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Obsidian 0.15.6 Mac

LinkOptimizer for Mac 是 InDesign 的工作流程自動化解決方案,可與 Photoshop 配合使用:通過消除多餘的圖像來減少鏈接到 InDesign 文檔的圖像的大小,執行必要的圖像調整:顏色轉換,銳化等等,以及轉換圖像格式。適用於 macOS 的 LinkOptimizer 可顯著減少 InDesign 作業的大小,減少處理時間並降低生產成本.

該應用程序將根據 InDesign 文檔和目標中的尺寸自動降低圖像分辨率,縮放和裁剪 Photoshop 中的圖像指定的分辨率,然後將它們以 100%的比例重新導入 InDesign。使用各種轉換設置將鏈接的圖像自動轉換為所需的文件格式(JPEG> TIFF,PNG> PSD 等)。

使用 LinkOptimizer,您的文件始終是安全的:您可以備份原始圖像或使用其副本。您也可以優化鏈接以供外部使用,例如網頁設計,而無需將它們重新鏈接回 InDesign。 Link Optimizer 極大地改善了印前提供商,印刷商,廣告代理商和出版社的工作流程!輕鬆地為各種目標重新分配作業:打印,Web,移動設備。

將顏色轉換為 CMYK,RGB 和灰度分配 ICC 配置文件應用銳化濾鏡合併和刪除圖層,展平圖像功能和突出顯示
優化圖像副本並保留原件無動於衷。優化非矩形容器中的圖像。將圖像顏色轉換為 CMYK,RGB 或灰度。應用銳化濾鏡。鏈接表更靈活,信息量更大:可排序的列,圖像格式信息,選擇多行的能力。注意:15 天試用版。

檔案版本 Obsidian 0.15.6
檔案名稱 Obsidian-0.15.6-universal.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Zevrix Solutions
更新日期 http://zevrix.com/linkoptimizer.php
軟體類型 2022-07-13

What's new in this version:

New Commands:
- Open current pane in new window
- Move current pane to new window
- Toggle window always on top (only available for pop-out windows)

- Pop-out windows work just like any other view within Obsidian; they can hold files, graphs, and even plugin views.

Striving to feel more native on macOS:
- Will now use your system font by default on Windows and macOS. You can customize this in settings
- The app menu on macOS has been revamped to be more consistent with the OS
- The native scrollbar styling for macOS is now used throughout the app. This can still be overridden by themes

Keyboard Accessibility:
- Added keyboard navigation to the File Explorer, Tag pane, and Search views Arrow keys to move through items, Enter / Shift+Enter to select
- Sidebar panes can now receive focus. This change allows hotkeys to work in editors moved into the sidebar.
- Pressing Esc within a sidebar view will refocus your last note

- New users will now automatically start with Live Preview. Users currently using the legacy editor will be prompted about the legacy editor going away in a future release.
- Window title will now include the active file name
- “Safe mode” has been renamed to “Restricted mode”
- “Open in default app” is no longer a Core plugin and the functionality has been moved into core
- On macOS, Ctrl+N/P can now be used to navigate suggestion results similar to Up/Down arrow keys
- Checkboxes within settings can now receive keyboard focus

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