ProPresenter 7.7.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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ProPresenter 7.7.0 Mac

與你的朋友保持聯繫,無論何時何地。移動時使用智能手機上的 LINE for Mac,在辦公室或家中使用 Mac。對長話機說是。隨時享受免費,高質量的通話。從您的智能手機和 Mac.

LINE 功能:

隨時隨地與朋友交流免費即時消息與一對一和群聊。 LINE 可用於所有智能手機設備(iPhone,Android,Windows Phone,黑莓,諾基亞),甚至在您的 Mac 上。視頻通話
使用 LINE 免費與朋友進行語音和視頻通話。不要等待聽到你的親人的聲音或看到他們的笑臉。現在打電話!目前可在 iPhone,Android 和 PC 上使用(Windows / Mac OS).

LINE 貼紙,更有趣和富有表現力的聊天記錄
超過 10,000 貼紙和表情符號,可以表達更廣泛的情感。與 LINE for Mac 貼紙有更多的樂趣。訪問貼紙店,找到原來的 LINE 和世界著名的人物貼紙.

從照片& 視頻分享到語音留言
LINE for Mac 可讓您輕鬆地與朋友分享照片,視頻,語音留言,聯繫人和位置信息.


Snap Movie
創建頂級質量的視頻只需 10 秒!添加很酷的背景音樂,並與朋友分享。

快速添加使用“搖吧!”的朋友功能,二維碼,或掃描二維碼 ID.

注意:需要 LINE 用於移動電話和 64 位處理器.

也提供:下載 LINE for Windows

檔案版本 ProPresenter 7.7.0
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 LINE Corporation
軟體類型 2021-10-16

What's new in this version:

- Clear Groups – Custom Clear Groups allow you to clear as many or few layers as you’d like. Your volunteer and staff operators now have control over which group of layers they are clearing.
- Key Mappings – Custom Key Mappings let you add keyboard shortcuts for accessing your favorite features. Designate key combinations to access different Props, Macros, menu items, and more.
- Search Preview – ProPresenter’s local library search now includes a preview of your text and content. Switch between text or thumbnail view to see exactly which presentation you’re looking for.

- Collaborate Better with Planning Center Services – Create place holders in playlists for future presentations, view attachments within a plan, hide extra plan items, add your own presentations, and more
- Maintain Text Attributes Across Outputs – Special attributes, like bold and underline, as well as object or text builds, now stay maintained as intended when applied with a theme or used in an alternate theme

- a bug when exporting presentations as a proBundle that caused the export to fail if any of the presentations were missing media assets
- an issue where slide notes imported from Windows to Mac had a margin on the right side
- Corrects an exception thrown in Reflow Editor when there's a caret at the end of text
- an issue where the Reflow Editor might not actually edit the document
- Now allows visibility options with Props
- an issue where text inserted before superscript text could accidentally become superscript
- an issue where foreground video slides were cleared when triggering a macro using an audience look action
- an issue where timer values rounded incorrectly
- an issue where modified text might not have autosaved
- a bug where text scaling was not applied to SongSelect imports
- an issue where SongSelect searches caused errors if the search term included symbols
- an error encountered when attempting to import a PowerPoint presentation with recent releases of PowerPoint v16
- Is now a little more lenient when flagging text that doesn't fit in a shape
- an issue where group colors and names were not being displayed in list view on the "Presenter" tab in ProRemote
- index out of bounds crash when opening slide editor with stage notes
- a crash that would happen when triggering slides with web render media fill
- an issue where countdown timers reset when restarting after being paused
- a crash caused by syncing files up to a local repository
- an issue where the slide notes and overlay editors won't scroll when text doesn't fit
- an issue where superscripts become subscripts on theme application
- an issue where actions are not configured properly when adding them to multiple slides
- an issue where the number of MIDI outputs displayed in the communications tab is incorrect
- an issue where Planning Center folders, services, and plans would not be ordered correctly in the plan selector window
- a bug that allowed renaming a library or presentation to a blank name
- a crash around creating Bible verse slides
- a crash that happened intermittently when renaming a document
- a crash that could occur when exporting playlist bundles
- Improves data links to be more consistent across platforms
- an issue where the Calendar button wouldn't show up on a playlist that was targeted by a Calendar event
- an issue where invalid actions wouldn't draw on a cue or macro

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