Mailspring 1.9.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Mailspring 1.9.0 Mac

LinkOptimizer for Mac 是 InDesign 的工作流程自動化解決方案,可與 Photoshop 配合使用:通過消除多餘的圖像來減少鏈接到 InDesign 文檔的圖像的大小,執行必要的圖像調整:顏色轉換,銳化等等,以及轉換圖像格式。適用於 macOS 的 LinkOptimizer 可顯著減少 InDesign 作業的大小,減少處理時間並降低生產成本.

該應用程序將根據 InDesign 文檔和目標中的尺寸自動降低圖像分辨率,縮放和裁剪 Photoshop 中的圖像指定的分辨率,然後將它們以 100%的比例重新導入 InDesign。使用各種轉換設置將鏈接的圖像自動轉換為所需的文件格式(JPEG> TIFF,PNG> PSD 等)。

使用 LinkOptimizer,您的文件始終是安全的:您可以備份原始圖像或使用其副本。您也可以優化鏈接以供外部使用,例如網頁設計,而無需將它們重新鏈接回 InDesign。 Link Optimizer 極大地改善了印前提供商,印刷商,廣告代理商和出版社的工作流程!輕鬆地為各種目標重新分配作業:打印,Web,移動設備。

將顏色轉換為 CMYK,RGB 和灰度分配 ICC 配置文件應用銳化濾鏡合併和刪除圖層,展平圖像功能和突出顯示
優化圖像副本並保留原件無動於衷。優化非矩形容器中的圖像。將圖像顏色轉換為 CMYK,RGB 或灰度。應用銳化濾鏡。鏈接表更靈活,信息量更大:可排序的列,圖像格式信息,選擇多行的能力。注意:15 天試用版。

檔案版本 Mailspring 1.9.0
檔案名稱 Mailspring.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Zevrix Solutions
軟體類型 2021-04-14

What's new in this version:

- Mailspring no longer requires a Mailspring ID! You can opt-out in the app's setup flow and connect your email accounts without first creating a Mailspring ID. Doing so disables features that require paid APIs and cloud data storage (send later, read receipts, etc.), but you can opt in and create an account at any time from Preferences > Subscription.
- Mailspring has moved to Discourse for bug, feature, and issue management, and the app now links to resources in the community instead of Zendesk!
- A third display mode allows you to vertically stack the inbox and message panes!
- Preferences > General now allows you to choose "Send and Archive" as the default send behavior

- On Linux, a new desktop action allows you to compose new e-mail
- Emails with an unsubscribe link now display an unsubscribe option above the message body
- Closing the main window when the system tray / background notifications are disabled quits Mailspring
- Portguese, Korean, and Czech are now verified localizations
- "Run on Startup" UI state is now persistent
- The tray icon does not appear multiple times on linux
- Decrease container minWidth to allow window to snap to half a screen
- Background start now works in maximized mode
- Select all keyboard shortcuts now match your OS as well as the shortcuts template
- A new menu item allows you to "Mark All as Read" in one action
- Handle nautilus-sendto links
- The subject header now appears in expanded message view
- Messages containing large blocks of machine-generated text (eg adaptivecards) no longer take forever to display.
- Emails with reminders now display the "header toggle control" in the correct position.

- Mailspring now uses Electron 8.5.5 which includes performance improvements and security patches.
- "Toggle Localizer Tools" has been removed, please use PRs to submit localizations!

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