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LibreOffice 7.1.3 Mac

LibreOffice for Mac 是一個功能強大的辦公套件; 其乾淨的界面和強大的工具讓你釋放你的創造力,提高你的生產力。 LibreOffice 嵌入了幾個應用程序,使其成為最強大的 Free& 文字處理器,Calc,電子表格應用程序,Impress,演示文稿引擎,Draw,我們的繪圖和流程圖應用程序,Base,我們的數據庫和數據庫前端,以及用於編輯數學的數學運算.

您的文檔無論目的如何:信函,碩士論文,小冊子,財務報告,營銷演示文稿,技術圖紙和圖表,都將顯得專業和乾淨。下載,安裝或更新 LibreOffice for Mac!

LibreOffice for Mac 兼容許多文檔格式,如 Microsoft® Word,Excel,PowerPoint 和 Publisher。但 LibreOffice 進一步使您能夠使用現代開放標準 OpenDocument Format(ODF)。除了默認的許多功能,LibreOffice 可以通過其強大的擴展機制輕鬆擴展.

LibreOffice 為您提供什麼?

Writer 是 LibreOffice 內部的文字處理器。用它來做一切事情,從快速寫信到製作帶有目錄,嵌入式插圖,參考書目和圖表的整本書。即時類型的自動完成,自動格式化和自動拼寫檢查使得困難的任務變得簡單(但是如果您願意的話,很容易禁用).

Calc 馴服你的號碼,並幫助您在衡量備選方案時作出困難的決定。用 Calc 分析你的數據,然後用它來表示你的最終輸出。圖表和分析工具有助於為您的結論帶來透明度。完全集成的幫助系統使輸入複雜公式的工作變得更簡單。從外部數據庫(如 SQL 或 Oracle)添加數據,然後對它們進行分類和過濾以生成統計分析。

Impress 是創建有效的多媒體演示的最快最容易的方法。令人驚嘆的動畫和聳人聽聞的特效幫助你說服觀眾。創建看起來比您在工作中常見的標準演示更專業的演示。通過創建一些不同的東西來獲得你的同事和老闆的注意力.

Draw 讓你從頭開始建立圖表和草圖。一張圖片勝過千言萬語,為什麼不用簡單的線框圖來嘗試一下呢?否則,走得更遠,輕鬆建立動態 3D 插圖和特效。它就像你想要的那樣簡單或者功能強大.

Base 是 LibreOffice 套件的數據庫前端。借助 Base,您可以將現有的數據庫結構無縫集成到 LibreOffice 的其他組件中,或者創建一個接口來將數據作為獨立應用程序使用和管理。您可以使用從 MySQL,PostgreSQL 或 Microsoft Access 和其他許多數據源導入和鏈接表和查詢,或設計自己的 Base.

Math 是一個簡單的公式編輯器,讓您佈局和顯示您的數學,化學,電氣或科學方程式很快以標準書面符號表示。正確顯示即使是最複雜的計算也是可以理解的。 E = mc2.

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檔案版本 LibreOffice 7.1.3
檔案名稱 LibreOffice_7.1.3_MacOS_x86-64.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 (Intel)
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 The Document Foundation
軟體類型 2021-05-07

What's new in this version:

- resource leak
- Improve Up/Down movement in writer
- overflowing pos
- no pdfium during wmf fuzzing
- Parts of EMF file not visible/stretched to an enormous extent
- emf file display yellow square instead of yelow circle
- Sections in Navigator are not listed in order of occurrence in document
- insanely slow wmf import (complex clipping and basegfx::tools::findCuts)
- FORMATTING: The clipping of EMF files are ignored.
- (emf-testbed) EMF+ List of EMF import bugs with examples
- EDITING Extending date lists with dates of 29th or greater by dragging misses month ends
- XLSX IMPORT: Data plots in chart not visible when cells have formula, needs Ctrl+Shift+F9 (Steps in Comment 5)
- using autofill on dates is wrong when increment should be 0
- EDITING: cursor jumps to different horizontal position when moving to a different line with Up / Down
- Filesave as docx saves lists with bulgarian or serbian character numbering as simple digit numbering (see comment 12)
- Importing autofiltered XLSX and selecting cells copies hidden cells, too [Tünde Tóth]
- FILESAVE: Check boxes get lost when saving as .XLSX
- Some of the image filters aren't working
- Doesn't work mouse scrolling in list of conditions in dialogue Conditional formatting for...
- FILEOPEN DOCX: Horizontal line has wrong size/position and vertical line rendered horizontally
- FILEOPEN DOC: Crash: SwFrame::RemoveFromLayout()
- FILEOPEN DOCX: Wrong format for characters
- writer: OLE object resized incorrectly
- Copied calc diagram in gdi format looks ok under linux, but the fonts looks weird under windows.
- Assert using FormulaR1C1
- F5 navigator in calc opens initially very wide
- Slide animation "diagonal squares" has wrong labels for directions
- A particular PPT with unusual order of Master-Note-Presentation fails to open in Impress [nd101]
- Page numbers for alphabetical index not displayed, if index is in more than one column (see comment 8)
- Navigator: Selected item changes to the previous one (gtk3)
- z-index wrong for shape with style:run-through="background"
- CRASH: Undoing paste of table with images of cats
- Draw PDF export to Archive/A-1b and without "Reduce image resolution" duplicates, resizes and misplaces images
- Pen color and width not stored under Gtk (see comment 9)
- pasting RTF content to LO writer resets tab stops setting in options
- Style down arrow not completely visible
- CRASH: Undoing merge cell [Mark Hung]
- [FILEOPEN PPTX] direct hyperlink colors aren't supported
- The "Excel R1C1" formula syntax does not allow you to refer to a named range (single cell or cell range) by name
- FILEOPEN DOCX Shape distance from text imported with rounding error
- UI: Format Cell, borders Borders tab has drawing glitches when applying diagonal lines
- Import of DOC file broken on 64 bit, ok on 32 bit
- VBA code modified while saving to .xls format - no longer works in Excel
- Button inside document can't be triggered with Alt-
- CSS/visual design: Explore making notes less visually dominant; it gets annoying in some pages
- Link to External Data - Calc not responding/very slow
- EMF Displayed lines are too thin and have equal line weight
- Empty frame at undo
- "Font effects" screenshot has to be updated so that it does not show "blinking" control
- No "Paste Special" dialog on Wayland with kf5 vclplug
- FILEOPEN XLSX Chart display is incorrect
- Master document view not launching subdocument from pulldown
- Crash in: mergedlo.dll: Using Save-As dialog in Tools>Chapter Numbering
- It is not possible to work with an older document from LO 6.4 in new LO 7.0, slow perf
- FILEOPEN PPTX: image styles that clip images into curvy shapes missing (and images shown rectangular) [Gülşah Köse]
- Use GetUpdatedClipboardFormats Vista API to minimize clipboard-related overhead
- Caption frame content (image) detached from frame [Attila Bakos (NISZ)]
- FORMATTING: Display errors of rotated vector graphics [Luboš Luňák]
- Error hiding and unhiding sections [Xisco Fauli, Bjoern Michaelsen]
- FILEOPEN FILESAVE PPTX: Wordart 3D is lost on round trip
- Assert is failed closing Table Properties dialog with table selected
- LO hangs when you select a cell with validity's drop-down
- Password is requested to open MailMerge database when opening More Fields dialog *on any tab*
- Password to the associated DB asked again twice after cancelled first time, when opening More Fields dialog in a MailMerge document
- It's not visible to user that a MailMerge document without database fields is associated with the database
- Extrusion North has wrong Origin
- LibreOffice freezes when checking russian spelling
- CCur does not accept negative strings
- Hard to select field when it's the first character in a table cell
- URL input of form config popup : cursor jump at start after 1 key press
- Crash in: connectivity::OSQLParseTreeIterator::getOrderTree
- FILEOPEN ODP LibreOffice uses wrong default skew angle in extruded custom shape
- LOOKUP picks data from unreferenced sheet
- Buttons in LO startcenter are not available through accessibility
- Basic: MOD result is different for values passed as literals vs. using variables
- LibreOffice Writer freeze when you try use a spellchecking in RU GUI
- .uno:DecrementSubLevels ("Demote One Level with Subpoints") has the wrong icon
- UI: Inconsistent Colibre Icon for "Next/Previous Track Change" and "Accept/Reject Track Change and select the next one"
- Removing links for external images doesn't work
- "Close" button in "Target in Hyperlink" dialog missing its left border
- EMF FILLRGN record is not displayed correctly
- [FILEOPEN] Excel file very long to open (more than one hour)
- BASE - Relationsships were shown with big space in Tableviews
- Linked OLE: Error when breaking linked OLE
- Linked OLE: OLE content is changed independent from hosting Document
- CRASH: opening Standard Filter dialog
- FILEOPEN: DOCX: Missing images in header
- UI: The vertical line of Anchor marker is blurry in Colibre icon theme
- UI: The vertical line of Anchor marker is blurry in Sukapura icon theme
- Qt5 refresh problem when starting LO start center and cairo (text) rendering ennabled
-RASH when open particular .XLS with 3D Chart
-EDITING, FORMATTING: diagram didn't automatic update when change variable (steps in comment 28)
- FILEOPEN PPTX Table text imported with white color
- Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Online update crashes if "online update" feature is not installed
- Fix temporary URL in additionsdialog
- Empty frames after deleting an image and (auto-saving the file) (track changes involved)
- Controls in Modify DDE Link dialog missing
- UI: Missing Backcolor in Preview of conditional format dialog
- EDITING Tab key no longer moves to next cell in Impress table
- incorrect horizontal scaling of glyphs in sm formula nodes
- Cancel/Ok buttons don't work in Modify DDE Link dialog (gen)
- Crash on closing Writer via window decoration (X) with unmodified document and active IM
- translations into Dutch are still shown in English
- document with chart set as modified (follow-up bug 31231)
- A specific file crashes with Style Inspector open, after deleting some text

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