Mac,Windows,Linux 和 Windows 的無限瀏覽器同步功能。 Web 自動填寫登錄和放大形成用於數字記錄的安全筆記與朋友和朋友共享憑證同事密碼發生器多因素認證& 一次性密碼審核密碼與安全挑戰命令行界面注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 LastPass for Windows

檔案版本 LastPass 4.49.0
檔案大小 28.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 LastPass Corp
軟體類型 2020-06-06

What's new in this version:

LastPass 4.49.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 4.48.0
- Improved: More reliable federated user account detection
- Improved: 'None' folder category in your Vault is now renamed to 'uncategorized' for better clarity
- Fixed: The running LastPass Mac App can interrupt the computer restart

LastPass 4.47.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 4.46.0
- Fixed: Recommend or Require Linked Personal Account Policy can be circumvented by using the Browser Toolbar Dropdown

LastPass 4.40.1
- Fixed: In Chromium-based Edge the MFA prompt should show default computer name as Edge not Chrome

LastPass 4.32.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 4.31.0
- Improved: PEM files are now supported as attachments on Secure Notes
- Improved: Custom fields are now supported when importing from 1Password
- Improved: Enhanced fillable data detection via the Browser Toolbar Dropdown
- Fixed: Matching sites not updated correctly in some cases in Safari
- Fixed: Firefox Private mode blocks the Multifactor verification tab from opening
- Fixed: Favorites menu can disappear from the Safari extension dropdown
- Fixed: Free users can One-to-Many share single Vault Items

LastPass 4.29.0
- Fixed: SMS-based two-factor authentication in Firefox opens the browser’s dev console
- Improved: Improved mechanism for filling credit card expiration date
- Improved: Warning message displayed now when trying to upload unsupported Secure Note attachments

LastPass 4.28.0
- Improvement: Improved page interaction performance
- Fixed: Unable to trust device when using Yubikey
- Fixed: On - save prompt contains dots instead of the password on login
- Fixed: On - no save prompt on login
- Fixed: Notification to add a site shows when 'Never Do Anything' Never URL setting is enabled

LastPass 4.26.0

- Importing Dashlane CSV does not parse correctly on Windows
- Enabling the binary component via the Browser Toolbar Dropdown is not working
- Vault can open unintentionally on browser restart
- Edit Equivalent Domain icon is missing from the Preferences screen
- "Open Secure Note" event not appearing in Enterprise Reports
- "Require Master Password Change When Reuse Detected" policy not applied on windows for enterprise customers
- LastPass For application does not work with Federated users for enterprise customers

LastPass 4.25.0

- LastPass is allowed to fill on payment sites

- [Safari] Filling from context menu not working in some cases
- [Safari] Infield icon menu doesn’t get properly opened in full screen mode
- [Safari] Occasional blank browser Toolbar Dropdown

LastPass 4.24.1
- Security: Improved clean-up process for 'LastPass for Application'

LastPass 4.24.0

- New users on Firefox and Edge will now experience the most updated user interface

- More consistent offline mode login

- Disabling the Password Alerts prompt is not respected
- Typo in Software License Secure Note template

LastPass 4.21.0

- Removed time-out option to make "Automatically Log out when all browsers are closed" setting more secure
- Broken drop-down menu in Firefox when "Never Remember history" setting is used
- "Show My LastPass Vault After Login" setting is not respected
- "Default Account for New Sites" enterprise policy not applied in all scenarios
- "Disable Password Alerts" setting is not respected

- Minor bug fixes

LastPass 4.19.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 4.18.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 4.17.1
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes

LastPass 4.1.58
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes

LastPass 4.1.44
- Fixed: Second iteration on fixing vulnerabilities reported by security researcher
- Fixed: 3.0 mode on Firefox 52 is freezing extension dropdown
- Fixed: Typo on SMS passcode message
- Fixed: Autofill fails on
- Fixed: Settings with values in Extension > Preferences can get unsaved
- Fixed: False reprompt on
- Improved: Registration tab handling on first install
- Improved: Added new translations
- Improved: Saving generated passwords
- New: Updated prompt for saving a site and enhanched infield menu experience in Firefox and Safari
- New: Repositioning Show Matching Sites in the extension dropdown

LastPass 4.1.2
- Improved: Restored “Replace Site” functionality to save site dialog when opened from web site notification
- Improved: Don’t submit save request when an item’s data has not changed
- Fixed: Show credit monitoring terms and conditions
- Fixed: Removed inline-style CSP violation errors

LastPass 4.0.0
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 3.1.95
- Improved: Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden
- Improved: Font used in firefox password field to help distinguish ambigious characters
- Improved: Added missing translations
- Improved: Fix radio buttons honoring setting to not overwrite fields already filled
- Improved: Retain last window location for LastPass for Applications
- Fixed: Prevent invalid error when moving sites into a shared folder
- Fixed: Prevent crash in IE
- Fixed: Renaming subfolder of shared folder
- Fixed: Incorrect defaulting to en-AU language settings in IE
- Fixed: Better synchronization of login state across IE tabs

LastPass 3.1.92
- New: Attachments can be added to and downloaded from Secure Notes
- New: Add Folder option now available in Add menu
- New: If you quit the app without logging out, LastPass will attempt to restore your session automatically and will display an animated logging in screen
- New: Mark a Secure Note as a Favorite
- Improved: Identities menu is now shown as a collapsible list
- Improved: A number of minor UI enhancements
- Fixed: Prevent duplicate 'Did you Know?' messages from showing in vault
- Fixed: Command+c copying feature improved to only copy highlighted text
- Fixed: Sizing of the custom Secure Note pane

LastPass 3.1.50
- New: Auto-suggest folder name for newly saved popular sites
- Security: Change http to https saved urls for more secure filling
- Security: Tightened CSP rules
- Security: Disallow automatic filling of iframes if domain of frame is different than top page's domain
- Improved: Improved Create Account Wizard in Chrome/Safari
- Improved: Show first time overlay
- Improved: Overview pages in vault when user has not added data
- Improved: UI of online security challenge
- Fixed: Prevent high cpu usage when setup fingerprint authentication

LastPass 3.1.40
- New: Convert Folder in Vault to Shared Folder
- New: Enterprise - policy to force user to setup linked account
- New: Enterprise - check for master password reuse
- New: Adjust Security Challenge results for sites with recent vulnerabilities
- New: LastPass OpenSSL CCS checker tool available
- Resolved: Fix for Google login page
- Resolved: IE instant sync now works
- Resolved: Improved firefox addon performance
- Resolved: Prevent offer to add new sites if already present in vault
- Resolved: Better handling of change password forms

LastPass 3.1.9
- New: Detect when master password is entered into other forms
- Improved: Performance improvements when changing shared folders
- Improved: Better fill performance on sites with many iframes/fields
- Resolved: Better Autofill behavior
- Resolved: Fixed filling race when launching sites from vault
- Resolved: Fixed keyboard nav in field popup

LastPass 3.1.2
- Change log not available for this version

LastPass 3.1.0
- New: Android - security challenge in app
- New: Cross domain form submissions now warn users when data is filled
- New: Enterprise - Add Dropbox and Amazon AWS SAML support
- New: Enterprise - Automatically assign missing shared folders for AD provisioned accounts
- New: LastApp - support for IBM iAccess and similar mainframe terminal emulators
- New: Android - suggestions appear when typing in browser url field
- New: *BETA* feature - Premium users can choose to host their site data in Europe and utilize instead of
- Improved: General - more accurate site filling
- Improved: Premium - Resend/automatically reissue family shared folder requests
- Improved: Enterprise - Better SAML + AD integration
- Fixed: IE - fixed several bugs with field icons
- Fixed: IE - significant performance improvements
- Fixed: Chrome - view attachment fixed
- Fixed: Enterprise - log shared folder activity when shared outside enterprise
- Fixed: Android - autologin fixed

LastPass 1.75.0
- New: Shared folder support for Enterprise customers -- simpler sharing that is easier to manage.
- Changed: Notification bars in Chrome/Safari/Opera.
- Resolved: Potential memory leak in Firefox (immortal zombie).
- Resolved: Some pages were un-fillable.
- Resolved: IE used to add attributes to some form fields, this made poorly coded JavaScript functions that parsed innerHTML unhappy -- removed
- Resolved: Rare unecessary logout in IE when idle timeout was set
- Resolved: x64 IE versus x32 IE running at the same time both with LastPass could cause one to logoff

LastPass 1.70.0
- New: Secure Note Templates
- New: Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Portuguese form-fill support (beta)
- New: Camino Browser support on Mac (beta)
- New: Extension for Dolphin Browser HD on Android (Premium)
- New: Generate Secure Password on iPad
- New: Full Firefox 4 support
- Resolved: IE 9 compatible, multiple IE stability fixes

LastPass 1.68.4
- Change log nto available for this version

LastPass 1.68.0

- Large performance improvements in CPU time and memory usage for IE and Firefox
- the local vault has been created for Chrome and Safari, both Chrome and Safari are approaching full functionality
- 'Never for this...' shows if there is a match in the LastPass Icon context menu to ease diagnosing why it's not filling and deleting the entry
- URL Rules for limiting logins to specific subdomains, paths, (port is planned). We've added as defaults and, 2 domains where our standard matching annoyed some people. Available in Account Settings -> URL Rules tab.
- Fill In Default Form Fill Profile HotKey
- Do not overwrite fields that are already filled option for Form Fill
- Import from Chrome Password Manager directly from browser extension (making it possible on Mac and Linux)
- Generate Password and Fill Forms notification bars for Chrome and Safari
- Replace existing site has been added to Safari and Chrome
- HotKeys for Safari
- Native form fill dialog has been created for Chrome
- Language support for Estonian

New Enterprise Feature
- Changes to a shared site will be automatically pushed to all sharees (IE and FF)
- New Icon choices for Firefox and Safari (Thanks to Daniel Perkins and Caleb Evans)

- CVV filling is tighter

LastPass 1.66.0

New Feature:
- You now have a choice of the main LastPass Icon in Firefox and Safari, and a few are safer for the color blind,
- Right click menus now contain 'Go to URL' to allow you to launch the URL without logging in from Sites list or vault page.
- Language support for Serbian
Changed - Multi-Factor prompt after One Time Password login now.

- Default security settings now prevent https:// saved sites from filling on http:// pages.
- The biggest concern here was your disabled one time password -- if someone had access to your email and your file system this could potentially be problematic; using protected storage ads another layer of protection (encrypted with your windows credentials).

- Firefox 3.6 with multiple windows (not tabs) sometimes used the URL from the other window

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